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Dragon Medical Practice Edition FAQ's

  1. 1. FAQsh e a lt h c a r eWhat Healthcare Challenges DoesDragon Medical Practice Edition Solve?EHRs offer the potential to dramatically improvethe cost and quality of healthcare. Despitethis potential, EHR software is used by only57% of clinicians in the U.S. today. In order tounderstand the potential benefits of Dragon®Medical Practice Edition, it is important toarticulate the factors that are driving U.S.healthcare toward EHR adoption, as well as thefactors that are inhibiting EHR adoption.Incentive payments to physicians havedramatically accelerated EHR softwarepurchasing and implementation. Passed in2009, the Health IT for Economic and ClinicalHealth Act (HITECH) provides physiciansup to $64,000 each ‘for showing that theyare meaningfully using health informationtechnology’, by purchasing and using CCHIT-certified (www.cchit.org) EHRs. According to the2010 CapSite Ambulatory EHR and PM Study,42% of all physician practices indicated they hadpurchased an EHR in the previous two years—up from 37% a year earlier.Physicians must also purchase EHRs in orderto report to the Center for Medicare andMedicaid Services (CMS) a number of ClinicalQuality Measures (CQMs), as well as maintainProblem Lists and Medication Lists. Clearly, EHRtemplates are required to capture these elementsof the patient encounter to meet CMS guidelines.Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the speechrecognition solution from Nuance®Healthcaredesigned for use not only by doctors but alsonurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants,therapists, and other care providers.For practices with less than 25 physicians,Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the onlyreal-time speech recognition solution whichfits busy clinicians’ needs.Dragon Medical Practice Edition introducesa faster, more efficient way for medicalprofessionals to create medical records,medical correspondence, or email messages.Dragon Medical Practice Edition introduces anew, faster speech recognition engine that isover 20% more accurate than previous versions.This solution turns voice into text three timesfaster than most people can type, with up to99% accuracy, using any Windows®-basedEHR system. Dragon Medical Practice Editionincludes vocabularies covering more than 90medical specialties.WHY USE DRAGON MEDICALPRACTICE EDITION?Here are just a few reasons whyDragon Medical Practice Edition is for you:• Improves the quality, efficiency, andprofitability of the care you provide• Raises clinician satisfactionPhysicians who use Dragon Medical Practice Editionreport that it makes the practice of medicinemore enjoyable and that they can get homein time for dinner—no more late nights andweekends catching up on dictating/typing andsigning patient charts.Dragon Medical Practice EditionFAQs
  2. 2. FAQs2• Accelerates EHR adoptionClinicians can dictate the ‘medical decision-making’—History of Present Illness, Review ofSymptoms, Assessment and Plan—while withinthe EHR.• Helps you dictate notes in your own wordsCreate robust, meaningful notes that trulycapture the patient encounter—rather than the‘cookie-cutter’ notes that are often provided bymany EHR templates.HOW DOES DRAGON MEDICAL PRACTICEEDITION COMPARE WITH OTHER DRAGONNON-MEDICAL PRODUCTS?Nuance provides other Dragon products, suchas Dragon NaturallySpeaking®Professional 12and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12,which are excellent speech recognitionproducts for ‘general-purpose’ home orbusiness use. However, the size and scope ofDragon Medical Practice Edition’s medicalvocabularies provides a far superior dictationexperience for physicians compared withDragon Professional or Dragon Premium.Tests comparing products used in a clinicalsetting show that Dragon Medical PracticeEdition is over 30% more accurate than DragonProfessional 12 for dictating patient records.Dragon Medical Practice Edition coversmore than 90 medical specialties, which meansthat you won’t encounter missing terms orphrases—they’re all there ‘out of the box’.Physicians using Dragon Professional wouldlose thousands of dollars in practice revenue,or more than a year in time spent correctingerrors, or adding medical terms that are alreadyin Dragon Medical Practice Edition. As a result,Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the mostcost-effective Dragon speech recognition forclinicians in physician practice settings—by far.Further, Dragon Medical Practice Edition protectssensitive and confidential patient informationby supporting encrypted network file storage ofspeech files, helping your organization satisfyHIPAA privacy and confidentiality guidelines.Dragon Medical Practice Edition features secureencryption methods, which provide even greaterlevels of information security.HOW MANY PHYSICIANS ARE USINGDragon Medical SPEECH RECOGNITIONSOLUTIONS TODAY?Today, more than 180,000 physicians worldwidehave chosen Dragon Medical. Physicians areadopting Dragon Medical speech recognitionsolutions as rapidly as they are adopting EHRsystems.Physicians are also using ‘front-end’ (dictate,edit, and sign without transcription) speechrecognition in other specialties. In radiology, forexample, nearly 50% of all radiologists are usingNuance’s PowerScribe®360 solution.Nuance Healthcare also offersDragon Medical 360 | eScription™ which applies‘background’ or back-end speech recognition.Using Dragon Medical 360 | eScription, aphysician dictates into a standard telephone,and his or her speech is processed offline byspeech recognition and edited by a MedicalTranscriptionist while listening to the physician’soriginal dictation file. More than 150,000physicians are believed to use a backgroundspeech recognition system.
