Gannett local digital marketing solutions


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If you have a need to start or upgrade your digital marketing program, we can help!

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Gannett local digital marketing solutions

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES As part of the Gannett Company, Digital Marketing Services gives us access to a variety of in-house solutions to meet the needs of our valued clients, including a team comprised of digital strategists, media planners, web developers, creative strategists, and search engine marketing and optimization specialists.WEB DEVELOPMENT SEARCH EMAIL MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIAChoose from an extensive library Let our team of digital strategists It’s the easy, effective, and With the advent of Social Media,of templated landing pages and help your website climb to the top affordable way to build new consumer relationships havewebsite designs or create a of the search engines while customers and keep your changed. Networking sites arecustom website from scratch. growing market share and audience coming back. Our team growing exponentially. AnDesign, hosting and maintenance reputation. Services include: works with you on list building effective social mediaare part of our long term Search Engine Optimization, and creative messaging to target management strategy can helpcommitment to your digital brand. Pay-per-Click Advertising and and resonate with your best you build a positive presence and Reputation Management. customers. increase your customer base.DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  2. 2. EMAIL MARKETINGEmail marketing still yields some of the highestreturn on investment in digital marketing. Emailmarketing encourages customer loyalty, buildsrelationships between a business and its customers,and fosters repeat business. We will:•Deliver your message (newsletters, promotions,exclusive offers, etc.) directly to the inbox of newprospects and previous customers on behalf of yourbusiness•Recommend the best opt-in email lists that targetyour ideal prospects•Guide you on what creative approach works best•Provide your business with a well thought outcampaign that is affordable, effective, and monitored Source: GannettLocalDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  3. 3. PRODUCT BENEFITS•Increase sales conversions•Generate repeat sales•Encourage loyalty•Gain valuable feedback•Increase ROI•Send real-time messages•Segment user and customer databaseinformation for targeted marketing•Track sales and user engagement Source: GannettLocal; ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference SurveyDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  4. 4. SEARCH ENGINEOPTIMIZATIONSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art andscience of making enhancements to your websiteto influence its ranking in search engines anddrive traffic to your website. SEO may targetdifferent kinds of search, including image, local,video, academic, news, and industry-specificsearch engines. Other features:•Our Search Engine Optimization specialists willwork with you to identify your business goals, thendevelop and manage your entire campaign onmultiple search engines.•We will help your business climb the results pageladder by using relevant keywords and phrasesto increase your business’s online visibility. Source: GannettLocal; Network SolutionsDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  5. 5. PRODUCT BENEFITS•Brand awareness•Constant promotion•Targeted traffic•Establish credibility•Increase visibility•Beat your competitionAdditionally, you will have 24/7, secure, onlineaccess to your Campaign Management Center forall of your reporting needs so you can watch yoursearch engine results improve. Source: GannettLocal; Network Solutions; Hubspot 2012;, October 2010; PowerReviews, The 2011 Social Shopping StudyDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  6. 6. PAY PER CLICKPay Per Click (PPC) is a powerful component ofsearch engine marketing that places targeted,professional advertisements on search engines andsocial networks. These advertisements are used togenerate leads and direct traffic to designatedlanding pages and websites. PPC ads are designedto highlight a business’s most attractive and sought-after products, services, and special offers, anddirect interested Internet users to these features.Other features:•Experts will work with you to identify yourbusiness goals, then develop and manageyour PPC campaign on multiple search engines•We elect the best keywords for your business toimprove the effectiveness of your ad campaigns Source: GannettLocal; Network SolutionsDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  7. 7. PRODUCT BENEFITS•Instant visibility •Attract targeted visitors•Leveled playing field •Transparent data and analytics•Drive immediate leads•Direct traffic to your website that can result inrelevant leads and potential sales•Only pay when potential customers click on your ador contact you•Your PPC campaign can reach customers in yourtargeted area•Save time. You control the budget, we allocate youradvertising dollars to the most effective campaigns•Advanced lead tracking and reporting capturesdaily campaign activity, that you can track with ouronline reporting Source: GannettLocal; Network Solutions; State of Inbound Marketing, Hubspot, March 2012DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIASocial Media provides businesses a uniqueopportunity to connect and engage with their currentand potential client base on a level like neverbefore. Through social media channels such asFacebook and Twitter, companies can manage theironline reputation and quickly build a core network ofbrand supporters. Other features:•Targeted Facebook advertising•Custom content creation and management•We develop a custom one-to-one relationshipbetween your business and local customer•Our campaign managers use custom analyticsto measure the success of your campaigns Source: GannettLocalDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  9. 9. PRODUCT BENEFITS•Lead capture and creative marketing•Hyper-targeted persona marketing•Increase exposure•Competitive differentiation•One-on-one interaction•Increase transparency and credibility•Generate loyalty and advocacy for your business•Engage and interact with current and potentialcustomers Source: GannettLocal; comScore 2011; Simply measured,; Edison Research, 2010; Comscore, December 2011DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  10. 10. WEB DEVELOPMENTWeb development is more than just website building.Landing pages are also an essential component ofdigital advertising. All of your ads and search engineresults need a place to land – generally, there are twooptions, a landing page or a website. We ensure yourlanding page and new site will encompass brandrecognition that focus on your service priorities andrelevant content that are search engine friendly.Other features:•Websites of all sizes and capabilities are available•Call to action form that generates leads•Social media integration•Updating of the site is included•Hosting & email addresses are included Source: GannettLocal•Maintenance availableDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  11. 11. PRODUCT BENEFITS•Strengthens your brand•Improves credibility•Maximizes return on marketing investments•Provides a strong customer experience•Adds value and satisfaction by offeringconvenience• Allows you to be available to your customers24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Source: GannettLocal; ICT Facts & Figures, 2011; Comscore, January 2010; PowerReviews, The 2011 Social Shopping StudyDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  12. 12. MAPS OPTIMIZATION/REPUTATION DASHBOARDLocal consumers are online searching for nearbybusinesses that offer the products they need. OurMaps/Reputation Dashboard provides you with all thetools you need to ensure that your business is listedon all the right places and that your online reputationremains intact. You will also receive:•Keyword research and analysis for completeoptimization of your local listings•Optimization of Google Places listing/Foursquare listing•600 citations per year•Monthly review of analytics and performance•Customized reputation dashboard for clientreview/action items•Syndication across hundreds of partner sites Source: GannettLocalDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  13. 13. PRODUCT BENEFITS•Increase exposure and move up in local searchresults•Allows local consumers to find your business’slocation, phone number, and information•Profile optimization to produce the best rankingperformance•Read all customer reviews and share all positivepostings with your social network at a click of abutton•Monitor your online presence and rank with yourcompetitors•Receive automated alerts when new reviews andmentions occur so you can take action immediately Source: GannettLocal; PowerReviews, The 2011 Social Shopping StudyDIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES