Introduction to Social Media Marketing Workshop Mountain Home, AR


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Powerpoint provided by the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center at an Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses workshop in Mountain Home, AR Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

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  • Demographic: age gender family size social class incomeGeographic region, population, climatePsychographic activities, interests, opinions, attitudesBehavioristic brand loyalty, benefits sought, readiness bo buy
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing Workshop Mountain Home, AR

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing Massing Fires
    2. 2. Bring Marketing STEEL on TARGET
    3. 3. What We Will CoverWhat is Social Media Marketing?How Does Social Media Fit in Your Marketing Plan?What Social Media Channels are Right for You?What Messages Do You Send?What Tools to Use?How Do You Know It Works?Where do You Go Next?
    4. 4. What Is Social Media Marketing?
    5. 5. What is the Challenge?
    6. 6. Marketing PlanWhat is my MESSAGE? – Value PropositionWho are My CUSTOMERS?Where do they LEARN ABOUT ME?What MATTERS to my Customers?What is my SALES FUNNEL?
    7. 7. Feeding the Cash RegisterEmail BLOGLocal Search Off-Line Web Site
    8. 8. Getting the Word Out Spread the word on the RIGHT Channels Post it on a site that search engines can indexWhere we create content to FEED our Blog Create Content in a Form Customers Want
    9. 9. How To Find the Right Sites
    10. 10. Exactly Who Uses Social Networks? Are they my Potential Customers? Get detailed user data for 2012 at the ASU SBTDC Pinterest Site at our Social Network Stats 2012!
    11. 11. Get more Facebook user data on our Facebook 2012 boardVisit the ASU SBTDC Facebook Page!
    12. 12. See what the “Tweeple” look like: At Twitter 2012 InfographicConnect with the ASU SBTDC on Twitter!
    13. 13. Google + Offers Insight into users at Google Plus Stats 2012You can connect with us on Google Plus as well
    14. 14. Pinterest 2012 Stats and Figures…Plus How to Leverage PinterestWe love to Pin Interesting information at the ASU SBTDC Boards
    15. 15. Social network for businesses and Professionals LinkedIn Stats 2012Of course love to connect with you on LinkedIn
    16. 16. AND… A WHOLE LOT MORE! How do you get found in a universe with: 500 MILLION websites? 150 MILLION Blogs Over 200 BILLION Internet Display Banner Ads every 90 Days?
    17. 17. Monitoring Tools Listen to the conversations! Read detailed “How To” set up at our storify posts
    18. 18. Monitor for:Your business or organizationYour CompetitionYour product or serviceIndustry
    19. 19. Monitoring will show you:Networks your customers useWhat they are interested inWhat they are saying about your competitionWhat they are saying about your productWhat they are saying about:
    20. 20. Industrial EspionageFollow your competition on social media See what networks they use Evaluate how they connect Evaluate “value” they add to customers Reactions of followers, fans, subscribers, etc.STEAL What works!AVOID what isn’t working
    21. 21. What is Good ContentEducatesInformsEntertainsProvides ValueBuilds TrustCreates Relationships…thenSELLS……
    22. 22. Why Good Content Matters
    23. 23. How to Spread Content Video Images, pictures – Articles Infographics eBooks/White Papers Webinars Podcasts Coupons/discounts/special offersKnow how subscribers in different networks PREFER to receive your content
    24. 24. Tools to Create upload your PowerPoint, word documents, pdf files,brochures, even video online to share with your Video creation and sharing tool that allows you to uploadimages and short video clips, add text, then mix with a great music libraryto share with your fans.YouTube – Fits as both a support tool and as its own social network.Shoot video from anywhere, upload to YouTube and share on your sites.Get more information about Slideshare, Animoto andYouTube at our Storify article “Tools to Create GREATContent”
    25. 25. Tools to Save Time Facebook Page SchedulerRead all about these and other scheduling tools at ourStorify article “Scheduling Tools for Beginners”
    26. 26. What is Next?First Things First: Website If a Local Business – Claim Local Listings Leverage E-Mail to connect with customersDevelop a Buyer Persona to target best customer Determine what is important to that segmentSet Up Monitoring PlatformsDetermine the RIGHT social networksDetermine the RIGHT type of ContentStart Delivering Good Content they VALUEFind tools to make your Online Marketing Easier
    27. 27. How is Social Media Used?• Customer Service• Product/service feedback• Industry networking• Promotions/Contests• News, company updates• Internal Collaboration
    28. 28. Creating a Social Media PlanSTEPS Pre-planning Listen to the conversations Create TARGET profile Set Specific Goals Join Conversation Measure Return
    29. 29. Step 1 PreplanningWhat are your CURRENT Channels? E-Mail? Direct Mail Newsletter Websites s
    30. 30. Step 2 Listen to the Conversation Secure your brand on social platforms Blogs, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Usernames unique Try to be consistent Set up monitoring platforms Google Alerts Technorati Twitter Search
    31. 31. Step 2 Listen to the ConversationKEYWORD categories to identify: Key industry influencers Competitors Industry news sources Blog Comments
    32. 32. Step 3 Create Target ProfileFind KEY attributes by ListeningChart out their presence in socialmediaMarket Segmentation Demographic Geographic Psychographic BehavioristicContinue to gather customerinformation along the way
    33. 33. Step 4 Set Specific GoalsBrand Awareness/AdvocacyIncrease Traffic/Opt-InsBusiness PartnershipsSearch Engine ResultsGenerate LeadsReduce CRM CostsIncrease Revenues
    34. 34. Step 5 – Join the Conversation Establish an Editorial Calendar Choose schedule for days you will post Keeps on Track & Organize Content Consistency Helps when you need Content Ideas
    35. 35. Step 6 – Measure ROIWHAT IS ROI? Non-Financial: Visitors WOM Page Views Fans & Followers FINANCIAL Sales Revenue Transactions Coupons
    36. 36. FINALLY Take advantage of training available in your area on marketing, Online marketing, social media marketing and stay up dated. Meet with our consultants for assistance in developing the RIGHT social media marketing plan Stay informed HAVE FUN! Download this PowerPoint for links at:
    37. 37. Connect with UsE-mail hlawrenc@astate.eduFacebook Plus… or call me (870) 972-3517