  3. 3. FAQs3ARE THERE DIFFERENT PRODUCTSIN THE DRAGON MEDICAL FAMILY?WHICH PRODUCT IS RIGHT FOR MYORGANIZATION?Dragon Medical is available in two distinct pricingand packaging versions designed to meet theneeds of these distinct customer groups:• For independent practices with less than 25physicians, Dragon Medical Practice Editionis the only real-time speech recognitionsolution which fits busy clinicians’ needs.Dragon Medical Practice Edition introducesa faster, more efficient way for medicalprofessionals to create medical records, medicalcorrespondence, or email messages.Dragon Medical Practice Edition introducesa new, faster speech recognition engine thatis over 20% more accurate than previousversions. This solution turns voice into textthree times faster than most people can type,with up to 99% accuracy, using any Windows-based EHR system.• Large (25+ physicians) practices,hospitals, and health systems and practicesowned by hospitals, should deployDragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is the mosteffective solution for healthcare organizationsto deploy mission-critical, industrial-strengthspeech recognition across the enterprise.Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition isdesigned for large practices or hospitals thathave deployed enterprise-wide EHR solutionsand now can add speech recognition as anenabling technology for all physicians in theorganization. This version provides:– vSync for EHRsvSync is advanced Nuance Healthcaretechnology, which creates a virtual channelbetween the client PC and virtualization servers,passing pertinent EHR text box information toDragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.vSync keeps Dragon Medical 360 | NetworkEdition and the EHR system continuously in sync.– The Nuance Management ConsoleThis powerful tool allowsDragon Medical 360 | Network Editioncustomers to centrally manage users acrossan entire provider organization. Managementcapabilities of the Nuance ManagementConsole include the ability to assign batchsettings and properties to groups of users(or individuals), as well as schedule batchupdates of new releases, and trackDragon Medical 360 | Network Editionperformance and usage.The Nuance Management Console willsubstantially reduce the total cost ofownership and ongoing management ofDragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.– Dragon Medical 360 | Network EditionClientA ‘real-time’ speech recognition programthat works with virtually any Microsoft®Windows-based or EHR in a virtualizedenvironment for efficient report completionand easy navigation. It includes optionaluser login and passwords. As part of theinstallation in a virtualized environment,there is a component that connects withvSync over a virtual channel that receivespertinent text box information, ensuringthat Dragon Medical 360 | Network Editionand the EHR are continuously in sync.WITH WHICH EHRs DOES DRAGON MEDICALPRACTICE EDITION WORK?Making EHRs easy to use by significantlyreducing the number of mouse clicks andtyping, Dragon Medical Practice Editionenables clinicians to document care much moreefficiently. This solution seamlessly drives allmajor EHR systems.Nuance has developed the Dragon Medical EHRCertification Program to facilitate collaboration
  4. 4. FAQs4between Nuance and EHR vendors, in order tooptimize the EHR experience of end users.The Dragon Medical EHR Certification programis designed to ensure seamless Dragon Medicalworkflow with EHRs. Testing within each EHRsystem focuses on how a provider wouldultimately use Dragon Medical Practice Editionwithin the physician documentation portion of agiven application. For more information on theprogram, please search the web for ‘DragonMedical Certification’ or visit www.nuance.com/for-partners/by-solution/healthcare-solutions/dragon-medical-certified-ehrs/index.htmWHERE CAN I BUY DRAGON MEDICALPRACTICE EDITION?Dragon Medical Practice Edition is designed forphysician practices with up to 24 physicians.Dragon Medical Practice Edition is sold througha nationwide network of more than 300 resellers.To find a local reseller from whom you would liketo purchase and get support, please visitwww.nuance.com/partners/healthcare/search.asp, or call a Nuance sales representative,who can refer you to an authorized reseller, at866-748-9537.WHAT’S NEW IN DRAGON MEDICALPRACTICE EDITION?Major Features and Enhancements:• Recognition accuracyTurns voice into text with up to 99%accuracy. Dragon Medical Practice Edition isover 20% more accurate ‘out of the box’ thanprevious versions.• Recognition analyticsA percentage of misrecognitions can becaused by simple audio quality issues, such asincorrect microphone connection or placement,background noise, and microphone out ofrange or low on battery.Dragon Medical Practice Edition automaticallydetects poor audio input; it then alerts theuser (in various ways depending on the issue),offering advice to remedy the situation.• Recognition speedDragon Medical Practice Edition significantlyimproves recognition response time. Thesoftware is also faster than previous editionswhen selecting application menu items byvoice, or executing voice commands thatperform actions within applications (e.g.,“insert page break”, “make that red”, etc.).• New Dragon BoxA major enhancement over the previousversion’s Sample Commands window, this newdesktop assistant allows users to discoverand remember many commands and tips; atany time, it lets you glance at or explore globalcommands (including mouse commands),application-specific commands and custom-created commands, as well as tips. Its contentschange depending on what window is currentlyactive. In addition, the Dragon Box lets usersprint its content. (Note: This feature can beviewed by selecting from the Help menu).
