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Powerpoint used in our Advanced Facebook marketing workshop offered by the ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center to area businesses Thursday, September 27th at the ASU Delta Center. Topics included leveraging Timeline features, Time management, Tools for creating content and scheduling

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  • Thank sponsors set ground rules For our SBTDCs some helpful tips to SBTDC offices. If YOU or a member of your staff is going to teach the seminar use YOUR page as the example of the right way to do it. You will see links back to my page throughout to drive points home. If your center Facebook page is not a good example…don’t teach the course yourself..find some 3rd party to teach it…My clients, attendees look at us as the examples of what to and what not to do. If you are teaching this course then they look at your page and see it doesn’t follow these guideline..you will lose credibility. May also be a good incentive to work on your own online marketing…. In the area of social media marketing our typical small business client is lost as a goose…they will look to you for advise and guidance or visit your sites to see what they should be doing. If you have 25 fans and haven’t posted in 3 months….well you get my point. Hope this works for you give me your feedback
  • Note for SBTDCs I always download my powerpoints to slideshare so that the attendees can access it online later especially where we have links. It is a good habit for your center to do as well. Plus with the link on slideshare others will see it and gives you a unique URL to use for your blogs. I generally create a unique web page that has all of the information and some added stuff like pdfs on the topic that I share with the attendees.
  • Depending on time: can do all 10 in a 3 hour session. 1 ½ hour lunch n learn focus on 1 through 6 NOTE: NAME CHANGE currently can change your business name seen on facebook…NOT URL however ability to change URL is supposed to be coming so stay tuned
  • Use this if you want: too many small businesses create their online stuff “for them” not for the customer/visitor. Understanding basic online visitor behavior is important to create your site (website, email, social sites) to have greatest appeal to visitors You can see my explainations of the 5 bullets at Herb’s 5 Laws link and why they need to be part of the planning process.
  • Stats from Exact Target basically small business needs to understand nobody got on Facebook to “like” a page (except your mamma and spammers) they got on Facebook for right column reasons…to get them to “like” page need to consider what motivates your visitors to your facebook site to become fans…what can you give them?
  • Setting up Facebook is a mechanical process it is a tool not the end…so push them to think through these questions. Every marketing message and site must have a reason…and ultimately it must be to drive them to our cash register.
  • Many of our small businesses are unaware of these which means their engagement is poor. They will probably have no idea what EdgeRank is or why it matters so need to explain to them how the algorithem worksThese stats may surprise your attendees the decay issue is important now…used to be not to post more than once a day because you didn’t want to clog up fans newsfeeds…today decay rate is exploded meaning posting every 4 to 5 hours will not create problems with your fans.
  • Just some nice cover images from “the big boys” the new timelines capitalizes on the fact that Facebook has ALWAYS been a visual medium. Now with this massive virtual real estate the fact that you no longer have “Default Landing Tab” options your cover image must grab visitors if you want them to push the Like button and engage. The image you use should be ABOUT the visitor NOT the business.
  • Before they get too excited about everything they can do to “advertise” on the cover image they need to know that Facebook being Facebook has set very strict guidelines about what CANNOT be put on a cover image. Why? At the bottom of it all…Facebook wants you to BUY advertising from them not post it for free…so making it more difficult Go over with them the next slide is a good example of a page that is ON THE BORDER of too much.
  • Cover image from Hubspot’s Amy Porterfield…look at critical No-Nos on last slide compare to this one…she is right on the border of running afoul of Hubspot Police…. But…as you can do later when we discuss apps…note how she took the photo app put a “Like” image in and then hid her actual “Like” button. Pretty cool. Also note that she is using her cover image not as a permanent billboard but changing up on a regular basis to emphasize marketing campaigns. Given that this is Hubspot sure they researched very carefully where that line in the sand was and did not actually cross. But warn attendees Facebook may not be as forgiving to them as they would be to Hubspot
  • So what can you do? Our small businesses may need some inspiration so see next slides…but KEY…THE VISITOR MUST SEE THEMSELVES IN THE IMAGE. By that I mean the visitor must identify personally with the image shown and relate to the business. Go back to Herb’s 5 Laws…lazy (visual vs text) and Selfish (WIIFM) Hit the part that changing the cover image often is a good idea and why
  • Here is a good place to emphasize the new outline and why it is a good thing. Big bigbig visuals but…people view left to right, top to bottom. So note that big old Like button and message option are bigger and are immediately below the image. Apps also moved below instead of on side and to go along with the big visual theme you can put your own pictures into the apps… more on that later.
  • Technical part …on the profile picture…for most of our small businesses stress it should be their brand/logo or image they want people to equate to them. Also fact that the profile picture is the “Thumb Nail” that people will see in their newsfeeds. Best to be same all across all social platforms, website, business cards, email headers, etc.
  • Pretty obvious…but a bunch of folks didn’t know because the button is hidden until you hover over it. Why Pin? Keep a particular post at the top of the timelines for visitors good for sales campaigns, promotions, etc. Or since no more default landing tabs to encourage folks to go to your welcome page.HIDING: make sure they understand that hiding takes it off the visual part of YOUR Facebook Timelines BUT does not delete if from your Fans newsfeed.
