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HLABC Forum: Winter 2003


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HLABC Forum: Winter 2003

  1. 1. V OLUME 27 I SSUE 2 W I N TE R 2003 HLABC FORUMInside ...AssociationPresidency MEMBERS’ FORUM ON:changes hands.Executivereports END USERWeb surveyresults EDUCATIONAfterLifeGuest columnistDavid Noble
  2. 2. Page 2 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Editorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 President’s Letter(s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Treasure r’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 We bsite Up date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 2003/2004 HLABC CHLA/ ABSC R eport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Executive Winter M eeting Rep ort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 End User Education Forum Internet Classes & Unexpected Events - Marjory Jardine . 8 Introducing the 20th Century to the 21 st - Ruth R ochlin . . . 9 President Train the Train er - B arb ara Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 to Dec 2003: End User Education Activities Web Survey . . . . . . 12 Tracy Havlin Afte rLife: David N oble . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 after Jan 2004: Shannon Long Past President Rebecca Raworth Secretary Mimi Doyle-Waters The Forum is published quarterly by the Health Libraries Association of BC Treasurer ISSN: 0826-0125 Marcia Bilinsky For membership information, visit our website at or write to: Marcia Bilinsky, HLABC T reasurer Medical Library Service FORUM College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC Krista Clement / Pat 400 - 858 Bea tty St. Boileau Vancouver BC V6B 1C1 Tel 604 733-6671, ext. 2296 Fax 604 737-8582 Website em ail marciab@m Robert Melrose / Mary-Doug Wright Fees are $20.00 (regular) or $10.00 (student, maximum 2 years) and include the Forum. Subm issions and story ide as are we lcom ed. Publication is not guaranteed and manuscripts may be edited. Contact the editors: Krista Clement Email: Phone: 250-762-3700 Pat Boileau Email: Phone: 604-734-1313 ext. 2339
  3. 3. HLABC FORUM Page 3EDITORIALAmong our duties as librarians, is the duty to manage our time according to thoughtfulpriorities. It is a lesson I have not finished learning. At work, I agonize over which task mustbe done today, and which will wait for tomorrow’s attention. Inevitably, I am tempted to stayat w ork just that “little bit longer” to com plete o ne last thing.We are a ll so b usy, an d can see keenly the many im portant th ings wh ich m ust be done. Thisis not only true in our working lives, our libraries, but also at home and in our otherinvolvem ents. It is not possible for you to acce pt eve ry opp ortunity, ag ree to every request,and participate in every event. The day will still be only twenty-four hours long. But, then,sleep is overrated and could readily be reduced, wouldn’t you agree?The reality is that if we as professionals do no t set limits on our com mitme nts and take carein selecting how to spend our time, we will become exhausted and fail to keep manypromises. It is not good practice to burn ourselves out and leave our libraries, our colleagues,our fam ilies, a nd our friends wondering wh at happened.The HLABC Forum , our website, and our listserv, should be tools which help in setting thesepriorities. If we can pool our wisdom, offer help, and support each other in decision making,the n each of us can sa ve a little time for what really m atte rs.In this issue, the focus is on End-User Education, something which most of you agree is a Tracys Trail Pal - Spiceysignificant priority. This ye ar I cam e hom e from the CH LA-ASBC co nferen ce de term ined tomake som e training h appen in m y ow n place , the Cancer C entre in the Southe rn In terior. Ithought to start small - with just our oncology nurses. I planned four topics to offer as quick“brown b ag lunch” talks, one pe r mon th, and to follow each w ith a hands on worksh op. Thereare only ab out a doze n nurs es at our fa cility.When I brou ght it to the nursing prac tice leader, she aske d w hether I would give th e ta lks infront of a camera, video-linked live to all four cancer centres in the province, so the otheroncology nurses could participate, too. I gulped and said, “Sure, why not?” When wescheduled the times, the academic education committee asked if they could promote thesessions across all the disciplines - in effect opening up my talks to the entire Cancer Agencyacross the province. Again, I gulped and said, “Sounds great.” Instead of a cozy chat with myown nurses here, I ended up presenting to a much wider audience. That commitmentpressed me in other areas of my work, certainly. But I initiated the project because of mybelief that it is a high priority. If I teach even three people at once, it reduces my total timetraining, and maximizes what I can do for those three. I hope that the stories shared here,the survey, and the various reports, will help you all in planning effectively and defendingyour p riorities.In the meantime, Tracy Havlin has set some fresh goals for herself - not only beyond hercurrent library, butoutside of thiscontinent! You can seefrom the photo abovetha t Tra cy u ses tim e inthe outdoors to balanceher own personal andprofessional pressures.Let us wish Shannon Long, the new “Prez,” much CHLA-ASBC conference Edmonton 2003
