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How to Eliminate Scheduling Headaches


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Learn insights from Doug Beigel, CEO at COLA Inc., on the implementation of technology to improve communication and efficiently schedule audits.

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How to Eliminate Scheduling Headaches

  1. 1. How to Eliminate Scheduling Headaches Insights from the head of a healthcare accreditation organization.
  2. 2. We sat down with Doug Beigel, CEO of COLA Inc. COLA is the largest private non-profit clinical laboratory accreditation organization in the U.S.
  3. 3. Doug took over as CEO 15 years ago to improve:  Mobile workforce management  Laboratory Communication  Scheduling mobile workers and laboratories
  4. 4. Mobile Workforce Management 1
  5. 5. About COLA  They accredit over 7,500 clinical laboratories  Every two years these laboratories get surveyed  They employ around 22 surveyors across the nation
  6. 6. The Problem COLA employees needed a way to feel united, though dispersed across the nation.
  7. 7. The Solution Doug implemented a virtual office software for all employees to easily communicate from anywhere.
  8. 8. The Results  Open lines of communication  Employees can easily talk, share screens, video chat, and conference-in guests  Led to a more unified company
  9. 9. Laboratory Communication 2
  10. 10. About the Laboratories  Smaller clinical laboratories  Typically consist of 2 – 10 employees  Not many directors invest in business-related technology
  11. 11. The Problem  Laboratories and COLA only interacted twice a year  Many important audit files buried in filing cabinets  Surveyors waste time digging through files
  12. 12. The Solution Doug worked with CompWALK developers to deliver a customer portal for the laboratories, COLAcentral.
  13. 13. -Doug Beigel CEO, COLA Inc. COLAcentral has strengthened the partnership between COLA and the clinical laboratories we accredit. “
  14. 14. The Results  All documentation stored in one place  Laboratories can reference past audits  Easily share resources  Prepare for upcoming audits with internal assessments
  15. 15. Scheduling the Mobile Workers and Laboratories 3
  16. 16. About Scheduling  One full-time employee scheduling surveys  Utilizing a custom solution requiring manual interventions  Disconnected, time-consuming process
  17. 17. The Problem A large portion of COLA’s business relied on one scheduler showing up every day.
  18. 18. The Research Beigel researched tools other organizations use Met with a few large corporations They deploy enterprise solutions Too high a cost for COLA to license
  19. 19. The Solution Doug enlisted the CompWALK developers to create a completely automated scheduling platform.
  20. 20. -Doug Beigel CEO, COLA Inc. Just by following all outlined business rules we can expect to see a 20 – 30% cost savings.“
  21. 21. The Results  Platform went live earlier this month  All business rules were followed • No preferential treatment or favoritism  All laboratory deadlines were met  Work life balance of surveyors improved due to less inefficient travel
  22. 22. Stay tuned to find out… The power of analytics and further cost savings realized by COLA’s implementation of this scheduling platform. Get our Audit & Inspection Guide