Social Media Networks for Arkansas Small Businesses


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This pdf, S is For Social Media was prepared by Cierra Lee, Social Media Marketing Intern for the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center in the Spring of 2012.

Created by Cierra as part of her Intern work it was designed as an introduction to area small businesses on different social media networks and other online marketing tools as well as how to put them to work for their organization.

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Social Media Networks for Arkansas Small Businesses

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  3. 3.   While researching what were the key aspects of social media marketing for small  businesses, I came up with this social media overview in order to aid businesses that are  unfamiliar with the territory and who seek assistance in properly implementing social  media marketing into their overall marketing plans. Along with the guidance of the  ASBTDC Consultants this manual will give you an understanding of how social media  marketing can help your business turn leads into profits.   Cierra Lee, 2012 ASU SBTDC Social Media Marketing Intern S is for Social Media How to Leverage Social Media for Business Marketing WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?  Most people associate social media with the most popular social  networks  including  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn, YouTube,  Tumblr,  and  the  late,  great  MySpace.  Social Media  can  be  any  website  that  allows  users  to  connect,  Can Social network and share viral content with others by setting up personal or business profiles or groups and maintain those  Media Really connections  through  Constant  Contact  through  the  Help My website.  For  the  purposes  of  this  manual,  we  will  define  Business? social media as a viral agent used to connect with potential   Why,  yes,  it  certainly  S is for Social Media customers (who are referred to as “users” in the text as it relates  to  operating  on  social  media  networks)  and  turn  can.  Marketing  to those prospects into leads through a social network.     your  customer  base Millions update their statuses on Facebook everyday about what new movie they’re going to see, others tweet about  on  social  media who just won the SEC tournament and others upload video  networks  increases clips  of  their  recent  visit  to  the  new  local  theme  park. Social networking is the sharing of information in real time.   your  viral  presence What you are concerned about is whether they are talking  and  establishes about you and your business. Where does your business fit into this scheme of things?   relationships  with We  will  discuss  the  functions  of  the  most  popular  social  consumers  making media  sites:  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Google+, YouTube  and  Constant  Contact  in  a  business’s  marketing  your  business  more efforts.   likely  to  not  only  be WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MY BUSINESS?  found  but  shared Social media is not just a means for posting new pictures of  with  other  prospects your  recently  acquired  furry  best  friend,  Rufus.  For businesses, it is a prized tool and for not only marketing to  who  otherwise  may consumers; but also for finding out more about consumer  have  never  known interests,  catering  to  those  interests,  establishing  rapport,   shaping their opinions about your business and eventually  that  you  could  meet turning users into profitable leads.   their needs.       1 
  4. 4.  Social Media Overview………………………………………………..……………….……1 Table of Contents……………………………………………………….……………………..2 Facebook……………………………………………………………..……………………………3 Twitter…………………………………………………………………………….….…..…..……4 LinkedIn………………………………………………………...…………...…....………………5 S is for Social Media Google +………………………..…………………………………..……………….……………..6  YouTube……………………………………………………….…………………..………………7 Hootsuite…………………………………………………………………..………………….….8 Permission‐Based Email Marketing…………..……………….……….……………9 Making Sure “They” Find You…….……….…………………………..………………10 Social Media Resources………...…………………….....…………..………..…………11 Social Media Campaign Success Stories…………………….………………….…12 Putting It All Together…………………..………………………….………….…………13 ASU SBTDC………………..………………………………………………………….…………15 Helpful Links…………………………………………………………………………………..16  ASBTDC Consultants…………………………………………………………….…………17         2 
