Michigan Cornea Consultants Significantly Reduces Costs And Improves Responsiveness


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Dragon Medical Case Study

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Michigan Cornea Consultants Significantly Reduces Costs And Improves Responsiveness

  1. 1. DRA GO N MEDIC A L P RA C TICE EDITIONMICHIGAN CORNEA CONSULTANTSSIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES COSTSAND IMPROVES RESPONSIVENESS “ really didn’t know how this would work out I for us. But Dragon Medical has exceeded Michigan Cornea our expectations. It’s a pleasure to use.”.” Consultants — Dr. Steven P. Dunn, M.D.CHALLENGE MICHIGAN CORNEA CONSULTANTS USES DRAGON MEDICAL PRACTICE EDITIONReplace an inefficient process and eliminate TO REDUCE COSTS AND SIGNIFICANTLY$35,000 in annual transcription expenses IMPROVE RESPONSIVENESS TO REFERRING PHYSICIANS Michigan Cornea Consultants is a sub-specialistSOLUTION practice focused on treating corneal and externalUse Dragon Medical Practice Edition diseases involving the external eye, cornea,speech recognition to quickly create complete, iris and lens. Most patients are referred by anreal-time patient notes and consult letters ophthalmologist or optometrist, though on occasion patients may be seen at the request of internists, dermatologists or rheumatologists.RESULTS Three full-time physicians serve patients at offices in Southfield, Warren, and Dearborn,Dragon Medical Practice Edition is now used Michigan.by all three physicians within the practice tocreate high quality documentation unique to The practice has deployed real-time speecheach patient encounter. Significant annual cost recognition to improve clinical workflow. Costsavings include $35,000 in transcription costs. savings and dramatically higher levels of serviceMacros and templates reduce the time it takes to patients and responsiveness to referringto enter patient information, which means physicians are among the benefits Michiganphysicians don’t have to take work home with Cornea Consultants have seen. Recently, allthem in the evening and referring physicians three physicians in the practice upgraded toare extremely pleased with the quality and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition.timeliness of the notes they receive fromMichigan Cornea Consultants immediatelyfollowing a patient visit. H E A LT H C A R E
  2. 2. DRA GO N MEDIC A L P RA C TICE EDITIONHIGH TRANSCRIPTION COSTS, insurance companies and procedural notes.SLOW TURNAROUND He also created speech macros to simplify thePrior to implementing Dragon Medical, Michigan entry of data into these templates. For example,Cornea Consultants used hand-held recorders when completing a consult letter designed toand a transcription service to complete letters to communicate to the referring physician, thereferring physicians. This method of producing doctors can state the referring physician’s nameletters cost the practice more than $35,000 each and custom programming automatically suppliesyear in labor expense. The turnaround time was the correct address from Microsoft Outlook®.also unacceptably slow. Physicians had to waitone to two days to receive their notes back from “Paul coordinated our entire set up,” saidthe transcription service before they could review Dr. Dunn, “he oversaw the entire implementationand sign off on them. Steven P. Dunn, M.D. in our office and made it very smooth for us.”recalled, “We needed quicker turnaround time.” GETTING UP TO SPEEDTHE SOLUTION: SPEECH RECOGNITION Additionally, Rochlen trained the physicians inTECHNOLOGY the use of Dragon Medical and continues toOne of the three physician partners, Dr. Christopher provide ongoing support. As Dr. Dunn recalls,Chow, began using Dragon Medical in 2003 “Paul had us read scripts to train Dragon Medicalto eliminate transcription costs and speed to recognize our voices. This process also taughtturnaround of his referral notes. Dr. Chow was so us to enunciate for better recognition. Becausepleased with the solution that the other partners of this training, we were very skillful with thesoon adopted Dragon Medical as well. product after just a few weeks.”The practice has been using this solution eversince, recently upgrading to the latest version, The practice was initially uncertain about howDragon Medical Practice Edition. well speech recognition would work for them, but use of the system has turned out to be a veryTHE IMPLEMENTATION positive experience. “When we started looking at speech recognition systems, we got a mixturePaul Rochlen of Empowerment Systems, an of positive and negative reports,” Dr. Dunn says.authorized value-added Dragon Medical reseller, “I really didn’t know how this would work outassisted the practice with the implementation for us. But Dragon Medical has exceeded ourand use of their Dragon Medical software right expectations. It’s a pleasure to use.”from the start. Rochlen set up the hardware (e.g.microphones and computers) and installed the REDUCING COSTSDragon Medical software giving the physiciansthe capability of dictating directly into Microsoft® Since all three partners have been usingWord and the option of using a digital recorder Dragon Medical, the practice has eliminatedand then later transcribing their dictation. the ongoing labor and technology costs of a transcription service. This approach has savedRochlen created Microsoft Word® templates the practice roughly $35,000 per year, anfor various types of exams and procedures ongoing financial benefit.that the physicians regularly perform. Theseincluded consultations and progress reportsto referring physicians as well as letters to H E A LT H C A R E
