Get Started with Marketing on Pinterest Workshop


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Powerpoint presentation to small businesses in Jonesboro, AR with fundamentals of starting on Pinterest presented by the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center.

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Get Started with Marketing on Pinterest Workshop

  1. 1. Pinterest POWER for Your BusinessWhy Pinterest Can be a Game Changer
  2. 2. Special THANK YOU! A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO:Mr. Rayhan Abdulmughnee, Small Business Consultant Small BusinessCentr in Vancouver, Canada for sharing his wisdom, expertise and hispowerpoint!Small Business Centr Pinterest Board; Small Business Centr LinkedIn Group Small Business Accelerator:
  3. 3. Pinterest AGENGASo… What is PINTEREST?PINTEREST Stats YOU Need to KnowWhy PINTEREST can be a GAME Changer for YourSmall BusinessTips to make PINTEREST WORKHow PINTEREST is used by your COMPETITIONTips and TOOLS to make Pinning BETTER
  4. 4. SO…WHAT IS PINTEREST?It is a visual photo (and video) sharing social medianetwork… THINK FLICKR but a lot MORE!PINTERST IS TO IMAGES What Twitter is to TEXT
  5. 5. So Exactly WHAT is PINTEREST? Pinterest says: Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard (think Refrigerator magnets) It let’s you organize and share all the BEAUTIFUL things you find on the Web. PEOPLE USE pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, organize favorite recopies, share DIY ideas AND “Pithy Quotes”
  6. 6. PINTEREST “Just the Facts Maam” Pinterest 2012 Stats and Figures…Plus How to Leverage Pinterest We love to Pin Interesting information at the ASU SBTDC Boards
  7. 7. Why Small Businesses Should Take a Look Newest Toy on the market Great Potential for promotion and marketing No brainer for businesses with visually appealing product or service Can be VERY good for other B2Cs Actually can work for B2Bs more to come GREAT SEO Lack of Competition so Early Adapters get more Traction
  8. 8. And?......Martha Stewart Case Study: May 3, 2012 Aug 9, 2012 Facebook Followers 384,000 421,000 Twitter Followers 2,506,961 2,577,710 PINTEREST Followers 37,708 83,101 That’s a 120% Follower GROWTH in 3 monthsAND…PINTEREST drove more traffic than either her Facebook or Twitter combined.
  9. 9. So Can it work?
  10. 10. Impressive Pinterest Stats:From SocialTimes Who’s Using…and Pinterest
  11. 11. Tip 1 GET AN ACCOUNTNo More Invitation Only!
  12. 12. Sign up is EASY NOW
  13. 13. Tip 2 Complete the PROFILEBusiness NameNo current Business Accounts must use personal Use business name in First and Last Name Fields Use Business Name as UsernameAdd Description of business in ABOUT section THINK Keywords to help people find page also good SEOProvide Links to Website, FB and Twitter
  14. 14. 500 charactersWrite a short description aboutyour companyInclude your address and phonenumber
  15. 15. Tip 3 – CREATE A BOARDPlan…. Ahead of time Quality Images Creative Names for Boards with KeywordsPin VARIETY of Different Content Mix of Business and Personal Don’t OVER Promote
  16. 16. Types of BoardsPhilanthropy Board Contest BoardsMarketing Campaign Employee BoardBoard Mission BoardVideo Board User-Generated BoardCustomer Success Board Blog BoardProduct/service Board Testimonials BoardBehind the Scenes Board Inspirational QuotesBrand Lifestyle Board Events Board
  17. 17. Tip 4 Build Relationships and FollowersRepin other folks pins and boardsCross link to your Existing Social AccountsUse Facebook to Build Following Get Pinterest Tab for your Facebook Fan Page (Woobox) Post Pinterest Links as Updates on your Page Promote Specific Boards on Page (think board campaign)
  18. 18. Tip 5 LINK EVERY PINDon’t forget to include links to every PIN To your website To other landing pages where images are stored Post a video link should be to your YouTube Channel
  19. 19. Tip 6 Tools to Make Pinning Easier Pinstamatic Shareasimage Pinerly Campaigns
  20. 20. PINTEREST LINGO Pin  - Image or video you post to your board Boards  - Collection of your Pins  - Allows you to Organize your Interest Repin  - Reposting an image  - You can ADD your own message Like  - Similar to Facebook Like  - Does NOT show up as a pin on your boards  - Allows you to remember particular items
  21. 21. Contest Information Bonus: Promote your Business and Board with Contests Run Contests Tips for Contests:At Command Partners
  22. 22. More ReadingPart I Tips to Leverage PinterestPart II Pinterest Basics for Small BusinessPart III Tools Every Small Business NeedsArticles from the Astate Small Business Blog
  23. 23. Connect with UsE-mail hlawrenc@astate.eduFacebook Plus!… or call me (870) 972-3517
  24. 24. Thanks Again -- ASBTDC Online: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Connect with Herb on LinkedIn: Thanks For Coming!