  5. 5.   T he grand Hoo‐Ha of all social discussing your products and/or media networks is FaceBook. service. Although the growth of Twitter This is your time to shine. This is is believed to have surpassed where you hire or appoint a site Facebook as Facebook once surpassed manager to interact with users; post MySpace, Facebook is for the most part updates and control the flow of everyone’s go‐to to get connected and information in favor of your business stay connected. goals and objectives which is one of the This is what you need to know: purposes of social media. You don’t just Facebook allows users to set up want to get people talking; you want to S is for Social Media personal and business profiles complete get people talking about you positively. with editable profile information, photo Facebook business pages have several  albums, direct messages, status features that will allow you to not only updates, information newsfeeds, and engage with users but get their ways to share and receive information information and divert them to your from users, applications and website or place of business for actual advertisers. Users can set up networks business transactions and customer whether they are work‐related, school‐ relationship building. related, etc. to easily find and connect with other users by sending and It’s all about lead generation and accepting friend requests. No network? landing pages and customized tabs will No problem! Just send requests to help you do this. Landing pages are people you may know through the essentially welcome pages that you can ‘People Finder’ and you’re on your way. customize with photos and insert download links and create forms for Businesses create business profiles customers. You can even specialize where users can visit their page and landing pages so that when users like keep up with their updated content your page, the landing page displays including contests and special offerings. more detailed information including Creating and using a business page is special offers. Your customized tabs can where you come in. Once users ‘like’ be anything from special polls, limited your page, they have access to your time offers, calendars or even games.  page’s wall, forums, photos and It’s all about making your page an business information. They can interact extension of your business. with other users and prospects   3 
  6. 6.   often will make for a very boring Twitter timeline. You can upload twitpics and provide N links through your tweets, but what ext on the social media hit list makes Twitter so popular is the use of is Twitter. One of the newest hash tags, #. When multiple users place and most popular additions to a hash tag before a specific phrase or the family has added itself to the never even just a celebrity or company name ending list of American addictions. Your that phrase or person instantly friends on Twitter are called followers becomes a ‘trending topic’. For instance, and statuses are 140 character “tweets”. if it suddenly starts raining Baskin Twitter users set up profiles just like Robbins ice cream and several million Facebook users request followers and people tweet “OMG! It’s raining mint receive follower request, unless the chocolate chip! #BaskinRobbins”, user has a highly recommended public Baskin Robbins will appear on users’ S is for Social Media account. Twitter was made famous by side bar under trending topic to let high profile celebrities who tweeted everyone know that Baskin Robbins is about their daily to dos in real time   hot topic at that very moment. Trending gaining thousands and some, millions of topics are specific to regions, but followers. Most gain followers by national topics can span over several retweets, or other users tweeting what regions. others have already tweeted and including that user’s Twitter name. Twitter users tweet specifically what they are doing at that very moment Public accounts allow users to follow a several times throughout day. So if your user and view tweet activity without customers are tweeting about a first having to be confirmed. This is a promotion you have going on, that feature similar to how Facebook users information can spread like wildfire. can limit their profile information. With And I literally mean like wildfire Twitter, however, followers are because users can have followers from unlimited for personal and business all over the world. accounts private or public. Understanding how to engage followers Twitter is essentially micro blogging. can translate into very profitable leads. Users have profiles, but most of the Now, shall we play a game of follow the action is in the Twitter timeline which is leader? a feed of all tweets from those you follow (not those who follow you).  Unlike Facebook where it is quite annoying to update your status every 5 minutes, on Twitter not tweeting very   4 
  7. 7.   actual professional and colleague LinkedIn connections. Furthermore, you can turn your connections into leads, which is our ultimate goal here. L inkedIn would be the black tie, Company pages can be used in several if you will, of social networks. It ways. They are of course used as a allows you to establish and marketing and advertising tool, but the maintain connections with way that this works on LinkedIn is a bit professionals in your field and across all different from other social networks. industries. Your personal profile will Users see three top stories within in allow you to post your resume’, skills their industry when they log into and affiliations with other professional LinkedIn. If your company is uploading organizations. You are able to complete interesting blog and vlog posts or your profile with work history, captivating news articles, those stories recommendations and connect your could very well be from you. Also, your S is for Social Media profile with Twitter. Posting employees will list you in their work information and sharing in with your history and others will be able to click connections is just as easy as it is on all   on this hyperlink and