  4. 4. Page 4 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2succ ess a s she takes on this co mm itmen t - to give leadership to our m erry ba nd. M ay no ne of u s give he r caus e to regret it!And m ay we all have a healthy, happy New Year.Kris ta Clem ent,Forum Editor
  5. 5. HLABC FORUM Page 5 PRESIDENT’S LETTER(s) Tracy Havlin - Outgoing: Cornell at Quatar For those of you that havent heard through the grapevine yet (or dont read many messages from the listserv), Im resigning as HLABC president and leaving my current job at N RG H to move ove rse as and start a new position at Weill Co rne ll Me dical College in Qatar. Shannon Lo ng will be re placing me on the HLABC executive. du/qatar/ For the inevitably curious, some FAQs on my upcoming adventure: Have a look at the image * Wh eres Qatar? In the Middle East, a peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and North of galleries linked at the Saudi Ara bia. bottom right of the * When did Cornell set-up a medical college there and what are the facilities like? Check homepage or find the out the website given in the side bar for details. library under resources * What will you be doing and for how long? My position will be one of 4 reference librarians tab. in the distributed e-library. I signed a contract for 3 years (until Jan. 13 th, 20 07 ). Sinc e Im writing this blurb o n w ork time, I sh ould cu t myse lf off here ... Id like to thank all the current and past HLABC executive members Ive had the privilege of working with. And, its been really great working with so many of you HLABCers - truly a wonderful bunch of dedicated health professionals! I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and have a healthy New Year. If you want to keep in touch, please send a note to my we b email ac count: Shannon Long - Incoming: I would like to start by thanking the HLABC members who gave me such a warm welcome at the December meeting when my role change was announced. This year was supposed to be one of "training" as Vice President; nonetheless, I feel quite confident in taking on the increased responsibility albeit six months ahead of schedule. I have been on the exec utive for severa l yea rs as the treasurer/m em bership co ord inator. During that tim e I learn ed (in great detail) about our association and also about how executive boards function. This year HLABC is involved in many exciting initiatives. The Electronic Health Library of BC, led by the B C Ac ade mic He alth C oun cil, looks like it is rea lly taking off. Ya hoo ! Although our association itself is not directly involved, many of our members are and we all look forward to hearing how the initiative is moving ever closer to its goal. On the home front, the HLABC executive is working toward getting the new website up by late January or early Februa ry. Keep an eye on the listse rv for an nouncements and links to th e site. The executive is also busy planning continuing education events and guest speakers for our spring and sum mer m eetings. At the bru nch earlier this month, interest was sho wn in a variety of topics, from statistics to web based instruction design. We can’t cover all of the topics this year but we will certainly do our best to encourage education of HLABC mem bers through our own events and by informing you of learning opportunities through other organ izations. If you are a m em ber BCLA , SLA, PNC/M LA, or CLA please share details about courses and lectures, even those not directly related to health sciences librarianship. The more we educate ourselves the stronger we become individually and as an as sociation . Perha ps w e cou ld even start a re gular co lumn in the Forum ded icated to educa tiona l opportunities! Until next time, Shannon Long President, Health Libraries Association of BC
  6. 6. Page 6 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2
  7. 7. HLABC FORUM Page 7TREASURER’S REPORTHealth Libraries Association of B.C.Finances Mutal Fund $1,569.65 (as of September 30, 2003) Checking Account $6,730.38 (balance on November 7, 2003) Total $8,300.03Me m be rsh ip 79 regular (6 new) 1 student 6 lifetime 2 unpaidTotal of 88W elcom e to ne w m em be rs: Lisa Jane Watson, EBSCO Christine Martin, SLAIS Instructor Patricia Whittaker, VPL Robyn Ingvallsen, BCCA, Surrey Bette Reimer, Information/ Research Consultant Sue Kurucz, Former member just back from 6 years in DubaiReport submitted by : Marcia BilinskyWEBSITE UPDATEThe redesign of the HLABC web site was comp leted over the summer and the executivecommittee selected the final look at the November 22 nd executive meeting. At the HLABCgeneral meeting Decem ber 6th, those involved in the website redesign met briefly to discuss In case you’ve forgotten,the next steps. We all agreed that Chris from Bedlamhotel has done a great job on giving our the website is at:page a new look. early January, the