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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Product Brochure


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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Product Brochure

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Product Brochure

  1. 1. product shee th e a lt h c a r eDragon Medical Practice EditionThe right solution for practices withup to 24 physiciansCHALLENGE:How can clinicians efficiently document patient care intheir own words, spending less time typing or clicking insidetheir EHR?SOLUTION:By using Dragon®Medical Practice Edition, clinicians—including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicianassistants, therapists, and other care providers—can efficientlynavigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatmentplans directly into a patient’s electronic record. It is designedand priced especially for smaller practices, to help cliniciansaccelerate adoption of their chosen EHR.Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition ensures cliniciansdocument care more completely and ‘in their own words’.Clinicians using an EHR powered by Dragon Medical haveexperience substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians whouse the EHR without Dragon Medical.Available only for independent practices of 24 physiciansor less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 99% accurate‘out of the box’ and includes a complete range of medicalvocabularies.Key Benefits• Dictate faster and moreaccurately than ever before• Dictate anywhere in your EHRand accelerate adoption• Dramatically reducetranscription costs• Save clinicians 30 minutes ormore a day• Spend more time with patients• Dictate in clinician’s own words• Support higher level ofreimbursementSpeech-enable the Practice’sEHR for Faster , More Efficient,and Profitable ClinicalDocumentation
  2. 2. Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets cliniciansuse a narrative format to dictate the elementsof a patient encounter where clinicians need todocument care in their own words, including theHistory of Present Illness, Review of Systems,Physical Examination, and Assessment andPlan. Dragon Medical Practice Edition supportsHIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines, a criticalrequirement for any practice concerned withpatient confidentiality.Clinicians also save additional time by usingcustomized macros to enter frequently-dictatedtext with a single voice command. Overall, DragonMedical solutions dramatically reduce the timeclinicians spend documenting care—30 minutesor more a day, according to a number of studies.Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets cliniciansnavigate many Windows®-based EHR systemsusing voice commands—three times faster thanmost people can type or click with a mouse.Dragon Medical Practice Edition runs on a varietyof hardware, from netbooks to high-powereddesktops. The software automatically detectshardware resources and sets up the recommendedconfiguration. Its state-of-the-art technologytakes advantage of advances in hardware andruns in multiple threads automatically whenmulti-core hardware is detected, to achievebetter recognition performance.Dragon Medical Practice EditionMakes Clinicians More EfficientDragon Medical Practice Edition lets cliniciansdictate faster and more accurately than everbefore. Dragon Medical Practice Edition isover 20% more accurate before enrollment thanthe previous version—meaning that clinicians willsave time documenting care in an EHR.Dictate anywhere in the EHRDragon Medical Practice Edition allows cliniciansto dictate anywhere in an EHR system. Cliniciansno longer have to click back and forth betweeninformation they’re reviewing and the EHR’sdictation window. They dictate while reviewinginformation in Hidden Mode, which allows theclinician to place the dictation directly where heor she wishes.With Dragon Medical Practice Edition,Practices Can Deliver HigherQuality CareClinicians receive a host of key advantages withDragon Medical Practice Edition compared withprevious versions:• Spend more time with patientsIncreased accuracy means fewer errors tocorrect, which lets clinicians spend more timewith patients, improving both quality of careand patient satisfaction.• Dictate in their own wordsDragon Medical’s free-text dictation capabilitysupports the ‘medical decision-making’ aspectsof the note, which gives referring physicians andancillary providers a clearer and more detailedpatient assessment and prognosis.“I use the EHR for a lot of point-and-click, but for the subjectiveinformation, as well as my conclusionsand impressions, that’s whereDragon Medical Practice Editionshines... I would never go back to lifepre-Dragon Medical.” — Andrew Fireman, MDCardiologist, AMS CardiologyAbington, Pennsylvania
