New Generic Top Level Domains


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New Generic Top Level Domains

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New Generic Top Level Domains

  1. 1. All Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  2. 2. Targeted, RelevantDomain Names are Coming!The Web is about to change forever. Starting this summer, hundreds of new domain extensions willbecome available, allowing you to target your business or personal website like never before.A great name is waiting for youFrom general business to geographic regions, there’s a new gTLD for you.gTLD – Generic Top Level DomainsThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a global Internet overseer, ispreparing for the largest-ever expansion of the domain name system. The group received 1,930applications for new “generic top level domains” (gTLD), the “.com” or “.net” part of websiteaddresses. Below is the list of applications. Names that drew multiple applications, like .appand .web, will go to a resolution process that could involve an auction.To know more or to get one for your business, please mail it to gTLD@macinfosoft.com1. Business2. Real Estate3. Industry4. Geographic5. Money & Finance6. Lifestyle & Identity7. Sports8. Technology9. Media10. Food & Drink11. Professional12. Health13. Commerce14. Education15. Government16. IDN.What is a TLD/gTLD/domain?TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, while gTLD stands for Generic Top-Level Domain. A domain iswhat you type into the address bar of your Web browser to get to a particular website, such The new domains discussed on this website are referred to as new "gTLDs".All Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  3. 3. What is ICANN? What is their role?ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They are a non-profitorganization responsible for the coordination and oversight of the global Internet system. Theirofficial website can be found at www.icann.orgWhy are they releasing new gTLDs?The Internet is a huge place, but finding a relevant, available domain name can be difficult. ICANNhopes to increase domain name availability and change the way people find information online byreleasing hundreds of new domain extensions.Why does this matter to me?New extensions will give you the ability to create a relevant name that better defines your website,brand, business, group or organization. Registering a gTLD that represents your market is a greatway to increase your customers trust and set yourself apart from other websites.TLDs”.When will the new gTLDs be available for registration?We anticipate the first group of gTLDs will launch in mid-2013. Check back soon for moreinformation on timeframes, registration requirements, pre-registration dates and more.What are the registration phases — Pre-Registration, Sunrise, Land rush andGeneral Availability?Each registration phase has a defined date for acceptance and processing; pre-registration allowsyou to submit a registration request ahead of that date. Macinfosoft will collect pre-registrationrequests and hold them in a queue until it is time to submit (opening of Sunrise, for example).Sunrise is a registration period specifically for trademark holders. Landrush is after Sunrise andbefore General Availability. It is a premium registration opportunity for those seeking an early, non-trademark registration. General Availability (GA) is first come, first served registration. While GA isopen to the public, there may be some requirements for registration (example: membership to anorganization).All Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  4. 4. Complete List of gTLDs1. Business• .ads• .agency• .associates• .booking• .business• .career• .careers• .center• .ceo• .company• .corp• .ecom• .enterprises• .farm• .forum• .foundation• .gives• .global• .gmbh• .inc• .industries• .institute• .limited• .llc• .llp• .ltd• .ltda• .management• .market• .marketing• .ngo• .ong• .partners• .press• .sarl• .services• .solutions• .srl• .studio• .trade• .trading• .ventures• .xinAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  5. 5. 2. Real Estate• .apartments• .build• .builders• .casa• .condos• .estate• .forsale• .haus• .home• .homes• .house• .immo• .immobilien• .land• .lease• .maison• .mls• .mortgage• .place• .properties• .property• .realestate• .realty• .reit• .rent• .studio• .villasAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  6. 6. 3. Industry• .auto• .autos• .bio• .boats• .boutique• .build• .builders• .car• .cars• .casino• .catering• .cleaning• .clothing• .construction• .cruises• .design• .diamonds• .earth• .eco• .energy• .farmAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  7. 