  5. 5. FAQs5In addition to these major new features andenhancements, Dragon Medical Practice Editionincludes dozens of other new features andenhancements, some of which are describedbelow and categorized for ease of review.Accuracy Features:• Regional accent supportDragon Medical Practice Edition supportsmany regional accents of non-native speakers(Asian-Pacific, Asian-Indian, Australian, British,Hispanic, Pakistani), and U.S. accents (DeepSouth, Northern Inland).System Management Features:• UpgradeableUses voice profiles and language models fromDragon Medical version 10 and Dragon MedicalPractice Edition 1, so your voice profile and allcommands, added words, phrases and macrosare available.PRODUCT BENEFITSClinicians receive the following advantagesfrom Dragon Medical Practice Edition overprevious versions or non-medical Dragonproducts:More Efficient Care:• Dictate faster and more accurately than everDragon Medical Practice Edition is over20% more accurate than previous versions—saving valuable minutes. Additionally, DragonMedical Practice Edition has virtually instantresponse time, saving clinicians valuableminutes in their day.• Dictate anywhere in your EHR systemDragon Medical Practice Edition allowsclinicians to dictate anywhere in an EHRsystem, while reviewing Lab Tests, PatientHistory, or Current Medications. Cliniciansno longer have to click back and forthbetween information they’re reviewing and thedictation window. They dictate while reviewinginformation, and the improved Hidden Modefeature allows the clinician to paste thedictation directly where he or she wants it.• Accelerate clinician adoption andacceptance of EHR systemsDragon Medical Practice Edition reduces timespent documenting care in an EHR:– Voice commands specific to each EHRreduce the amount of searching andmouse-clicks needed to move to the rightscreens.– ‘Free text’ open dictation of medicaldecision making (History of Present Illness,Assessment, Plan, and other elementsof a medical note) directly into the EHReliminates the need for clinicians to type.More Effective Care:• Spend more time with patientsIncreased accuracy and fewer errors to correctmeans clinicians can spend more time withpatients, improving patient satisfaction.• Dictate in your own wordsDragon Medical Practice Edition free-textdictation capability supports more detailedHistory of Present Illness, more flexibleReview of Symptoms, and more descriptiveAssessment and Plan—the ‘medical decision-making’ aspects of the note—which givereferring clinicians and ancillary providers aclearer and more detailed patient assessmentand prognosis.• Secure patient informationDragon Medical Practice Edition supportsHIPAA compliance guidelines to protect patientconfidentiality.
  6. 6. FAQs6• Improve Clinician SatisfactionClinicians who use Dragon Medical PracticeEdition report that it significantly improvestheir enjoyment of practicing medicine. Byallowing them to use their time more effectively,clinicians’ quality of life is improved.More Profitable Care:• Dramatically Reduce the Cost ofDocumentationEliminate transcription by speech-enabling theEHR, freeing up resources to focus more onpatients and invest in methods to help practiceefficiency. Practices that are using DragonMedical Practice Edition today are dramaticallyreducing transcription costs, which range from$500 to $1,000 a month per physician.• Support Higher Levels of ReimbursementIndependent studies have shown thatclinicians create more detailed notes withDragon Medical Practice Edition than withnotes built with ‘point-and-click’, template-onlyEHR menus.• Increase Practice VolumeFaster, more accurate response reduces timespent on dictation, allowing clinicians to seemore patients and increase practice revenueand profitability.HOW IS DRAGON MEDICAL PRACTICEEDITION LICENSED?Dragon Medical Practice Edition is purchasedfor use on a per-user basis. A user is definedas one (1) individual who dictates inDragon Medical Practice Edition.A licensed user may install Dragon MedicalPractice Edition up to four times for use bythat same user only.A Dragon Medical Practice Edition license maynot be used by more than one clinician, even ifother users use the same PC.WHAT BENEFITS SHOULD PHYSICIANPRACTICES EXPECT FROM USINGDRAGON MEDICAL PRACTICE EDITION?Nuance Communications designed DragonMedical Practice Edition for use by not onlydoctors but also nurses, nurse practitioners,physician assistants, therapists, and other careproviders.For independently owned practices with lessthan 25 physicians, Dragon Medical PracticeEdition is the only real-time speech recognitionsolution which fits busy clinicians’ needs.Dragon Medical Practice Edition introducesa faster, more efficient way for medicalprofessionals to create medical records, medicalcorrespondence, or email messages. DragonMedical Practice Edition introduces a new, fasterspeech recognition engine that is over 20% moreaccurate than previous versions.This solution turns voice into text three timesfaster than most people can type, with up to99% accuracy, using any Windows-basedEHR system. Dragon Medical Practice Editionincludes vocabularies covering more than 90medical specialties and subspecialties.DO CLINICIANS STILL NEED TO USE AKEYBOARD AND MOUSE?Although clinicians can useDragon Medical Practice Edition to do almosteverything on their computer by voice, sometasks are still easier to do by mouse or keyboard.Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows cliniciansto develop powerful speech commands and macros,which automate navigation and other repetitivetasks, saving countless clicks and keystrokes.If using a mouse and keyboard are an option forclinicians, they should try experimenting withusing their voice and hands for different tasks tosee what works best.