  3. 3. DRA GO N MEDIC A L P RA C TICE EDITIONSPEEDING DATA ENTRY Referring physicians are very impressed. AsAnother tremendous benefit has been the consultants, we’re in a service industry. Andphysician time savings Dragon Medical Practice providing information that will either answerEdition has delivered as it helps them complete the referring physician’s question or help with atheir notes. Dr. Dunn uses 15 templates along patient’s continued care has a beneficial effectwith associated macros to speed the process of in terms of physicians’ willingness to sendentering information. For example, one template additional patients in the future.”contains a large amount of standard text andpatient-specific numbers. Dr. Dunn simply says BETTER PATIENT SERVICE“next” to get to the point where he can enter the Patients also need consult letters from timenext set of numbers without the need to dictate to time for claims and benefits purposes, andthe intervening text. He only needs to dictate the Dragon Medical Practice Edition helps with that25 percent of free form text that represents his as well. As Dr. Dunn explains, “We don’t alwaysassessment. “This process really speeds things know if patients need letters in advance. Withalong,” Dr. Dunn says. Dragon Medical Practice Edition, we can dictate the letter on the spot and give it to the patientOverall, the use of templates and macros with right then and there. It’s allowed us to improveDragon Medical Practice Edition has cut the time patient satisfaction.”it takes to dictate letters to referring physiciansin half. “On average, I used to complete four to ENHANCING ACCESS TO PATIENTfive letters per hour. Now it takes about five to INFORMATIONseven minutes for me to create each consultation Another benefit of using Dragon Medical Practicereport,” says Dr. Dunn. Edition to create letters is that the physician can use the stored documents as a de factoIMPROVING WORK-LIFE BALANCE electronic medical record. “Although we don’tBecause completing the initial consultation and have an EMR, because I store all the letters Ifollow-up reports is so much faster, the partners write using Dragon Medical Practice Edition onhave improved their work-life balance. As Dr. my hard drive, if someone calls, I can easily goDunn explained, “because I can get more done to my computer and pull up the letter,” says Dr.at the office, I don’t have to drag charts home.” Dunn. “I can get my hands on information about any major issues with a patient while the frontFAST TURNAROUND IMPRESSES office is looking for the chart. It’s like having anREFERRING PHYSICIANS extensive medical record at my fingertips.”Turnaround time is also quicker. Instead of havingto wait one to two days for the transcription A HIGH DEGREE OF SATISFACTIONservice to return the letters and reports, Dragon Michigan Cornea Consultants has been veryMedical Practice Edition allows physicians satisfied with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.to create the letters and reports instantly for “It’s a great, highly flexible product and I enjoyimmediate review. using it,” said Dr. Dunn. “We’re very dependent on it in a positive way to get our dictation done. It“Because of the instant turnaround time,” does a nice job.”says Dr. Dunn, “I can send a letter back to thereferring physician as soon as I finish the exam. H E A LT H C A R E
  4. 4. DRA GO N MEDIC A L P RA C TICE EDITION L-3528 7/12 DTMThe practice has already recommended theproduct to other practices. “We’ve talked to otherpractices and encouraged them to look at itseriously,” said Dunn.HIGHLIGHTS• ll three physicians in the practice currently use A Dragon Medical Practice Edition• 35,000 in ongoing, annual transcription $ expenses have been eliminated• emplates and macros within Dragon Medical T Practice Edition allow the physicians to cut the time it takes to send out letters and reports to other physicians in half• aster creation of letters and reports improves F work-life balance• eferring physicians are extremely pleased that R they receive notes immediately from Michigan Cornea Consultants• eady retrieval of referral letters stored on the R physician’s desktop computer improves access to patient information• hysician satisfaction at Michigan Cornea P Consultants has improved through the use of Dragon MedicalCopyright © 2012 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, and Dragon are trademarksand/or registered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. H E A LT H C A R E