  3. 3. • Medical information at their finger tipsDragon Medical Practice Edition offersmultiple voice shortcuts for searching medicalinformation on the web. Clinicians can nowsearch medical data via a single command onWebMD®, UpToDate®, PubMed®, and ICD-9.These commands can be said at any timewithout even having an Internet browser open.These commands combine multiple clicks intoone fast command for the busy clinician.Simply say, “Search UpToDate forWellbutrin contraindications”, andDragon Medical Practice Edition andUpToDate take you there.• Secure patient informationDragon Medical Practice Edition supportsHIPAA compliance guidelines to protect patientsecurity and confidentiality.• Improve physician satisfactionPhysicians who use Dragon MedicalPractice Edition report that it significantlyimproves their enjoyment of practicingmedicine. Dragon Medical Practice Edition helpsthem use their time more effectively and gethome in time for dinner, thus improving physicianquality of life.Dragon Medical Practice EditionYields Cost Savings and ProfitabilityClinicians enjoy significant cost reductions andproductivity boosts when they move from typing,handwriting, or transcription—or when they upgradeto Dragon Medical Practice Edition from previousmedical versions or non-medical solutions:• Reduce the cost of documentationEliminate transcription by speech-enablingthe EHR system, freeing up resources tofocus more on patients, to help increasepractice efficiency. Practices that are usingDragon Medical Practice Edition today aresignificantly lowering their transcription costsby hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.Key Features• More Accurate Than EverOver 20% more accurate than previousversions—and over 60% more accurate thannon-medical Dragon• Recognition SpeedDragon Medical Practice Edition improvesrecognition response time significantly.• EHR SupportNavigate and dictate inside EHR software:History of Present Illness, Review ofSymptoms, and Assessment and Plan• Medical VocabulariesIncludes vocabularies for over 90medical specialty and subspecialties• Regional Accent SupportAccented speakers get higher ‘out-of-the-box’ recognition with advanced adaptationtechniques and accent-specific acousticmodels• Hidden ModeDictate anywhere in the EHR, eliminatingnavigation between EHR screens and thenotes window• Dragon Medical Template LibraryIncludes library of macros for standardnotes and ‘medical normals’ by bodysystem• Smart ConfigurationAutomatically detects hardware resources.Its state-of-the-art technology takesadvantage of advances in hardware andruns in multiple threads automatically whenmulti-core hardware is detected, for betterrecognition performance• Recognition AnalyticsAutomatically detects poor audio input andalerts the user, offering advice to remedythe situation and improve accuracy• Flexible InputUse your iPhone®or Android®devices forspeech input!
  4. 4. h e a lt h c a r e• Support higher quality and more completedocumentationUsing Dragon Medical Practice Edition resultsin higher levels of reimbursement than notesbuilt by point-and-click EHR templates alone.• Increase Coding LevelsMore complete, accurate documentationimproves coding effectiveness and providesricher detail per patient, giving clinicians greaterconfidence to code at higher levels than withan EHR system alone.• Increase practice volumeFaster, more accurate response reduces timespent on documentation, allowing cliniciansto see more patients and increase practicerevenue and profitability.THE RIGHT SOLUTIONFeaturesDragon MedicalPractice EditionNon-MedicalSpeechRecognitionSoftwareComprehensive MedicalVocabulary Library4 NoEHR Support 4 NoHIPAA Supportive 4 NoHidden Dictation Box 4 NoDragonTemplates 4 NoMedical Formatting Rules 4 NoCompatible with PowerMic II 4 NoCorrection-Only Profile 4 NoData Distribution 4 NoMedical Search Commands 4 NoMedical Command Sets 4 NoDragon Medical Practice Edition is the rightsolution for your clinical setting, as comparedwith non-medical Dragon offerings.Dragon Medical: A Leading Solutionfor Practicing CliniciansThe Dragon Medical solutions family is theleading speech recognition solution in healthcaretoday. Dragon Medical technology has beenchosen by more than 180,000 physiciansworldwide to document clinical records anddictate correspondence, making it the mostwidely used speech recognition solutionfor physicians. Clinicians may use speechcommands to navigate and dictate clinicalnotes in most commercially available EHRs in aWindows environment.Even rarely used medical terms appear inDragon Medical Practice Edition the first timeclinicians say them. Clinicians don’t need to add ortrain words with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.Whether the clinician’s country of origin is India,China, Pakistan, England, the U.S., or Australia,Dragon Medical Practice Edition recognizes his or herspeech patterns because it has heard them before.About Nuance CommunicationsNuance Communications is the market leaderin creating clinical understanding solutions thatdrive smart, efficient decisions across healthcare.As the largest clinical documentation providerin the U.S., Nuance provides intelligent systemsand services that improve the entire clinicaldocumentation process—from the capture of thecomplete patient record to clinical documentationimprovement, coding, compliance and appropriatereimbursement. More than 450,000 physiciansand 10,000 healthcare facilities worldwideleverage Nuance’s award-winning, voice-enabledclinical documentation and analytics solutions tosupport the physician in any clinical workflow andon any device.To learn more about how Nuance Communicationscan help you improve financial performance,raise the quality of care, and increase cliniciansatisfaction, please contact us at 781-565-5000or visit 5/13 DTMCopyright © 2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, Dragon, and PowerMic aretrademarks and/or registered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or othercountries. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.