website committee will meet to discuss transferring the content of the (But you know that, becauseold site to the new site. We will be collaborating with Chris to obtain training for the you’re reading the Forumcommittee and to estab lish u ser ID a nd passw ord s for site security. O nce training in online now!)complete the content will be transferred from the old site to our new site.The Centre for He alth Services and Policy Researc h w ill continue to host th e HLABC we bsite. The mockup of the newThe new site will be running on the contents management system, Tyop3 which will allow design has been at:remote access for comm ittee me mbers. http://www.bedlamhotel.c om/114.htmlTeresa Lee left the website committee this fall as she returned to university. We welcomedaboard two new members, Robyn Ingvallsen from the BC Cancer Agency (Surrey) and JoyceConstantine from the Vancouver Island Health Authority (Victoria). Please contact any of themembers of the committee with your ideas for content for the new website.Curre nt m em bers are; M ary-Do ug W right (, Robert Melrose(, Robyn Ingvallsen ( and Joyce Constantine(
  8. 8. Page 8 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2Report submitted by Robert Melrose
  9. 9. HLABC FORUM Page 9 CHLA/ABSC REPORT Cathy Rayment Hamber Library, University of British Columbia / Childrens & Womens Health Centre of BC New Push E-Mail Service CH LA/ABSC has started a new e -mail ne ws lette r for mem bers-only. It uses a "push-email" delivery, and will be used to ensure that all members receive timely notice of association news. In addition to the E-News, well be using it to send out Nomination forms, mem bership renewals, notice of journal issue availability, etc. Transition to Calendar Year Mem bership The Board has decided to proceed with changing the Association’s membership year. (We had started to do this last year, b ut hadnt conside red all the financial im plica tions). Currently, mem bers join from June 1 to May 31 each year. The fiscal year, however, is the calendar year. This has caused needless complications for our Treasurer and the budget process, and also confusion at conference registrations, where people are unsure of which year’s membership counts towards the member conference rate. In orde r to ach ieve the chan ge, for on e ren ewal only, we are go ing to ask m em bers to renew their membership for a year and a half. The renewals will be sent out for June 1 as usual next year, but you will renew through December 31, 2005. For regular members, the one tim e re newa l cos t will be $ 12 0.0 0 – one and a half tim es the usual $80.0 0 fee. Similarly, all other categories of mem bership (except sustaining) will be renewed at one and a half times their regular fees. Me mbership In conjunction with this transition, CHLA/ABSC is undertaking a mem bership drive. To CHLA/ABSC attract new members, we are offering a half-price mem bership for the 2004 calendar Membership info year. New mem bers (individuals who have NOT held a CHLA/ABSC membership in the http://www.chla- past 5 years ) can join for $40.0 0. Inform ation ca n be found on the Asso ciation w eb site under “W hat’s N ew ” and on the m em bership page: tml BMC Transition to the Journal of the CHLA For those of you who may have missed the news, beginning in 2004 the Journal of the Canadian Health Lib raries Association/Journ al de l’Asso ciation des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada will be published by the NRC Research Press, exclusively online. The tables of contents will be freely available, and will be sent to mem bers via the new push em ail se rvice w hen each iss ue is pu blish ed. There was strong support, particularly from BC mem bers, to publish the journal as Open- Access, and the Board studied this idea. A task group was formed and surveyed the mem bership. Up to 10 % o f existing m em bers fe lt tha t the y would not re new their memberships if the journal were freely available to them (in other words they maintained mem bership because they felt the BMC was a significant benefit.) This would amount to a significant enough drop in membership revenues that it is not a viable option. So for at least th e first year, th e new Jou rna l CHLA wil continue to be ava ilable for m em bers-only. The Board is investigating new ways to improve mem bership benefits, in the hopes of retaining m em bership levels sh ould w e m ove to an open-acce ss m odel. Upcoming CE Survey
  10. 10. Page 10 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2Continuing Education is one of the prime areas of focus for CHLA/ABSC. Members have said they need and want a wide arrayof CE opp ortunities both at the ann ual conferenc e and locally. CE Coordinator Jud y Inglis, is planning a survey of m em bersreg ard ing their
