Question 4 and 5


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Question 4 and 5

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4and 5Who would be theaudience for your mediaproduct?/How did you attractaddress your audience?
  2. 2. /The genre of our sequence is crimethriller therefore we have targeted…our product at:Demographic target audience•Males• -Aged between 16 20•British•White•Working Class
  3. 3. Why?We have targeted our sequence at thisaudience due to the fact that men like tosolve mysterious and are often morecommonly targeted for products similar groups sequence
  4. 4. GenderMales FemalesTarget audienceNot the target audienceAttracted by having.a Male in the title sequenceProtagonist AntagonistBut can still beenjoyed by femalesCould relate toMost sequences classed,under crime thrillerare aimed at malesMen like to think theyAre the heroesFemales in the sequence have beenRepresented as being weak and the.victim I do not think women would liketo see themselves being represented in.This wayThe girl is a hostageAnd ends up being.MurderedThere would be other females in- . .The film if it was made e g policeBut they are not shown in the.Title sequenceWomen are moreSqueamish and thereforeMay not like what is beingshownBad relationshipSee whatThey shouldAnd shouldNot doBloodLike the idea of blood.And gore
  5. 5. AgeTarget MarketYoung adults-16 20Main actorsAre within.this age bracketUsually aimed.At this age groupLess than 16Would not be appropriateIf it was aimed at themWould probably get confusedIssues that are being dealtWith in the sequence wouldNot revolve around themLess likely to becomeA hostage and to be inA bad relationship likeWe have created+20Could watch it asThey would understandWhat was going onDo not haveSomeone in theTitle sequenceOver this ageBut there would bePeople over this age inThe actual filmLike mysteriesIt gives theAudienceSomething toRelate to Sequence revolvesAround a mystery typeassociation
  6. 6. Ethnicity andNationalityWhite peopleTarget audienceOnly white peopleIn the title sequenceTherefore encouragesWhite people toWatch the sequenceGives themSomething toRelate toBlack peopleCould still be watchedbyThere would be blackPeople in the actual filmBut not in the title sequenceAs they are not one of the main.CharactersBritishaudience-Non BritishaudienceTarget audienceThe characters in theSequence have BritishaccentsMade in BritainCould still watch theProductEncourages a British audience toWatch it as it is produced in there ownCountry-A non British audience couldStill enjoy this but there is noPerson in the sequence in which they.Could relate to
  7. 7. Class andstatus/Working class middle classTarget audienceUsed an actor in whichIs of a working classbackgroundMore likely forSomething like thisTo happen to themUpper classNot as likely for it to happenTo themThey would not find it believableLow classNot the demographic groupDoes not contain aPerson of a low classBackground within the sequenceDoes not contain a person of aHigh class backgroundEven though lower classPeople are more likely to,Commit a crime they wouldNot like to see themselves asPeople who do commit crimes
  8. 8. ,We have attracted this audience through the use of actor used the music that is.used is quite creepy and intense This would attract the male audience as they,would wonder what is going on they would try to work it out and be inquisitive. /about it The music soundtrack gives the product quite a creepy and tense. .atmosphere This is unlikely to appeal to the female audienceI think that this would be a good demographic target audience toaim the product at as they tend to have more problems when they come.round to breaking up with someone From watching this they would be compare themselves to the main character