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Filming planning by layers 2


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Filming planning by layers 2

  1. 1. FILMING GROUP PLANNING BY LAYERS<br />MEETING ONE: 07/10/11<br />SONG LENGTH: 4min42<br /><ul><li>BAND PERFORMANCE (first location natural setting, field or by river; second location in semi darkness with bonfire and orange coloured torches moving on and off their faces – film before during and after sunset)
  2. 2. CLOSE UP front man’s face filling the screen, as he lip-syncs, ZOOM OUT and show rest of the band
  3. 3. CLOSE UP of hand playing guitar (N times)
  4. 4. Instrument CLOSE UPs throughout
  5. 5. ZOOM OUT to a MEDIUM CLOSE UP of man playing guitar
  6. 6. PANNING shot of the whole band performing left to right, LOW ANGLE
  7. 7. MATCHED CUTS of band from BEHIND playing each one on their own
  8. 8. LEFT SIDE PROFILE of the band playing for a while then BEAT and then
  9. 9. RIGHT SIDE PROFILE of the band playing
  10. 10. FRONT profile with a DIRECT SHOT of them playing and HOLD for a bit
  11. 11. LOW LEVEL of foot tapping bass drum
  12. 12. As chorus builds, MEDIUM LONG SHOT of man singing, CUT to CLOSE UP of face singing, CUT to EXTREME CLOSE UP of mouth singing then ZOOM OUT as CHORUS is sung
  13. 13. Mirror the above for second time chorus is sung, MLS man sings from SIDE then CUT to FRONT PROFILE whole band playing
  14. 14. LONG SHOT cut to EXTREME LONG SHOT to DIRECT FRONT shot of the band playing
  15. 15. People warming their hands by the fire
  17. 17. aged footage of a ship leaving harbour with the people on land waving the soldiers goodbye
  18. 18. insert links and descriptions possibly time marks here.
  19. 19. PROTESTS (stock)
  20. 20. - text
  21. 21. GANG FOOTAGE
  22. 22. - text
  23. 23. NEWSPAPER HEADLINES (short)
  24. 24. newspapers SCROLL DOWN page over article
  25. 25. newspapers being thrown on top of one another FOCUSED on the headline
  26. 26. POSTCODES (short)
  27. 27. - text
  29. 29. someone blowing a dandelion
  30. 30. an empty children’s playground/park
  31. 31. LOW LEVEL angle then PANNING upwards LOW ANGLE shot of a British flag flying
  32. 32. LOW ANGLE sun shining through the trees, lens flare, blur out into a medium long shot of band playing
  33. 33. DIRECT UP shot of sky with birds flying across
  34. 34. Film the sky as the sun is setting, leave the camera on a tripod
  35. 35. Extended TRACKING shot from camera by window seat of the train, trees and homes and lights passing by as it’s dark
  36. 36. A bridge
  37. 37. SPEED UP shot, DIRECT UP of the blue sky with the clouds moving so they look like they’re moving really fast (even better if they’re darkening like it’s going to rain)
  38. 38. Follow an airplane moving across the sky and have it fade into a war plane, dropping bombs kind of plane etc
  40. 40. EXTREME LOW ANGLE stockwell memorial names and puppies
  41. 41. MATCHED CUTS to random shots of the same memorial, names carved in stone of deceased soldiers
  42. 42. Analyse how camera and editing is used in folk rock music videos
  43. 43. Sheet of all the editing techniques and what they are