Co sn aup creation station handout


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Co sn aup creation station handout

  1. 1. AUP/RUP Creation Station Noor Alkhater & Irina UkAn effective AUP or RUP responds to all the issues that school leaders, administrators, teachers andparents have related to the use of web 2.0 tools and mobile technology in classrooms, acts as a frameworkfor mitigating, redirecting and responding to misuse, and is the foundation for facilitating a responsibleuse culture in which mobile technology and web 2.0 tools can be utilized to enhance learning andacquisition of 21st century skills. The Creation Station will guide you through the steps of developing anew or revised policy, from planning to monitoring.BETA Website: Checklist:Provides administrators with an initial roadmap to guide them through the process of creating an AUP orRUP. The following two components guided the creation of the checklist: 1) research on digitalcitizenship and developing AUPs and RUPs, and 2) studying State Technology Plans and existing AUPsand RUPs. The checklist provides administrators with an overview of the various steps and componentsthat make up AUPs and RUPs. For schools that are rewriting AUPs or RUPs, or those attempting to writetheir schools first-ever policy, the checklist offers key steps to consider in a suggested order meant to helpfacilitate the overall process.AUP/ RUP Recommendation:Contains a detailed recommendation of what an effective AUP or RUP should contain and how it shouldbe organized. This recommendation was written based on research consisting of EdTech literature,existing effective AUPs and RUPs and interviews we conducted with administrators and other schoolofficials.AUP/ RUP Builder:Guides the user through crafting an AUP or RUP. You can then export it to word, save it and print it. It issplit screen, so that they can refer to sections of the AUP or RUP recommendation as they write theirown. You have options to delete, add, and change the order of categories that we provide them with. Thebuilder is pre-populated with a model example of each section in the AUP or RUP. You can choose tokeep, modify or overwrite this example.Implementation Resources:Provides resources for teachers, administrators and parents that can help them implement their new AUPor RUP. We provide links to many resources and share tips on what can be done to help a schooltransition smoothly to using web 2.0 tools and teaching 21st century skills.Assessment Tools:Suggests possible ways to monitor and assess the policy. The section is divided into two parts; one thatassesses student use, the other assesses teacher use. The student use section is made up of two parts; 1) Adiscipline referral flowchart that allows administrators to pinpoint the specific sections and parts of theAUP or RUP that students are not adhering to; 2) An interactive discipline referral tracker to quantify thenumber of referrals in order to reveal specific problem areas in the AUP or RUP. This tool will helpadministrators consider specific ways to better support student adherence. The teacher use section is aclassroom observation protocol. Administrators can evaluate the use of technology in the classroomlinked to AUP or RUP guidelines, adherence and promotion, as well as collect data on how studentsrespond to the teacher’s practices.