5 Step Powerpoint


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5 Step Powerpoint

  1. 1. Double click on PowerPoint icon to start Powerpoint Step 1: Set Background Click on Format - Slide Design and a box opens up on the right. Choose a design - click on it and choose Apply to all Slides OR Apply to Selected Slide Step 2: Set Layout Click on Format - Slide Layout and a box opens up on the right. Choose a layout - click on it and select Apply to Selected Slide Step 3: Enter Text Click within each text box (Title and text boxes) - replace existing text. Highlight text and change fonts, size, color on Format bar (Ex: Helvetica - 12 - Bold).
  2. 2. Step 4: Insert Clipart, Picture, Chart, Movie, or Sound If you have chosen a layout with a Content Box (clipart, movie, chart, picture, sound, etc.) - click on the icon. Ex: Click on top right to insert clip art. A box opens to change the picture. Beside Search Text enter the pic you want (ex: apple). From the pictures that appear choose the one you want and click on it and choose OK. To insert text, clipart, movie, sound - choose Insert and select Picture (clipart, pictures) or TEXT or Movies and Sound. Remember: To make boxes/clipart larger or smaller - click on the text/clipart - a box appears. Click on a corner - hold mouse button down - and drag to enlarge or make smaller. Step 5: Animation Effects Setting Up Transitions for a Slide 1. Go to Slide View. 2. Choose the slide to which you want to add the transition. 3. On the file menu, choose Slide Show | Slide Transition. 4. Choose an effect from the drop-down list on right. 5. Select Slow, Medium, or Fast for the speed. 6. If you want a sound with the transition, select one from the Sound drop-down list. 7. Click Apply to apply the settings to the slide you chose or click Apply All to apply the settings to all slides.
  3. 3. Adding Animations 1. Display the slide containing the object(s) you want to animate. 2. Select Slide Show, Custom Animation. 3. Click to select the object on the slide you want to animate. 4. Under Add Effect – choose a selection from Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, Motion Paths . 5. Once effect is listed click on down arrow to choose On Mouse Click if you want the animation to occur when you click the mouse. 6. If you want to include a sound – click on down arrow of effect - Choose Effect Options and choose a Sound drop-down list. 7. Repeat the above steps until all the objects you want to animate are listed. 8. Click Ok. 9. View Slide Show to test your work. Once Slide is Complete:
  4. 4. Click Insert - New Slide OR CTRL M (shortcut) to add next slide. Repeat steps 1 to step 5 for each new slide.