  • Walk them through the parts of the new Admin panel…easy to see recent interaction without having to scroll all down your page and to respond. On the new Fans/Likes show them how you can send them a private message on their profile (if they don’t have their message button turned off) but to be careful not to look like a “stalker” because if you privately message a new “Liker” it is YOUR PROFILE picture that appears NOT your page logo…
  • Biggest potential impact with the apps… show them the down arrow to uncover more apps, show them how to move the apps for better visualization and how to add images to the app icon for appeal.Biggest item to consider is: What do you want visitors to do? Why are you on Facebook in the first place? If it is to get email subscribers make sure you have Email subscription app on top row, etc. Make sure they understand YOU Can’t move the photo (but you can make it look different) example for SBTDCs we want people to come to our training so making sure Events tab is on 1st row is critical…given the 20% rule of viewing you want a more permenant way to message so the email subscription is vitial…etc. Again why are they on Facebook? What do they want visitors and fans to do that relates to their cash register?Show them bad part about the like button (can see overview of other pages insights activities) AND…while you can move it below the top 4 so not as visual you cannot remove it or prevent others from seeing your stats. Same time is a good way for your small business to “spy” on his competition.
  • Here are just a few links to 3rd party apps…some free, some pro…also make sure to tell them to read the terms of service (TOS) before downloading to make sure they understand what they are agreeing to
  • Some more that can create iFrame options
  • Critical issue is expansion to 170 characters…ability to put your CTA (CALL TO ACTION) See on ours we have a little slogan but then is driving folks to our specialty landing tab AND the freebies they get for fanning…Can put in URLs as well do note the issue if the small business sets up as a “Local Business” by default pulls in address and phone number. Can get around this by typing in your website URL in the edit portion that has your phone number or street address or change to an organization. Critical question for local business should be what is more important to the visitor? Phone number, address or url? Ex. A photograher would do well to have his website url since most folks want to see samples of his work before contacting.
  • May be one of the best new features…responding to private messages here IS done with the business logo/icon/business profile picture. Great for driving sales funnel…encourage fans to send private messages for more information, also very good for customer service (especially complaints) Down side is YOU MUST GET fan to initiate messaging BEFORE your business can respond as the business.
  • Contests and promotions are tricky on Facebook. Facebook has very specific rules these are 3 sites that can do 3rd party contests that will not have the small business violate Facebook policies
  • Parting shots….the mechanics of setting up the new Facebook Timelines is not difficult…Turning it into an effective marketing tool that will drive sales to your cash register…takes planning. Here are a few ideas of mine
  • Because more consistent posting is important in addition to having a calendar of content to post…third party apps to help schedule are life savers. Hootsuite probably best but have found Buffer to be a good tool as well, especially if cruising the internet finding interesting stories, photos, video to share because you can put the buffer app on your browser and just hit click.
  • Change as you wish.
  • Facebook 202: Tools, Tips and Timing

    1. 1. *By Herb Lawrence, Center DirectorAstate Small Business and Technology Development Center
    2. 2. Registration form and evaluation form – Please fill out the Attendee Record Form at the beginning of the seminarCopy of the slide presentationAdditional handouts *
    3. 3. 1. Setting our Cover Photo and Profile Picture2. Star, Hide, Pin3. Explore the Admin Panel4. Organizing Our Views and Apps5. Make the Most of About6. Enable Messages7. Name Change Opportunity *
    4. 4. Get more Facebook user data on our Facebook 2012 boardVisit the ASU SBTDC Facebook Page!