  11. 11. HLABC FORUM Page 11professional deve lopme nt need s. The survey w ill help pinpoint subjects for wh ich mem berswould like courses to be available, as well as preferred methods of course delivery. Thesurvey will arrive via e-mail, so watch for it and make your opinions known!CHLA/ABSC ConferencesThe upcoming 2004 conference is in St. Johns, Newfoundland and will undoubtedly beanother memorable conference. (The opening reception alone looks like it will be worth theregistration fee !)Conference 2005 will be hosted by the Toronto chapter. And .... Conference 2006 will be 2004 CHLA/ABSCback here in BC. A call forvolunteers went out after the HLABC December brunch, and many of the sub-committee Conference Website:chair positions have already been filled. There are a few spots left though, and most of thecom mittees can use extra h ands to he lp with the organizing, so please co ntact me if youre http ://w ww lainterested in taking part in the planning. Taking part in a planning committee is a great way 2004/to get involved with your professional association!WINTER MEETING REPORTAnne Allgaier, Libra rian fo r the N orthern H ealth AuthorityREP ORT OF A M EET ING OF T HE H LAB C, Decemb er 6, 2003, hosted by Pat Bo ileau at theG.F. Strong Rehabilitation CentreI was very pleased to have been able to attend a Christmas meeting of the HLA BC, and wo uld liketo thank those respo nsible fo r putting in place a po licy to provide financial supp ort to o ut-of-towners such as myself, making it possible to travel from the HeartLand to LotusLand, in order topartake of intellectually stimulating interactions with co lleagues as well as gourmet delights. Editor’s Note:George Eisler, CEO of the BC Academic Health Council, and Sandra Morris, Senior Project Ask Anne about “otherManager of the BC Academ ic He alth Co uncil, were the gu est speakers who b rought us up to date details, such as gettingon the B C Academ ic Health Council’s initiative for an electronic health library for BritishColumbia health professiona ls and students in the hea lth sciences. soaked in the rain and losing a glove and havingThe complete information sheet about the Electronic Health Library for BC (eHLbc) is listed on to buy new ones, and notthe web site of the B C Academic Health Co uncil. Please fee l free to m ake copies and distribute to knowing which bus tostaff at your w ork p lace - it is important for this initiative to have b road grass-ro ots sup port. take.”The eHLbc is one of several initiatives being undertaken by the BCAH C which is a fortuitousamalgamation of health care facilities and educational institutions (and a successor of COUT H)that are responsible for training health professionals in BC. The eHLbc may have a greater chanceof succ ess than other e fforts because of this. BC Academic HealthThe staff of the BCAHC and the W orking G roup, co nsisting of various educa tors, administrators,and librarian s from universities, colleges, and health authorities, have b een working very hard to Council : eHLbcdevelop a list of electronic resources that could be licensed for ALL health professionals andstudents in BC, regardless of location. Other models for licensing are being examined and the ledge gained will help m ake info rmed decisio ns about the final licensing model. _page.asp?pageid=700News about the eHLbc will be posted on the HLAB C website in the New Year, so check there tomon itor pro gress.AA
  12. 12. Page 12 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2 INTERNET CLASSES & UNEXPECTED EVENTS Marjory Jardine writes from the Van couv er Coa stal Hea lth Auth ority (VCH A) Com mu nity Library. She and Pat Young job-share the Librarian position and Paula Ludwig works .8 as a SEEN ON THE WEB Library Technician. -----Original Message----- Our library at VCH A offers "introduc tion to finding h ealth inform ation on the intern et," a Forwarded From:Alanna "refresher" course for those who have taken the introduction, and we have just introduced Aiko Moore, International "inte rne t searc hing for be ginn ers ". Relations Office Intern American Library We started offering demonstrations about 2-3 years ago. We went to various sites armed Association with a laptop and an enormous lcd projector and gave demonstrations of Pubmed/ Sent: Thursday, December Medlineplus, plus other consumer health databases. More recently, we have offered 11, 2003 9:22 AM regular hands-on sessions for groups; the "internet for beginners" class is the newest To: CANMEDLIB offering, and it seems to be very popu lar! Subject: Fellowship Deadline Approaching We are very fortunate to belong to a team of excellent educators and support staff. Our classes are advertised in the "education services calendar" (online and in print); in addition, The U.S. IFLA 2001 one of the support staff sends out workshop reminders to all staff every week. Registration National Organizing is required and again, support staff look after this. Committee is pleased to announce that it will The classes are 2-3 hours and are held in a computer lab where each person has their own compu ter. Class size ranges from 5-12 pe ople. Classes are generally offered every 2 support the participation of weeks . In addition, we add extra classes for a group training session on request. For 20 librarians from the examp le, speech- language pathologists, addictions counsellors. Americas (South America, Central America, North The bulk of a hands-on intern et session is sp ent on Pubm ed, with lots of tim e