be redirected to other social networks. Here, however, your company page. the content of your posts are strictly business. You will send and share tips, Company pages also provide a section view and follow up and job postings and to devote completely to products and receive contact from hiring managers services. You can add multiple products and potential employees. and offer more detailed and narrowed information that you could with let’s LinkedIn will allow you to connect with say Facebook. Users will be able to see professionals who you otherwise would recommendations from their never come in contact with. Never. It is connections and also recommend and up to you and your business to be share your products and services with interactive and take advantage of their connections. This is a feature not these opportunities to network. available on any other social network at LinkedIn has virtually allowed us to test least in such a simple and forward the theory of “It’s not what you know, manner. but who you know”. Now you can know everyone. You will also, be able to “create jobs”. This is the core of LinkedIn. It is a You are able to join groups on LinkedIn professional social network so users are and share information within those looking to make it big in their specific  groups as well and find your real job searches. Provide your company friends in the “People” sections and information, include your products and view their profile in addition to your post jobs and you’re easy as linked in.   5 
  8. 8.   and activity to better provide search Google + results. In addition, finding your business’s Google+ is as simple as first grade math. Users will just type in the M ost of us have either a Gmail name of your business in the Google account, YouTube account, search engine and place a “+” in front of use a Google Calendar or it. And once you place a +1 on your have worked on a Google Doc. If so business page, you will be more likely to you have seen ‘You+’ prompting you to have 3.5 times more the number of join Google+. Google+ is a social visitors. network that is at this time, Facebook’s It is important to note that Google+ only true rival because they are pages can be created for anything, but virtually birds of the same feather. profiles are only for people. You must Users love that the Google+ template is understand how pages work as the clean and non‐cluttered compared to rules are different from the old familiar S is for Social Media Facebook and that Google+ is like a Facebook, but once learned, you’re on familiar friend asking you to meet and your way. Page set up is simple but be adore another member of its family. I   aware that pages’ privacy is defaulted to mean, you are probably already public, pages cannot +1 other pages or basically married to your Gmail content on the web. Pages must be account, right? added to a circle (or group) or Google+ of course has a special place for mentioned first before users can be you and your business. You will use added, and they automatically unfollow Google+ much the same way you would you if you unfollow them. A very use any other social media site by convenient feature is that local pages setting up a page, connecting with other have features to help people find a users and businesses, joining circles and business’ physical location. encouraging consumers to click the ‘+1’ Video chat is what really sets Google+ button on your page in order to engage apart from most other social networks. with your company representatives and The Hangouts feature of Google+ allows other customers and receive product business to engage with users via video and/or service updates. conference calls. What’s better than Google+ gives you the added benefit of sending and receiving messages reaching an exponentially growing through social networking? Video customer base as it has already chatting. Talk about putting a face with surpassed the growth rates of both a name. Google+ allows you to put a voice with a face.  Facebook and Twitter. It can also potentially improve your search results. Google+ will use its user information   6 
  9. 9.   of your particular customer base, you YouTube should set up a channel for your business and determine what ways and through what social media networks Y ouTube, now owned by Google, is should you share your channel’s the largest online video sharing content. community in the world. In Many businesses can benefit from regards to the other online social YouTube channels, whether you own a networks, YouTube would be the pet shop or sell commercial real estate. icing on the cake; the glorious eye Upload videos showing customers how candy that enhances a user’s overall to properly wash their German Shepard social media experience. Users can and post the link on your Facebook create channels in which they upload Business page that you already have set and post their own videos at their own up (wink, wink) or post a video of an URL and others can view their videos, ongoing building project of the new S is for Social Media share their videos, add them as a friend Boys & Girls center that could affect the and send messages. Channels can be entire community and provide a link subscribed to allowing users to receive   when you tweet on your Twitter constant updates on