    5. 5. *Attention Span of a Gnat*Lazy*Selfish*Not Rocket Scientists*Don’t have ESP Herb’s 5 Laws Online Consumers
    6. 6. * 40% Want Discounts/promotions * 63% Reconnect old friends* 39% Show support of Company * 59% Maintain personal contacts* 36% Get FREEBIES * 37% Stay on top of social life* 34% Stay informed * 30% Fill downtime guilty* 30% Updates on upcoming sales pleasure* 25% Exclusive Content * 30% play games *
    7. 7. See Infographic at Know Thy Customer Board
    8. 8. * How does Internet Marketing Sync with Your Overall Marketing Plan?* What Social and Online Marketing Do You Currently Use?* Specifically What DO YOU WANT Facebook to do for you? * What is the REASON You have a Page? * What do you WANT FANS TO DO? *
    9. 9. * 90% of “Likers” NEVER come back to your page!* At BEST… 20% of your Fans See Your Newsfeed Post* Today Post “Decay” is about 5 HOURS* Edgerank will SLAP YOU! * Up to 30% penalty for 3rd party posting to Facebook *
    10. 10. Photo of first Wal-Mart in Rogers in 1962*
    11. 11. * New: Cover Photo 851 X 315 pixels*Thou Shalt Not: * Price or purchase information * Any type of contact information * References to Facebook features (like, share, etc.) * Calls to Action (Get it Now or Tell Your Friends) * Misleading, deceptive or false covers *
    12. 12. *
    13. 13. * What Works? * Photo to showcase your products * Photo of people using your products * Photo of “secret” ingredients * Photo with unique selling point * Photo that gives inside look to your business * Photos that make visitor salivate * Photos that involve the audience* Change Cover Image often *
    14. 14. *
    15. 15. *
    16. 16. * 180 x180 pixels is your thumbnail scaled down to 32 x 32 * What works? * Logo * Image that is representative of your brand * Best to Be permanent * ASU SBTDC Facebook*
    17. 17. * You can Pin or Anchor a specific post to the top of the timeline for up to 7 days * Pinning a story prevents it from getting lost* Star Highlights the post and spreads across both columns* Downside…can’t Highlight AND Pin* Hide from Page takes off Timeline not newsfeed *Star, Hide or Pin
    18. 18. * You can now see Notifications* New Likes * And send private messages to them as your profile* Fans can now privately message your page * You can only respond, not initiate as your page* Insights* Page Tips* Also has drop down Manage (your edit), Build Audience, Help and Hide *Admin Panel
    19. 19. * Right below cover photo * Photos tab automatically first and can’t be moved * Allows for 12 apps to be shown (with drop down) * Only 4 can be featured in view * Choose View Apps Carefully * Can Customize images for each app 111 x 74 pixels* Good and Bad of the “Like” “Liked” button* ASU SBTDC Apps *
    20. 20. * http://facebook.com/twitter FB to Twitter* http://facebook.com/selectivetwitter #fb posts any tweets you end with #fb to page wall* http://facebook.com/networkedblogs pulls your blog feed into Facebook page* http://facebook.com/googleplustopages* http://www.facebook.com/youtubeapp *
    21. 21. * Static HTML http://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/* Tabsite http://tabsite.com* Involver http://involver.com* North Social http://northsocial.com* Fan Page Engine http://www.fanpageengine.com* TabPress http://apps.facebook.com/tabpress/ *
    22. 22. * On left below Cover Image* Grown from 70 characters to 170 characters* Perfect Call to Action* Can Include website links* However Local Business Pages display your local information (address or phone)* Can insert website in those options* Decide what is more important website or other contact* Edit About Description: admin panel>Manage Page> Basic Information*About Box
    23. 23. *Part of Admin Box Enabled messages perfect for private conversations with fans especially something sensitive like customer service issue*Customer must initiate*Your responses as your brand not individual*Can Turn off: *Admin Panel, Manage>>Edit Page>>Manage Permissions then uncheck Messages box *
    24. 24. * Wildfire http://wildfireapp.com* Strutta http://strutta.com* LikeOurBusiness http://likeourbusiness.com *
    25. 25. * Publish MORE Visual Content * Posts including a photo album or pic generate 2X more engagement than other post types * Think: photos, charts, infographics, Pinterest! * Feature Custom Tabs in Views & Apps for Lead Generation – No more default landing tab option * Edit Images that Appear in Your Views & App Bar * Make Sure Best Posts Appear on Timeline (Make sure default setting is “Allowed on timeline by checking “Everyone can post to ASU SBTDC timeline in the manage permissions section) * Pin a New Featured Promotion every 7 Days * Prepare a Schedule or Calendar for regular posting * Tie Facebook posts to your marketing campaigns *
    26. 26. * Hootsuite http://hootsuite.com* Buffer http://bufferapp.com/* Tweet Deck http://tweetdeck.com* BUT..BEST IS IN FACEBOOK STATUS! *
    27. 27. *Activity Log allows you to view, manage and organize all the posts on your page, even the ones you hid from timeline.*Able to filter stories by date or story type*View spam vs. photos vs. comments vs. posts*To Access Admin Panel, click Manage>>Use Activity Log *
    28. 28. Posting Content
    29. 29. Scheduling Posts
    30. 30. Tools to Create ContentSlideshare.com upload your PowerPoint, word documents, pdffiles, brochures, even video online to share with your audienceAnimoto.com Video creation and sharing tool that allows you to upload imagesand short video clips, add text, then mix with a great music library to share with yourfans.Storify.com Online curation site bring information fromGoogle, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Perfect for quick creation ofinformation in appealing format.YouTube – Fits as both a support tool and as its own social network. Shoot videofrom anywhere, upload to YouTube and share on your sites.Scoop.it Instantly curate and post interesting information on your social sites.http://www.scoop.it/t/arkansas-small-businessGet more information about Slideshare, Animoto and YouTube atour Storify article “Tools to Create GREAT Content”
    31. 31. Let’s Connect On-LineE-mail hlawrenc@astate.eduASU Small Biz Blog http://www.asbtdc-asu.comFacebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/asu.sbtdcFacebook Profile:http://www.facebook.com/herb.lawrenceTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/asbtdc_asuLinkedIn: http://www.LinkedIn.com/a/asusbtdc *