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Topics covered on preparing pages for new facebook timelines with small business owners in Batesville, Arkansas at the Batesville Area chamber of Commerce presented by Herb Lawrence, Center Director ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center

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Slides from Batesville Facebook Timelines Workshop

  1. 1. *By Herb Lawrence, Center DirectorAstate Small Business and Technology Development Center
  2. 2. Registration form and evaluation form – Please fill out the Attendee Record Form at the beginning of the seminarCopy of the slide presentationAdditional handouts *
  3. 3. *Default Landing Tabs are GONE*Photos, Likes & Apps at Top of the Page*Able to Pin your Favorite Post to the Top*New Administrator Panel*You can Message Fans Directly*The Cover Photo*You can Change your Fan Page name *
  4. 4. 1. Setting our Cover Photo and Profile Picture2. Organizing Our Views and Apps3. Star, Hide, Pin4. Explore the Admin Panel5. Enable Messages6. Make the Most of About7. Friend Activity8. Milestones9. Activity Logs10.Name Change Opportunity *
  5. 5. *Attention Span of a Gnat*Lazy*Selfish*Not Rocket Scientists*Don’t have ESP Herb’s 5 Laws Online Consumers
  6. 6. * 40% Want Discounts/promotions * 63% Reconnect old friends* 39% Show support of Company * 59% Maintain personal contacts* 36% Get FREEBIES * 37% Stay on top of social life* 34% Stay informed * 30% Fill downtime guilty* 30% Updates on upcoming sales pleasure* 25% Exclusive Content * 30% play games *
  7. 7. * How does Internet Marketing Sync with Your Overall Marketing Plan?* What Social and Online Marketing Do You Currently Use?* Specifically What DO YOU WANT Facebook to do for you? * What is the REASON You have a Page? * What do you WANT FANS TO DO? *
  8. 8. * 90% of “Likers” NEVER come back to your page!* At BEST… 20% of your Fans See Your Newsfeed Post* Today Post “Decay” is about 5 HOURS* Edgerank will SLAP YOU! * Up to 30% penalty for 3rd party posting to Facebook *
  9. 9. Photo of first Wal-Mart in Rogers in 1962*
  10. 10. * New: Cover Photo 851 X 315 pixels*Thou Shalt Not: * Price or purchase information * Any type of contact information * References to Facebook features (like, share, etc.) * Calls to Action (Get it Now or Tell Your Friends) * Misleading, deceptive or false covers *
  11. 11. * What Works? * Photo to showcase your products * Photo of people using your products * Photo of “secret” ingredients * Photo with unique selling point * Photo that gives inside look to your business * Photos that make visitor salivate * Photos that involve the audience* Change Cover Image often *
  12. 12. *
  13. 13. *
  14. 14. * 180 x180 pixels is your thumbnail scaled down to 32 x 32 * What works? * Logo * Image that is representative of your brand * Best to Be permanent * ASU SBTDC Facebook*
  15. 15. * Right below cover photo * Photos tab automatically first and can’t be moved * Allows for 12 apps to be shown (with drop down) * Only 4 can be featured in view * Choose View Apps Carefully * Can Customize images for each app 111 x 74 pixels* Good and Bad of the “Like” “Liked” button* ASU SBTDC Apps *
  16. 16. * FB to Twitter* #fb posts any tweets you end with #fb to page wall* pulls your blog feed into Facebook page** *
  17. 17. * Static HTML* Tabsite* Involver* North Social* Fan Page Engine* TabPress *
  18. 18. * Wildfire* Strutta* LikeOurBusiness *
  19. 19. * You can Pin or Anchor a specific post to the top of the timeline for up to 7 days * Pinning a story prevents it from getting lost* Star Highlights the post and spreads across both columns* Downside…can’t Highlight AND Pin* Hide from Page takes off Timeline not newsfeed *Star, Hide or Pin
  20. 20. * You can now see Notifications* New Likes * And send private messages to them as your profile* Fans can now privately message your page * You can only respond, not initiate as your page* Insights* Page Tips* Also has drop down Manage (your edit), Build Audience, Help and Hide *Admin Panel
  21. 21. *Part of Admin Box Enabled messages perfect for private conversations with fans especially something sensitive like customer service issue*Customer must initiate*Your responses as your brand not individual*Can Turn off: *Admin Panel, Manage>>Edit Page>>Manage Permissions then uncheck Messages box *
  22. 22. * On left below Cover Image* Grown from 70 characters to 170 characters* Perfect Call to Action* Can Include website links* However Local Business Pages display your local information (address or phone)* Can insert website in those options* Decide what is more important website or other contact* Edit About Description: admin panel>Manage Page> Basic Information*About Box
  23. 23. * New visitors get “Personalized Experience” * Will see any personal FB friends who are interacting with your page * Provides for “social proof” when they see their friends interacting with your page* ASU SBTDC shows how many of my personal friends are fans of my page *Friend Activity
  24. 24. * When you don’t post consistently becomes obvious with milestones* Can set dates to flesh out milestones* Include significant events * Fan growth, award wins, product releases, historical photos* Milestone images 843-403 pixels * See First Facebook Class December 2009 *Milestones
  25. 25. *Activity Log allows you to view, manage and organize all the posts on your page, even the ones you hid from timeline.*Able to filter stories by date or story type*View spam vs. photos vs. comments vs. posts*To Access Admin Panel, click Manage>>Use Activity Log *
  26. 26. * Misspelled or inaccurate fan page name? Now you can REQUEST to change it* p?id=262629790471076* “Please note this is for your Page name only. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to support Facebook web address changes” *
  27. 27. * Publish MORE Visual Content * Posts including a photo album or pic generate 2X more engagement than other post types * Think: photos, charts, infographics, Pinterest! * Feature Custom Tabs in Views & Apps for Lead Generation – No more default landing tab option * Edit Images that Appear in Your Views & App Bar * Make Sure Best Posts Appear on Timeline (Make sure default setting is “Allowed on timeline by checking “Everyone can post to ASU SBTDC timeline in the manage permissions section) * Pin a New Featured Promotion every 7 Days * Prepare a Schedule or Calendar for regular posting * Tie Facebook posts to your marketing campaigns *
  28. 28. * Hootsuite* Buffer* Tweet Deck *
  29. 29. Let’s Connect On-LineE-mail hlawrenc@astate.eduASU Small Biz Blog http://www.asbtdc-asu.comFacebook Page: Profile: *