the activity of their business page. subscriptions. Of course notifications can be edited to only allow a user to be YouTube will allow your business to notified of activity that sparks their subscribe to other business related interest, but you get the idea. channels and share helpful videos and testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, and Anyone anywhere can get immediate your website. You’ll be able to look at access to videos uploaded of Hollywood what other companies are doing and actor sightings or those once in a compare their marketing techniques to lifetime meteor showers that only a few yours. You will be able to use your lucky people get to witness. Those rare, videos to not just sell products but to intimate moments are now uploaded to cultivate the culture that surrounds YouTube within seconds and with two your business. Providing resources in or three clicks from someone’s mobile addition to traditionally selling will give device, laptop, or iPad, millions of your customer base something to look others can experience these epic forward to which will ultimately keep moments too. Some of the most popular them coming back. You will essentially videos on YouTube have reached over a make your channel an extension of million views in less than 7 days. your business office open 24 hours a day.  What does this mean for your business? It means that in order to extend your marketing efforts to reach every corner   7 
  10. 10.   Hootsuite to notify you when your Hootsuite messages have gone out giving you even more peace of mind. You can also create recurring tweets that will send out the I f setting up your business same scheduled messages at the same accounts on the various social time over a time period that you specify. media network is the first step in You will be able to view your social mastering social media marketing, networking pages, newsfeeds, and walls then managing these accounts is the all within one interface per network second. I would consider it by far one allowing you to more effectively of the most important steps in this monitor the activity and uniformity of process. It is an ongoing process; the your marketing message. captain of the ship that keeps the boat you worked so hard to build afloat. In addition to the all in one interface, Managing what posts go out and when you can add and remove certain S is for Social Media and to whom particular information streams within the different networks. goes out to and in what format is critical Now we know that streams are the to ensuring a seamless and uniform constant newsfeeds, for example, of  message across all your networks. Facebook statutes and your Twitter Hootsuite makes this intimidating and homepage where it only shows tweets seemingly complex task quite simple by that you’ve sent out. Well, Hootsuite allowing you to schedule when you allows for what I call super streaming. would like for messages to go out for up I’m going to use Twitter as example. to five social networks. Hootsuite will stream your traditional Twitter news feed, your homepage Assuming that you are a legitimate tweets and mentions and then direct business that actually performs day to messages by default. Well, you can also day tasks, pause for dramatic effective, add specialized streams. If you want a your time is limited. Also, you are aware stream of tweets you retweeted, tweets that in order to engage with your users that were retweeted to you, your you must constantly keep in contact and pending tweets or your tweets that you need a program that will help you were retweeted by others, there’s a meet this need while saving you time stream for that. Not even Twitter, or and effort. Enter Hootsuite. Hootsuite any other social network for that will allow you to schedule your varying matter, allows you to super stream. morning, noon and evening messages (or whatever times of day fit your With Hootsuite, you are literally and customers best) at 8:30am and they will figuratively in constant control of the  go out at the times that you have messages that your company is allocated. You can arrange for sending. Consider yourself a social media big brother.   8 
  11. 11.   Permission‐Based Email MarketingH ey, ever heard of other contact information, you can something called spam? If also include links to your social sites. you haven’t, please cautiously crawl from beneath your Email marketing is what marketers rock, and those of us who have, like to call pull messages, where the please, refrain from expletives. consumer is receiving requested information. Pushing is the Now, we’re not talking about that consumer actively going out and meat‐like substance that comes in a searching and connecting with your blue aluminum can. We’re talking company. Make it easier for your about annoying unsolicited bulk customer, by integrating your social email: your customers’ worst media campaign in your direct e‐nightmare. Spam is illegal as the mail messages. email list is generated randomly without consumers’ permission. If Your permission‐based email S is for Social Media your email list does not include marketing software programs people who have specifically includes Constant Contact and requested to receive marketing MailChimp among many others.  