for practice. America, and the Medlineplus and o ther co nsum er he alth sites are also c overe d. We use th e opportunity to Caribbean) to IFLAs let staff know about the available library services (e.g. document delivery, e-mail tables of World Library and contents services, online library catalogue, how to request material from the library etc etc) Information Conference, August 22-27, We de finitely had to learn new skills for this course, particularly the use of technology - 2004 in Buenos Aires. lcd/laptop/pc connections. And, "how to teach"! We do use lots of both computer technology for the hands-on classes, but also paper materials - lots of fluorescent-coloured The fellowship will cover "how to" hand-outs. air travel, shared accommodation, a per diem This is most de finitely a collabora tive effort -- library staff toge ther and in co njunction with food allowance, and education services support staff. For a group of 6 or more, we try to have two librarians on conference registration hand (a definite advantage of job-sharing - one person splits into two!). One to demo/teach fees. and the other to be available to help participants. The deadline for The biggest challenge could be described as "unexpected events” – usually technology- applications is January 15, driven, but sometimes weather-related! Each session brings its own challenges. A bent or 2004. Applications in broken plug; a missing cable; a dripping ceiling; a code blue announcement over the P.A. Spanish and English can be system ; the interne t is dow n city-wide; Pubm ed is ex perien cing technical d ifficulties; old found at com pute rs; teeny tiny font. Another challenge is teaching a hands-on class to people with varying degrees of "computer-comfort" - we have tried sending o ut a pre -assessm ent questionnaire, b ut th is does not alw ays work .
  13. 13. HLABC FORUM Page 13An education services "evaluation form" is included in each hand-out package. Participants rate several aspects of thesess ion on a scale o f 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent). For exam ple, "overa ll rating of work shop " "learning need s we re m et""usefulness of hand-outs"
  14. 14. Page 14 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2"usefulness to work " etc etc. There a re also s everal questions w hich allow participan ts tomake further comm ents.These sessions are very well received. Staff leave the sessions knowing that they have theskills to do basic literature searc hes. And,the y als o know that the y ca n ca ll us fo r he lpbefore, during or after a search. They also know that the librarians are on deck to doliterature searches. Eq ually imp ortantly, staff now k now of resources to sho w or torecomm end to their clients (in particular consumer health resources such as medlineplus,merck manuals etc) SEEN ON THE WEB If you visit no other links inOne way we know that staff mem bers are using what they learn is that they sometimes send this issue, go to:in requests for articles, via the e-mail feature in pubmed. And, in addition, they do call us forhelp and re minde rs about things they learned.The library is busier than eve r, doing literature http://www.pubmedcentralsearc hes an d filling document de livery requests. .gov/picrender.fcgi?action =stream&blobtype=pdf&arHas it been worth the effort? Do w e plan to continue the se classes? Would I recomm end it to tid=234463colleagues? Yes, yes and yes. The whole URL is requiredINTRODUCING THE 20TH CENTURY TO THE 21ST to find the article. Alternately, search PubMedRu th R och lin is librarian at Kelo wn a Ge nera l Hospital. Alon g with Fra ncin e Re nau d in Central for “MedicalVernon, and Anita Skinner their clerk, they serve the Okanagan Service area within the Librarian”[TITLE] and lookInterior Health Authority. Teresa Prior is their third colleague, librarian at Royal Inland for the Jan 1929 articleHospital in Kamloops.With the advent of our new Ebsco online library package, I have begun regular educationsessions. Rathe r than doing in-depth res earch skills training in our com puter lab with 6 o r 7people per class, which I have done in the past, I have been holding open sessions in ourconferenc e room . I use a live dem o with projection and p rovide hand outs. All staff arewe lcom e, no re gistration, only 45 m inutes. People w ith pagers sit at the back a nd run out ifthey need to. Free, cheery, come on in.The intention of all of the teaching strategies is to disseminate not only search skills, but thescope and practice of library services. Within Interior Health we are working hard towardsregional collaboration. The librarians in both Kamloops and Vernon are similarly presentingthe new online library package, while letting people know of our regional aspirations.Promoting and advertising were taken on aggressively in all sites. In Kelowna General andthe Kelow na Health Unit, our inte rna l information sy stem, Me dite ch, wa s used to rea ch allstaff with a brief ad about 2 weeks prior. Reminders were sent around by this method aswell. Posters were put up in strategic places, including the elevators, which catch just abouteveryone. Managers were contacted separately, and a CME event for the docs wasadvertised separately. I made good use of the CME admin assistant and the Educationdepartment to disseminate information about the sessions. In Penticton Regional Hospital, Meditech is not universally used, so I made m ore use ofposters and flyers, and engaged the help of the staff development educator and thephysicians’ se cre tary to sprea d th e w ord .The biggest challenge remains the electronic equipment. I book the space, a laptop, an LCDprojector, leave an hour for set-up. What can go wrong? Well, for example:1.)The laptop I booked had no port for an internet connection (they still make those??? No -this one is obsolete)
  15. 15. HLABC FORUM Page 15 ROCHLIN CONT...No problem, I will get a long cord and hook the projector into the PC in the room. It will be fine. (run, it’s 5 floors and 6corridors away, but I have time)2.) Som ehow the PC and th e LC D proje ctor are incompatible. Screen w ill not p roje ct.No pro blem, I will find anoth er p roje ctor. On ly on e left on sho rt no tice is the oldest one in the building - I’ll ta ke it. (run , 5floors, 6 corridors, barely enough time)
  16. 16. Page 16 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2ODD Internet Addresses& other references go inthe margin.Garamond 12 pt - notSmall Cap. SEEN ON THE WEB Library Humour Online Library! The Musical m /lm/lm.htm Library Song (UK) http://www.che k/library.htm l Librarian T-Shirt graphics (also make good wallpaper) s/inde x.htm l
  17. 17. HLABC FORUM Page 17All is set up and ready with 3 minutes to spare. Only a little perspiration on my brow.3.) Audience com plains o f poor, b lurry proje ction quality.Resist the urge to tell them to suck it up.Oth er issues on other d ays, but you get the general picture.The strategy described above is more cost effective/time effective and reaches a larger audience than my traditionalapproach of 1-2 hour small group sessions in a compu ter lab. I have had a few requests that I run the small research classes,but I have de cided not to do that until everyone has had a ch ance to co me to the brief introductory sessions. Interfaces aregetting easier and the users are becoming more computer savvy and I have great faith in most of them figuring it out as theygo along. They’ve had an introduction, they have instructional handouts, they have the library contact information - “Off you gonow, you’ll be fine” is my attitude.With the increas e in access to P Cs, we in Interior Health have been a ble to put a link to the e-library package on our libraryintranet page, as well as the instructional handout. This is light years from handing out paper! As well, Krista has come upwith a clever little bookmark, small and handy, with access and searching instructions. The librarians needed to do the initialinstructional sessions to introduce the new services and to remind users of all of the wonderful things we do. Once they havehad the intro, they can try out the system and use the link to the online handout on their own.This project has definitely been a collaboration among the 3 libraries. We each planned and promoted our own areas, but weshared experiences, handouts and workload to get the information out to as much of the population as possible in the sametime fra me.There was a fairly big learning curve involved for all of us, to learn the Ebsco system well enough to teach it, and to learn theadministrative side and handle security issues. This was made m ore difficult when Ebsco chang ed the adm inistrativesoftware after about 6 weeks. We were warned it was going to happen, but it was discouraging to have learned thepro cedures to set th ings up, the n not to rec ognize the screen one day.Previously, I have only attempted small group education sessions. This was my first foray into mass education. It’s been funand easy and everybody can find 45 minutes to get to an info session. Because of the number of clients the library nowserves, I will use this format again.For the sessions I ran in KGH, my home base, I used the standard education evaluations. All surveyed thought it was fun andinteresting, except those w ho attend ed the se ssion with the bad projector, who com plained en m asse ab out the blurryprojection.I did not have the other sites evaluate the sessions.Response has been overwhelmingly positive that our sleepy little valley has finally entered the 20th century (I haven’t pointedout that it is too late). Most users were well pleased with the introductory sessions and went off with their usernames andpasswords to try it on their own. However, there are still some who want small in-depth sessions, which I will not be offeringanytime soon. It is far better for me to teach 30 p eople in 1 hour than 6 people in 2 hours.I am finding n ow , that in spite of the session s an d th e handouts, som e people still think that we have purchased electro nicaccess to everything indexed in Medline and CINAHL. They fight the good fight with Ebsco, then call me in frustration thatthe y ca nnot get to the full text and can’t unders tan d w hat the y are doing w ron g. Ah we ll, it’s a le arn ing c urve for every one.