  7. 7. FAQs7WHAT ARE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS?Recommended System Requirements:• CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core or equivalentAMD processor. (IMPORTANT: SSE2instruction set required)• Processor Cache: 2 MB• Free hard disk space: 5 GB• RAM: 2 GB RAM for XP and Vista, and 4 GBfor Windows 7, 8 and 2008 64-bit/2012• Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 (freedownload at www.microsoft.com)Creative®Labs Sound Blaster®16 orequivalent sound card supporting 16-bitrecording• USB or DVD-ROM drive required forinstallationSupported Operating Systems:• Microsoft Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit• Microsoft Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit• Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, 32-bit and64-bit• Microsoft Windows XP SP3, 32-bit only• Windows Server 2008, SP1, SP2, and R2,32-bit and 64-bit (Windows 2008 R2 64 bitSP2 ONLY)Applications:• DragonPad• WordPad• NotePad• Microsoft®Word 2007, 2010 (32 64 bit),2013 (32 64 bit)• Microsoft®Outlook®2007, 2010, 2013• Microsoft®Excel®2007, 2010, 2013• WordPerfect®x5, x6• Apache OpenOffice Writer 3.4• Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10• RIA IE9• Mozilla®Firefox®8+• RIA FF 12+• RIA Google Chrome 16+• Windows Live Mail• Mozilla®Thunderbird™ x3 and up• Lotus Notes 8.5• FTC in Gmail and Hotmail thanks to RIAplug-inCOEXISTENCE WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONSOF DRAGON MEDICAL?Only one version of Dragon Medical PracticeEdition can be installed on the system.NOTE: Running previous versions of DragonMedical speech recognition solutionsconcurrently with Dragon Medical PracticeEdition is not supported.NOTE: Coexistence with Dragon Medical SDKClient Edition versions is not supported.UPGRADING FROM previous versionsof Dragon Medical speechrecognition solutionsClinicians can upgrade from Dragon Medical 10or Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 to DragonMedical Practice Edition 2. When upgrading fromthese previous versions, clinicians can choose tomigrate their user files and vocabularies to DragonMedical Practice Edition. Once Dragon MedicalPractice Edition is installed, previous versionswill no longer be functional. If clinicians choosenot to upgrade their user files and vocabulariesduring the upgrade, they can do so at a later timeby running the Dragon Medical Practice EditionUpgrade Tool.In addition, clinicians can upgrade fromprevious versions of Dragon Naturally SpeakingProfessional to Dragon Medical Practice Edition.
  8. 8. h e a lt h c a r eWHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUTVOCABULARIES?Dragon Medical Practice Edition containsvocabularies covering more than 90 medicalspecialties and subspecialties, so it is likely thatyour specialty will appear on the list. If yourspecialty is not covered, you should choose eitherthe general medicine or the specialty vocabularythat is closest to the specialty you perform.About Nuance CommunicationsNuance Communications is the market leaderin creating clinical understanding solutions thatdrive smart, efficient decisions across healthcare.As the largest clinical documentation providerin the U.S., Nuance provides intelligent systemsand services that improve the entire clinicaldocumentation process—from the capture of thecomplete patient record to clinical documentationimprovement, coding, compliance and appropriatereimbursement. More than 450,000 physiciansand 10,000 healthcare facilities worldwideleverage Nuance’s award-winning, voice-enabledclinical documentation and analytics solutions tosupport the physician in any clinical workflow andon any device.To learn more about how NuanceCommunications can help you improvefinancial performance, raise the quality ofcare, and increase clinician satisfaction,please contact us at 781-565-5000 or visitwww.nuance.com/healthcare.Copyright © 2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, Dragon, eScription,NaturallySpeaking, and PowerScribe are trademarks and/or registered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliatesin the United States and/or other countries. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of theirrespective companies.8/12 DTM