Rheumatology Consultants Improve Efficiency And Responsiveness To Referring Physicians


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Dragon Medical Case Study

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Rheumatology Consultants Improve Efficiency And Responsiveness To Referring Physicians

  1. 1. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionRheumatology Consultants ImproveEfficiency and Responsiveness toReferring Physicians “ ragon Medical Practice Edition makes D our practice’s communication more efficient Rheumatology because I get my output on the spot.” Consultants — r. Steven J. Klein D Rheumatology Consultants Hagerstown and Cumberland, MarylandCHALLENGE Summary• eplace an inefficient process and prepare R The private practice of Dr. Steven J. Klein, the practice for the adoption of an EMR Rheumatology Consultants, is the sole provider of rheumatologic and comprehensive osteoporosis care in Western Maryland, with offices in Hagerstown and Cumberland. The practice draws patients from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and WestSolution Virginia. Since 1995, the practice has been at the• se Dragon Medical Practice Edition to create U forefront of rheumatologic research and care, accurate real-time patient notes having participated in numerous Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. Rheumatology Consultants recently decided to deploy real-time speech recognition to improveresults clinical workflow. As a result, the practice has• ragon Medical Practice Edition is D enhanced efficiency and responsiveness to now used by one physician and one referring physicians. Dr. Klein and the practice’s physician’s assistant to create high physician’s assistant are now both using Dragon quality documentation unique to each Medical Practice Edition to complete their patient encounter. Physicians, staff, and documentation. providers now have instant access to documentation, rather than having to wait A Desire to Improve Efficiency one to two weeks. Referring physicians are When Rheumatology Consultants first pleased with the quality of the notes they considered speech recognition technology, it receive from Rheumatology Consultants was looking to improve clinical documentation immediately following a patient visit. efficiency. “We were recording dictations and h e a lt h c a r e
  2. 2. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed itionsending them to a transcriptionist. It took a week Getting Up to Speedto two weeks to get back our transcriptions, Next, Scalese trained Dr. Klein to usewhich was really inefficient,” recalls John Weikert, Dragon Medical 10.1, introducing him to theRT, who is in charge of IT for the practice. commands, and explaining the best way to”We wanted to speed turnaround time.” speak into the system to optimize recognition. “My advice is to find a Tony,” says Weikert. “HeAdditionally, Dr. Klein hopes to implement an created a binder for us with cheat sheets of mostelectronic medical record solution in the near frequently used commands and more. It was nicefuture and wanted to smooth the transition to to have that support when we needed it.”the new system by installing speech recognition.As Dr. Klein explains, “We had heard about the The practice recently upgraded todifficulties other physicians have had obtaining Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Scalesecomprehensive notes from an EMR. We felt that trained the doctor on the new version as well.speech recognition would improve the quality This version of Dragon Medical requires lessof the notes. Since we didn’t want to learn two training than previous ones.systems at once, we decided to start with aspeech recognition solution that could work with “With Dragon Medical Practice Edition, I nomultiple EMRs.” longer need to have the physicians teach the system their voices by reading special scripts,”Medical Dictate Assists with says Scalese. “I simply have them use theImplementation product in a clinical setting. We start at a slow-to-After seeing a demonstration of Dragon Medical 10.1 moderate pace. After 10 minutes, we go to halfat an annual meeting at the American College speed. After another 10 minutes, we go to threeof Rheumatology, Dr. Klein was convinced that quarters speed. After an hour, the physician canDragon Medical could help him meet his goals speak at full speed and it’s very accurate.”of improving turnaround time for his notesand improving the efficiency of his practice. Rheumatology Consultants was very pleased withWeikert installed the software, which was a the support they received from Medical Dictate.straightforward process. “Tony is fantastic,” Dr. Klein says. “Tony brings value to anyone who uses a product like this.The practice then turned to Tony Scalese, Tony told me the right way to correct things andCEO/President of Medical Dictate, to customize instilled a lot of confidence. He’s a fantasticthe product and train Dr. Klein. Scalese created educator and supporter and delivered on everything16 templates for different types of exams as well he promised. He’s a very valuable asset.”as macros to speed data entry using DragonMedical. For example, when the doctor calls upa certain template, the macros automatically Improving Efficiencypopulate the patient’s name and medical chart The biggest benefit Rheumatology Consultantsnumber. has achieved from Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been rapid turnaround for exam notes.“Using the templates and macros to insert Rather than having to wait one to two weeks,information speeds documentation quite a bit,” the notes come back instantly.says Devin Traynor, PA-C. 2
  3. 3. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed ition“Dragon Medical Practice Edition makes our consider the cost of their time. When there arepractice’s communication more efficient because no costs other than paper, it’s easier to be moreI get my output on the spot,” Dr. Klein says. “If detail oriented.”I need to get a report to another doctor quickly,there’s no faster option.” Fewer Errors Accuracy has improved. “I can review my outputTraynor concurs, “If a patient or doctor calls, we can on my computer screen and I know what theget them the information they need instantly rather note will look like when I print it,” says Dr. Klein.than making them wait a week. It’s good for other “I don’t have to worry about any errors from adoctors or the hospital to have the notes right away.” transcriptionist. That’s a win.”Weikert adds, “Within the practice, having an Satisfied Referring Physiciansinstantly transcribed note in the chart means The fast turnaround time has also improvedthat our doctors, practitioners, and staff can see satisfaction from referring and other physicians.immediately what the doctor did or plans to do. “Doctors are pleased with this more rapidIt’s convenient. If you have to wait a week, the communication—I know I’m always pleased andpatient might return before the note is in the chart impressed when I get good, timely communicationand the provider would have to take the time to from other doctors,” says Dr. Klein.call the provider who last saw the patient and askabout their findings.” Implementing New Features The practice has only recently implementedSimplify Use of an EMR Dragon Medical Practice Edition and is lookingWhile the practice has yet to implement an forward to deploying some of its advancedEMR, installing Dragon Medical Practice Edition features. In particular, they plan to store the voicehas allowed them to prepare for the eventual files the practitioners generate on a server, ratheradoption, which will further improve efficiency. than on local machines. Central storage of these“An EMR has the potential to make my life even files will allow practitioners to share their profileseasier and more efficient,” says Dr. Klein. “Other over the network rather than having to copy thempeople will be able to enter parts of the patient’s onto each individual machine, which will make itmedical history, and the EMR will generate much easier to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition inof the note in an automated fashion. its two offices. “It’ll be nice to have a single file that’s updated centrally,” notes Weikert.Dragon Medical Practice Edition will complementthe EMR by allowing me to pick up the mike and Highlightsdictate my customized assessment and plan to • ne physician and one mid-level practitioner Ogenerate a meaningful note. Since most of the currently use Dragon Medical Practice Editionexam would already be documented, it will take • educes turnaround time for transcriptions from Rme two minutes to dictate the note.” one to two weeks to minutesImprove Comprehensiveness • ncourages more comprehensive and ENotes are more comprehensive with accurate notesDragon Medical. As Dr. Klein explains, • s helping the practice prepare for the future I“I have become more comprehensive with adoption of an EMRDragon Medical Practice Edition. When you’re • ther doctors, staff, and practitioners can now Odictating to a transcription service, you have to instantly access comprehensive notes 3
  4. 4. Dra go n Medic a l P ra c tice Ed ition L-3525 812 DTMCopyright © 2012 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, and Dragon are trademarks and/orregistered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other brandand product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. h e a lt h c a r e