  18. 18. Page 18 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2After the sessions, library use in general has gone up. Interlibrary loan use soared in themo nths follow ing - as pe ople d iscovered that, hey - no t every thing is full text!I will run a second set of sessions in the same format in the coming months. Even whenpeop le did not mak e it to the sessions, they saw all of the adve rtising and c am e to the libraryto ask abo ut it. Now that the hand out is on the intranet site, people arou nd the reg ion arereferred there and for many that will be enough. I use d th ese session s to advertise wh at w e have purchased, how to get to it, how to do basicresearch, how to contact the library for more information and help. I also used it as a venueto re mind people of the gre at serv ices we offer.TRAIN THE TRAINERBar bara Trip is Librarian at the Patient & Family Learning Centre (PFLC), Vancouver GeneralHospital (VGH).As librarian in the Patient & Family Learning Centre, I have been involved in end usereducation in s evera l wa ys. O n a rou ghly m onthly basis I te ach a clas s entitle d E-Library Tou r.This class looks at the UBC Library web site and some of the resources that are available forVGH staff. Spec ifically it covers how to access jou rnals, Boo ks@ OVID M D Co nsult, He althRefere nce Centre and th e grea t subject re sourc es pages developed by the UBC librarian s.This class is one of several that are organized by the Vancouver Coastal Health ResearchInstitute. It is held in a computer lab so there is hands-on participation.In the past ye ar, the P FLC also offered its own end-user e duca tion sessions. From Janua ry toMay, we offered monthly classes on resources that are available to staff from the VancouverHospital Intranet. This included looking at the Patient Care Guidelines, Books@OVID, MDConsult and Hea lth Refere nce C entre . These classes we re he ld in com pute r labs at b othVGH and UBC Hospital.As an outcome of these classes, we produced a small booklet with the instructions for usingthese resources as well as instructions for searching with OVID and PubMed. We offeredthese to the units as a resource that they could have handy at their computer stations.Another ou tcom e of offering these classes wa s a req uest from th e Inten sive Ca re Unit tocome and do classes on the unit because it was difficult for their staff to get away to attendthe clas ses. So me of the se sessio ns we re h eld right at the nursing station w ith 3 or 4 peoplegathe red aro und 1 terminal. At tim es this wa s a b it chaotic as people wo uld com e and go ifthey w ere n eed ed on the u nit.The ICU also had anothe r project to help the staff b ecom e m ore com puter litera te. For th isproject they used a train-the-trainer approach. Again I covered with these trainers theresources available on the Intranet. The trainers then held their own classes in the ICU fortheir staff.We did evaluations of the classes and those seemed well received. I did not do evaluationsof th e ICU se ssio ns, but I have had feedback that the train -the -trainer project w ork ed we ll.I wo uld hope to do m ore unit specific tra ining and re ally like th e idea of tra ining the train er.However I think we are fortunate at VGH to be able to provide a variety of methods of enduser education
  19. 19. HLABC FORUM Page 19 SEEN ON THE WEB WEB SURVEY: END USER EDUCATION Report by Krista Clem ent. FROM : "David S. Crawford" TO : CANM EDL IB I hope you find these quick snapshots of how we all practice, both inspiring and reassuring - Subject: M argaret Charlton oh, and maybe spark a debate or two. We had 24 respondents this time, up from 16 on Date sent: the first survey. All were HLABC m em bers (th e w ebsite is no t closed to non-m em bers). Tue, 2 Sep 2003 Dear Colleagues: It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Canadian government has just designated Margaret Ridley Charlton as a "person of national significance". Miss Charlton was the first More than half of us do end-user training less than once per week : 62%. Only 17% do such "real" librarian at the training three or more times per week. I didn’t include “never” as an option (oops) and McGill University Medical nobody wrote it in... so I guess we are all doing something! (now Health Sciences) Library (1895-1914). She was also one of the founders of the Medical Library Association (1898), with Osler and Gould. The proposal was supported by the CHLA and the ACMC - though it took such a long time that Patrick (who was CHLA I admit to being surprised at the high level of formal instruction we do. I was also surprised President at the time) may that none of those responding are teaching courses or course components with a graded not remember! com ponent. I thought m aybe som e of the acad em ic wing m ight? Further information is available at: ex.htm Cheers David S. Crawford, FCLIP Emeritus Librarian, McGill University. Searc hing data bases an d answe ring questions m ay be thought of as “real libraria nship,” along with cataloguing and collection development. However, sober second thought made me agree with the majority of you that, in the long term, teaching our patrons to use
  20. 20. Page 20 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2information and tools to access it, is also essential. By increasing our users abilities, we free them and we also free up ourown time for other things like tricky reference.