messages from you, you are Constant Contact is step‐by‐step participating in one of the deadly email creation software that allows sins of marketing, junk emailing. you to deliver emails to your customers, choose from various Permission‐based email marketing email templates, and manage your is your legal, direct contact savior. It email lists and track and report what is the most professional way to send happens after you click ‘send’. out your marketing messages Adding Google analytics helps you without violating the Web Hosting track this information. You’ll know or ISP agreement. It is less costly when someone signs up and who and is less likely to be ignored since subscribes and you can compare consumers actually want to receive your analytics to other companies in more information about your your industry. company. You can even see social stats on howAnd you guessed it, permission‐ often Facebook fans or friends like orbased email marketing is also a share your emails on Facebook, whengreat way to integrate your social customers tweet about your emails ormedia network marketing efforts. post about your campaign in LinkedIn.Along with including a link to your Try Constant Contact Social  website, company email address and Campaigns that assists you and guides you through your campaign implementation.   9 
  12. 12.   Making Sure “They” Find YouS ocial media is a great platform your business information including for lead generation, but social the name of your business, website media is virtually useless if and email, and wahlah! You have a they can’t find you. “They” are score of 38%. This needless to say is anyone who is looking for your not so good. But do not fret. Get particular business or businesses Listed tells you just how to fix it. It like it in a search engine. Whether shows you where and how to ‘get it’s Bing or Google, potential listed’ in a few easy steps. customers choose a starting point for their information search hoping Another, very helpful resource that to end up at utopia. They may be helps you determine the intensity of searching for a particular product or your online presence is a tool from service using a specific description HubSpot called the HubSpot Grader or name or type in a question in at hopes of literally finding an answer. HubSpot can be considered a sort of S is for Social Media  Wizard Oz of the social network Users may Google your business not world. It is your how to guide and an even knowing exactly what they are incredibly insightful resource. You  looking for. They may not know you guys should probably become best have a Facebook page or website. friends and I’ll help by first They just remember your jingle introducing you to the HubSpot from a television commercial or Grader. It works like Get Listed but have your company named etched in chooses different grading criteria. the back of their mind after seeing it on a billboard from a time they may If Get Listed or the HubSpot Grader not be able to recall. They just type has not lead you to any online local search words into a search engine marketplaces, take the initiative. and hope that they come up with Figure out what the most popular ‘stuff’’. Your job is to make sure community marketplaces or online that they are coming up with your local magazines are to advertise stuff. your business, being sure to provide links or in some way direct potential There are several ways to go about customers to not just your physical this, and we will start with a website business location but your website called “Get Listed” at and social network pages where you Get Listed will can keep them engaged. first access your online presence. It determines a score from 1 to 100 This is a more indirect approach to  based on your business’s presence social media marketing but certainly on key online listings. You will enter a very important one.   10 
  13. 13.   Social Media Marketing ResourcesT here are, as you can image, breaks down concepts to a very a million social media basic level which helps you fully marketing resources some understand how the use of social of which you may already use. media turns leads into profits. You Different resources serve different must create a free account with purposes but most will probably HubSpot and once you have, you’ll include much if the not the same certainly be glad that you did. types of information. Deciphering Social Media Examiner, HubSpot through it all can be extremely time and other websites are great consuming and may even bring on resources for the latest tips and some serious migraines. I’ll try and tricks, but let’s keep in mind that lessen that burden for you by listing there is no greater teacher than a few very helpful, informational, yet experience. Use the analytics fun social media marketing sites. S is for Social Media  provided by social media networks The Social Media examiner at to track and monitor activity. Every is a website from Facebook to Hootsuite  great website with tons of articles has analytics that you can review with the latest and greatest news on including website track information social media. It dishes out “how and number of followers and likes to’s,” new policies on Twitter, and day to day and month to month. Use airs out some social media dirty this information to tailor your drama all of