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Nz Fitness Industry


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Published in: Business, Sports
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Nz Fitness Industry

  1. 1. The NZ fitness industry Management Consulting Report For Mr. Bill Armstrong and Mrs. Shirley Armstrong Produced By Hao Yuan, Lu
  2. 2. Introduction  This report is prepared for Mr. Bill Armstrong and Mrs. Shirley Armstrong. Which will discuss: •the competitive environment •the current trends for fitness centres in New Zealand •issues that Fit ‘n’ Well fitness centre would be facing
  3. 3. Brief information on New Zealand New Zealand is: •A developed island country •Population of four million people •Most people live in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington •Businesses in New Zealand are typically small
  4. 4. New Zealand Fitness industry Les Mills is the number one franchises gym club in New Zealand. Between 150 and 400 fitness clubs in New Zealand. 400,000 Kiwis visit fitness clubs. The industry is growing rapidly.
  5. 5. Fitness New Zealand Fitness New Zealand is a non profit representative organisation aiming to ensure more people are physically active at health and fitness centres in New Zealand. Approximately 85% of the fitness centre industry had joint FNZ
  6. 6. Issues of breaking into NZ fitness industry Competitions from: •commercial operators •local government council running fitness centers market saturation is pretty full in some regions
  7. 7. Conclusion The Market: New Zealand is a small country The fitness industry is still growing rapidly Issues facing: Competition from local council running fitness centres and well branded private businesses.
  8. 8. Recommendations Fit ‘n’ Well fitness centre should consider •Join Fitness New Zealand •Purchase equipment from FNZ •Offer unique services •Advertisement •Location
  9. 9. For more detailed information please see the full report