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  1. 1. 1. Create your blog Go to Click on the orange arrow that says: “Create your blog now” Follow the instructions on the right to complete this screen and create an account. You may want to record your user name, password and blog address for later use. Click on orange “Continue” arrow. Complete window 2: Name your blog Blog Title is the name of your blog. [E.g. “Room Nine’s Blog”] Blog Address is the Internet URL NB: you do not need to add “www” Just type in the address you hope to have your blog at. [E.g.: room9nelsoncentral] Press the orange “Continue” arrow. Rachel Boyd
  2. 2. Complete window 3: Choose a Template Choose a template design that you like the look of and press the orange “Continue” arrow. [It is possible to change your template design later.] Congratulations you have just created a blog!! Click on the “Start posting” arrow. You will need to create a post to be able to see your blog on the web… Rachel Boyd
  3. 3. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects to do before you start blogging with your class…… and you only need to do it once to set it all up! Log into your blog and click on “Settings” It will come up with this page – basic Type what you want to be the title of your blog here You can type a short description of your blog here. This will appear under the title. Decide if you want your blog to be listed by Blogger in their directory Leave these unchanged Click “Save Settings” down the bottom of the page. Rachel Boyd
  4. 4. Now click through to the “Formatting” tab Make these changes: Decide how many posts you want to be visible on your front page of the blog, 7 – 10 is a good number. You may want to change this to date format rather than time, select it from the drop down menu. Find the option for New Zealand daylight time Select English (New Zealand) Click “Save Settings” down the bottom of the page Rachel Boyd
  5. 5. Now click through to the “Comments” tab Make these changes: It is good to change this option to Anyone as long as you “enable comment moderation” which will be covered later. I like to have the comments box come up in a pop up box Click yes and enter your email address Comment moderation will protect you from spam, It is best to have this turned on, it rude or cruel comments means computer programmes won’t being put on your blog. be able to spam your blog with advertisements Enter your email address and you will get an email when someone puts a comment on. You will have Make sure you never miss a comment to verify that the comment by entering your email address. is clean/nice before it will appear on your blog. As always click Save Settings WELL DONE! – You are ready to “go live” and start blogging with your class. Click on Posting to get started. Rachel Boyd