which could be messages and learn which beneficial to your marketing plans techniques get you most feedback and campaigns. It will let you know and profitable leads. what other companies on doing on Assessing your analytics along with social media websites and more this guide will get you on your feet importantly, how they are doing it. and on your way to social media As mentioned before, HubSpot is a marketing greatness. Websites like great resource for social media Mashable, Hubspot, Social Media marketing for business, and that is Examiner, Smart Brief for Social probably an understatement. It Media, Who’s Blogging What and offers for tons of guides for every Dream Grow will give you the much social media network imaginable in need refueling your social media  a very detailed yet simple and campaigning requires to keep going engaging way. HubSpot can give you forward strong, equipped and your simple overview but it also focused.   11 
  14. 14.   Social Media Campaign Success Stories Y ou may remember the colorful, black and white campaign Breast Cancer Awareness started on Facebook in D EWmocracy was a campaign that allowed Mountain Dew drinkers to vote for a new flavored soda from three fan‐made 2009, inviting girls to post the color flavors. What better way to of their bras on their wall. It was a introduce a new product, determine simple, and inexpensive campaign and supply the consumers’ that caught on and made impact. preferences and engage customers all at one time.    The project was long‐The Breast Cancer Awareness term as it required a voting process campaign not only received internet S is for Social Media  but the coverage and customer coverage but also participation in coverage in print   Creating a successful social the meantime was media. The success media campaign to engage golden. of the campaign consumers and increase resulted in the The campaign product awareness begins with launch of a bit more started off by mastering the art of social racy campaign in Oct narrowing down media marketing.2010. flavors to only three through a country‐wide tour In 2010 women posted where they that included voting and video placed their favorite handbag. For booths for Mountain Dew fans to example, ‘I like it in the backseat of make their decision. A group called my Camaro’. Another Facebooker “Flavor Nations” was then created would post something along the consisting of fans and experts as lines of ‘I like it anywhere’. The well as professional ad agencies. suggestive statuses of course caught Flavor Nations independently people’s attention. Soon millions of marketed their flavor through viral Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook videos, promotion on Twitter, and statuses were updated worldwide. professional commercials and the The concept was simple and catchy winner was chosen by mass vote.  and the number of participants grew substantially much to Breast Cancer Awareness’s expectations.   12 
  15. 15.   Putting It All Together N ow that we have a thorough Don’s Donut Shop, too. Don’s overview of some of the most Facebook landing popular social media networks and how they can work within your social media marketing plan, let’s put the entire concept together. I’m sure you’ve come across the donut diagram used to explain social media, so we’ll use imaginary Don’s Donut Shop to illustrate the ideal scenario of an internet user participating in your social media campaign, becoming a lead and eventually a paying S is for Social Media customer. Sally likes donuts. Sally likes jelly  donuts, powdered sugar donuts, blueberry donuts and any other page reveals a 24 hour deal after she circular shaped dessert with a hole likes it. Sally can get two of their in the center. Sally is on her way to new Mr. Don’s Green Apple Pie visit her friend Chris and begins Donuts with the purchase of any experiencing a mean sweet tooth. other 12 dozen donut combination She searches the web on her iPhone for $8.99 with the featured code. for the nearest (you guessed it) What does Sally do might you ask? donut shop. A listing for Don’s Donut Sally gets directions off the website Shop pops up in the search results. and heads over to Don’s. Don’s Donut Shop has only been open for about two months and When Sally arrives at Chris’s, donuts decided to run a social media in hand and smile on face, Chris is campaign on their new donut let’s just say grateful to have such an flavors. Sally sees their website and amazing and thoughtful friend. Chris she also sees a Facebook page informs Sally that if she follows underneath the website link in the Don’s on Twitter she can get codes search results highlighting over 600 for deals during lunch every  likes. Her friend Chris liked Don’s Wednesday. Donut Shop page. So Sally likes   13 