  21. 21. HLABC FORUM Page 21On the other hand, as Ruth Rochlin points out in her article (this issue), training can consumeyour time. Nearly a third of you would not give instruction too high a priority, lest it displaceother work. Debate, anyone?You may want to spend a few minutes contemplating question 5 - a sneaky omnibus numberwh ich is rea lly 9 s epara te q uestions.Highlights: The most frequent sort of training is certainly searching journal indices (you know,Me dline etc.). Th e ne xt m ost com mon to pics are “circulation” and “othe r high level infoskills” - by which I hoped to capture something more than the location of the restrooms.Circulation is also the most likely not to be offered at all! I suspect that the split reflects adifference in our libraries - perhaps larger versus smaller, the type of circulation system orpolicy, or even the presence of regular circ staff? The use of computer hardware and non-computer equipment is also, thankfully, n ot a large part of our instru ctional duties.Looking at the middle columns, we do steady training about the Internet and other software.No matter how much of our information migrates to web or CD-Rom based formats, ourassistance continues to be needed in learning how to access and apply the knowledge.Thanks once again to every librarian who participated. Keep your eyes open for the nextsurvey, in 2004.
  22. 22. Page 22 VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2 N OTES FROM THE AFTERLIFE R E T IR E M E N T : IT T AKES G E T T IN G U SED TO Dav id No ble retired as Chief Librarian at the BC Cancer Agency in 2002. I know its hard to believe, but be ing retired does take getting u sed to. For the first few months, you feel you are on vacation; your mind cant fully accept the fact that after 46 years of summer and career jobs through the years, this is it! You are now retired . Your m ind is sort of in a s tate of sh ock w hich only tim e w ill cure.SEEN ON THE WEB After the vacation stage comes the guilt stage where you feel a little guilty that you are no> -----Original Message----- longer nose to the grind ston e. You he ar from collea gue s of deve lopm ents sinc e yo uve left> From: CHLA/ABSC> Sent: 2003 December 18 work, but its no longer your concern, and many of your long-time friends are still working,> To: hence the guilty twinge. For me, the tiny feeling of guilt lasted 2 or 3 months until my mind> Subject: Important accepted the fact that I really did deserve to be retired after working a fifty five hour weekInformation on the next issue of for 2 6 years.BMC“Starting volume 25, issue 1, Then com es the "Its time I started doing a ll those things I have put off un til retirement"the JCHLA/JABSC (Journal stage. Youve sort of taken it easy, added a few pounds, even w atched a little daytime TVof the Canadian Health until you are thoroughly sick of it, and now are ready for some self improvement. You sign upLibraries Association/ for c ourse s, ha ve you r piano tuned, haul out your old wa ter colo ur set a nd old ChopinJournal de lAssociation des preludes, build an improved sea wall, do some landscaping of the yard and painting of thebibliothèques de la santé du house, and generally get more organized and productive. There is time also to improve yourCanada) will be available in golf pitch and chip shots. It seemed I had to go through the vacation stage and the guilt/non-an electronic only (PDF) productive stages to feel thoroughly ready for the self improvement stage, and really getformat... down to th e true retirem ent sta ge. The true re tirement sta ge is when yo u have little tim e it seem s to laze about as your calenda r is fully booked w ith all your activities, just like beforeYou can access the Journal you re tired, exce pt its on you r ow n te rm two ways: either throughthe publisher, NRC ResearchPress, under Affiliated No complaints, this true retirement stage is the fun part, and how wonderful it is for us to beJournals free of the daily work grind, even though I was one of the lucky ones, as I really loved my job.<> I think we librarians are truly fortunate to be doing what we do. We tend to get thanked a lot or through the association for our services, and its interesting to boot. We m ay not get paid as much as we like, but ourwebsite occupation is supposed to be second from the top on the list of "best occupations" in terms<> of job satisfaction. Tha t makes up for a lot. “ This is my sense of experience since my retirement. Yours will be different but then again, may b e a little s imilar. It does take time to ge t use d to! I send m y best wishe s to you all. Drop in and see us here in Qu alicum Bea ch next time youre passin g by. David. _____________________________________________________________________ No tes Fr om The A fterlife is a continuing feature. We welcome your ideas. PhoneElsieWollaston at (604) 684-3036, fax (604) 685-9335, or e-mail
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