7. 4. Geographic• arab• .barcelona• .bayern• .berlin• .boston• .broadway• .brussels• .budapest• .bzh• .capetown• .city• .cologne• .corsica• .country• .cymru• .desi• .dubai• .durban• .earth• .eus• .frl• .gal• .gcc• .gent• .global• .hamburg• .helsinki• .international• .irish• .ist• .istanbul• .joburg• .kiwi• .koeln• .krd• .kyoto• .london• .madrid• .melbourne• .miami• .moscow• .nagoya• .nowruz• .nrw• .nyc• .okinawa• .osaka• .parisAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  8. 8. • .pars• .persiangulf• .place• .quebec• .rio• .roma• .ruhr• .ryukyu• .saarland• .scot• .shia• .stockholm• .swiss• .sydney• .taipei• .tatar• .thai• .tirol• .tokyo• .town• .ummah• .vegas• .vlaanderen• .wales• .wien• .world• .yokohama• .zuerich• .zulu All Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  9. 9. 5. Money & Finance• .accountant• .accountants• .bank• .banque• .broker• .capital• .cash• .cfd• .cpa• .credit• .creditcard• .creditunion• .estate• .exchange• .finance• .financial• .financialaid• .fund• .gold• .holdings• .investments• .ira• .loan• .loans• .money• .mortgage• .pay• .reit• .rich• .taxAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  10. 10. 6. Lifestyle & Identity• .active• .actor• .adult• .airforce• .arab• .army• .baby• .beauty• .bible• .bio• .black• .ceo• .church• .community• .contact• .dad• .date• .dating• .democrat• .diet• .exposed• .express• .faith• .family• .fan• .fans• .fashion• .fit• .fitness• .gent• .gop• .group• .hair• .halal• .health• .heart• .icu• .indians• .irish• .islam• .jetzt• .kid• .kids• .kim• .kiwi• .kosher• .lat• .latinoAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  11. 11. • .lds• .lgbt• .lifestyle• .live• .living• .love• .luxury• .mba• .mom• .mormon• .navy• .nowruz• .organic• .pars• .persiangulf• .phd• .ren• .republican• .scot• .shia• .shingles• .style• .top• .uno• .vet• .vip• .vision• .vote• .voting• .voto• .wang• .wedding• .whoswhoAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  12. 12. 7. Sports• .baseball• .basketball• .bike• .coach• .cricket• .dance• .fan• .fans• .fish• .fishing• .football• .futbol• .golf• .hockey• .horse• .indians• .moto• .motorcycles• .racing• .rodeo• .rugby• .run• .ski• .soccer• .sport• .sports• .team• .tennis• .yogaAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  13. 13. 8. Technology• .app• .blog• .box• .cam• .camera• .chat• .click• .cloud• .codes• .computer• .comsec• .contact• .data• .digital• .direct• .directory• .docs• .domains• .dot• .download• .email• .epost• .fail• .feedback• .graphics• .host• .hosting• .idn• .link• .mail• .map• .media• .mobile• .mobily• .mov• .network• .online• .phone• .search• .site• .software• .systems• .tech• .technology• .tube• .web• .webcam• .websiteAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  14. 14. 9. Media• .actor• .art• .audio• .band• .book• .broadway• .buzz• .bway• .events• .exposed• .film• .gallery• .hiphop• .media• .mov• .movie• .music• .news• .photo• .photography• .photos• .pics• .pictures• .press• .radio• .show• .theater• .theatre• .videoAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  15. 15. 10.Food & Drink• .bar• .beer• .cafe• .coffee• .cooking• .eat• .food• .kitchen• .kosher• .menu• .organic• .pizza• .pub• .recipes• .rest• .restaurant• .vin• .vodka• .wine• .catering• .cityeats• .soyAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  16. 16. 11.Professional• .abogado• .accountant• .accountants• .actor• .airforce• .archi• .architect• .army• .associates• .attorney• .broker• .career• .careers• .ceo• .consulting• .contractors• .cpa• .dds• .democrat• .engineer• .engineering• .esq• .expert• .heart• .law• .lawyer• .mba• .navy• .republican• .vetAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  17. 17. 12.Health• .clinic• .dental• .dentist• .diet• .doctor• .fit• .fitness• .health• .healthcare• .hiv• .hospital• .med• .medical• .pharmacy• .skin• .surgeryAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  18. 18. 13.Commerce• .ads• .auction• .bargains• .bid• .blackfriday• .buy• .cab• .capital• .center• .charity• .cheap• .claims• .coupon• .coupons• .deal• .deals• .delivery• .discount• .ecom• .equipment• .exchangeAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  19. 19. 14.Education• .academy• .college• .courses• .degree• .education• .ged• .how• .mba• .phd• .prof• .scholarships• .school• .schule• .science• .shiksha• .universityAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  20. 20. 15.Government• .airforce• .army• .democrat• .gop• .navy• .overheidnl• .republicanAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  21. 21. 16.IDN.कॉमAll Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft
  22. 22. All Rights Reserved to Macinfosoft