  16. 16.   Putting It All Together Sally is impressed with Mr. Don’s Don places the ‘Dudes Donate Green Apple Pie Donuts and tweets Donuts for Prostate Cancer about their heavenly decadence. Awareness’ flyers on the counter Chris retweets her tweet and three and throughout the community the others tweet that they are going to next week with its Facebook, Don’s before the deal is over. Sally Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and and a few other new Don fans like LinkedIn icons. It also includes Don’s on their Google+ pages and information on how to subscribe to subscribed to their channel on emails for a weekly newsletter if you YouTube after seeing video posts on already haven’t. An electronic Don’s website of his first annual version of the flyers is sent out donut eating contest called Dudes through the newsletter as well and Donate Donuts for Prostate Cancer email subscribers can click on the Awareness. Sally and Chris plan to social media links and be redirected S is for Social Media  attend. No, they are not just going to additional information on Don’s for the donuts but because it’s a Donuts and its ongoing campaigns as   really great cause. well as interact with other customers and Don’s Don’s social media manager sees the representatives on the social sites. sudden influx in new fans, followers, and subscribers and gets quite a This is a hypothetical scenario, but it handful of wall posts and email could just as well be you. Maybe inquiries about the upcoming donut you’ve already experienced this type contest only after a week of running of social media campaigning success the apple pie donut campaign. The and you want to continue on social media manager concludes that growing and improving your social the new donuts as well as the media marketing efforts. There are prostate cancer awareness ways that you can do that. fundraiser are a hit and to run Contact the experienced ASU SBTDC similar campaigns in the future. consultants for free consulting for Apple pie donuts are now a your Arkansas small business. permanent item on the menu and ASBTDC also offers tons of helpful Sally and a few of her friends are workshops so, please, visit the frequent customers. ASBTDC for information on topics,   dates and times.     14 
  17. 17.  The Arkansas Small Business and Technology  Development Center is a statewide network  that serves and supports the small business               community offering one‐on‐one professional consulting   for business owners and entrepreneurs.   The Arkansas State   University Small Located on Arkansas State University’s Jonesboro   Business Technology campus in the Delta Center for Economic Development,   Development Center is the ASU Small Business and Technology           funded in part through a Development Center is a part of the statewide network  cooperative agreement S is for Social Media of small business assistance centers.   with the U. S. Small   Business Administration  The mission of the Arkansas Small Business and Technology  through a partnership  Development Center is to achieve a significant positive   with the University of economic impact by providing quality service to assist   Arkansas at Little Rock businesses and nascent entrepreneurs to operate  and the Arkansas State profitable ventures. As an accredited member of a national  University College of  program, the ASBTDC is a statewide delivery network   Business. that pursues its mission in partnership with the U.S.    Small Business Administration, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, other institutions of higher education, and  additional key strategic alliances.        15 
  18. 18. Helpful Business Websites  FAQs about the Arkansas SBTDC, New/Existing Businesses, Buying a Business, Financing & SIC/NAICS code. can find the training calendar and online courses here. online learning materials about Management Training, Small Business Marketing and Money Management. can use the calculator and online spreadsheet for your financial analysis. information to help you develop financial projections and a business plan. zip code & get demographics, schools and maps, check basic info, charts, and compare info with other ZIPs. economic, political and educational data about a city; contains demographic and other information.   S is for Social Media‐ Find demographics and other info with graphs including weather and sunrise time for a certain city here.  Learn what  you should expect and do at each business stage. Find previous financial reports and download them. can learn how to develop a business plan using a PowerPoint presentation. at sample business plans. Learn about different business stages, starting a business and getting financing. useful. You can use the calculator and online spreadsheet for your financial analysis.‐structure/counseling‐trainingOnline learning center. You can learn with cases or evaluate your business. about global market and international business. multi‐functional book about everything business oriented. Download free templates and finance calculators. online seminars, directories, expert advice, metrics reports, social media, search marketing and DM. Includes template gallery and tools, financial reports and budgeting plans. is an online library for management materials. You can find the proper categories and read articles online.    16 
  19. 19.   The ASU SBTDC Consultants Herb Lawrence Center Director and Training Director Email: Laura Miller Lead Business Consultant Email: S is for Social Media  Robert Bahn Business Consultant   Email: Lois Travis Administrative Assistant Email:     Arkansas State University  Phone: (870) 972‐3517 Small Business and Technology Development  Fax: (870) 972‐3678  Center  E‐mail:  P.O. Box 2650  Website:    State University, AR 7246        1