Digipak research folk rock 2


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Digipak research folk rock 2

  1. 1. Digipak Research Folk Rock Hanan Mohamed 5161
  2. 2. About our Digipak A Digipak is a book-style fold out paperboard or card outer binding used to hold CDs on the inside, the first alternative to jewel case packaging. It’s much less likely to crack then jewel cases and allows the manufacturer more creativity with the graphics and overall design. The panels can range from from 4, to 6, to 8 etc. For our chosen track we must create a Digipak to market the band – this will be done using skills of editing, software e.g. Photoshop, photography and design skills. In researching digipaks however it was difficult to find recent examples as folk rock is a genre that was explored much more by artists a couple of decades ago than the present day and full digipaks are relatively new and more common in the more popular genres e.g. pop, hip hop, RnB etc. Even though album covers front covers are easily found, the inside and back covers are not always available. To the best of my ability I have researched five different bands’ albums front and back covers and analysed them in the following slides. The bands and artists I have used are: Cat Stevens, Laura Marling, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, and Simon & Garfunkel.
  3. 3. The entire background of The fontcolour used is the album cover is not a yellow like the shade of photograph which is more sunlight, and matches the common but hand drawn background This is in which is unusual, and a keeping with the the most common feature of folk rockdominant theme of folk rock album art which is often which is being in touch with painted or drawn. This nature. The actual font indicates that the artist usedlooks like cursive and joined their natural talent for art up it looks like it has been instead of technology which handwritten. This is is in keeping with the folk important to the folk genre rock theme of staying in which is about truth and touch with nature, along with freedom, so reminds the the very simple setting of listener that this music is the artist lying on the grassy what the artist has written ground and nothing else.himself and is not subject to the producer of the record label’s demands. The artist has been depicted similar to his real life self. Here he has a large beard with an open necked shirt, and appears to be sleeping. He fits quite neatly into the grass around him, and with his eyes closed looks very at peace – this implies that nature is a part of him, and he is a peaceful person at heart. Not looking at the camera or even out at all shows he is focused on his music, and is an introspective person. His long beard although natural is almost a part of a costume or dress code as across artists in the folk rock genre most men keep beards to emphasize their maturity and life experience, and the long beard has connotations of wisdom, spirituality. This sells the artist as a wise, mature, peaceful man at one with nature and in the business for the music and not the money.
  4. 4. The background matches the front cover as it is also hand drawn with a grass ground background, the font type andcolour remain the same. Although curiously, the artist here iscompletely absent – but his imprint is left behind on the grass so when looking at the back the viewer stills thinks of the artist, who has actually been made conspicuous by his absence. The record label’s logo, website and address are present next to the barcode to sell the label themselves and associate themselves with the artist as well as give credit.
  5. 5. A photograph has been used for the front cover The fontcolour used is a which looks like a typicalsimple black on white, which street, and the focus is on is in keeping with the the shop on the middle simplicity of the folk rock which looks like an old genre. The font type is in charity shop, a boutique or a capitals and a very simple shop that sells vintage font, which looks quite clothing – not any shop that classic looking. would be found on the high street and does not need to be flashy with lights and big displays to advertise itself.