Cloud Computing and Internet Marketing Media


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Cloud Computing and Internet Marketing Media

  1. 1. Positioning Internet Marketing, Social Media, Trend & Analysis,Android , iPhone & Brand Stories, BusinessCloud Computing Tech. 11 yea history rs I CT Awa by rds Hong Kong Government Updated on 13nd June 2012 by Linux Pilot Ltd. 1
  2. 2. Year Award of LinuxPilot Magazine Linux & OSS Award Linux & OSS Award is the open source solution selected by LinuxPilot Magazine Editors as the best solution of each year. The award is open for entry at January each year.Representative from EMC, HP, Cisco, Novell, Kodak, CATechnologies, Trend Micro, Network Box, UAT and etc 2
  3. 3. & HKSMB Award Mr Tin as Judge GROUPON HK CEO Speech in hksmb.comSponsored Portal 3
  4. 4. BQJournal Year Award BQJ Best Super Brand AwardRepresentatives from Cisco, UAT, Trend Micro and Network Box Yea Awa open to entry on J n ea yea r rd a ch r 4
  5. 5. Free BQJournal Monthly eMagazine Internet Marketing, Business Technology, Application Deployment, Brand Stories and News from Business Federation and Associations Available in, or http://bqjournal.comAvailable in PDF(members registered)and Flipped Format 5
  6. 6. & Traditional & Simplified ChineseIndustry News about Open Source and Business Technology Audience : Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese & Hong Kong Readers. Mostly are CEO, CTO, CIO, MIS, Software and Hardware Developer. Opening Date : 2000 年 1 月( 12 Years History ) Alexa Ranking : 2162 (until 13 May 2012) Registered Members : Over 10K Industrial News, IT Solution and Services, Internet Policy, IT Training, Technology Knowledge. Business Values : Banner Advertisement, Advertorial Article SEO Optimization in front page, newsletter to members, Video Advertorial, Seminar Recruitment 6
  7. 7. Free Internet Marketing and Business Tech. Magazine www.bqjournal.comAudience : Enterprise CEO/CFO, Corporate & SMBOwners, Online Marketing Executive and BusinessAssociationsDate of Opening : 2010 AugustHong Kong Alexa Ranking : 1372(Until 5 June 2012 audited by Alexa)Distribution : Free PDF Magazine / Articles also SEOOptimized in bqjournal.comContent : Internet Marketing, Social Media Application,Business Technology, Application Deployment, CloudComputing, Brand StoriesBusiness Values : Banner Ad Advertisement, Articlesdirectly broadcast via LinkedIn to target readers,eNewsletters to members, SEO Optimized Advertorial,Video Advertorial 7
  8. 8. IT Bloggers Network• Hong Kong S ME B log Alexa Ra nking 3452 At D a 1 3 J 201 2 te un• Hong Kong SME Blog is a open platform with experts in IT Industry to share IT trend and Policies in Hong Kong with SMBs.• Founders and Exco Members Or Sponsored Portal 8
  9. 9. of Opening : 2009 JanAlexa Ranking HK : 4184 (until 15 NOV 2011) is a platformto promote the innovatetechnologies using inbusiness. It also coversHong Kong and MainlandChina Business Policies 9
  10. 10. Google Page Rank Comparison www.prchecker.infoGoogle Page Rank indicates thevalue of website and it is auditedby Google 10
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  14. 14. China SME Innovation Summit Event Organizer : LinuxPilot Ltd. Website : http:// I ndustry-University-Research I nstituteCollaboration A ssociation ( A ssociation) ,founded in November 2007, approved bystate council.National Development and Reform Committee,E ducational Ministry, S cience & T echnologyMinistry, Ministry of I ndustry andI nform ation T echnology, Com merceDepartment, National Resources Committee,National I ntellectual P roperty Ministry,Chinese A cademy of S cience, Chinese A cademyof E ngineering and China S ociety andT echnology A ssociation, these industry-university-research related departm ents,university, research institute, enterprise join,promote and organize an industry-university-research which is inter-ministerial, inter-regional, cross-sectoral. Supporting Media in China 14
  15. 15. China SME Innovation Summit Event Organizer : LinuxPilot Ltd. Website : http:// reporting IT Leaders in Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong meet for partnership in IT Project of Government Business Matching and Partnership Arrangement Venture Capitals for SME startup or listed in Stock Market Arrangement 15
  16. 16. China SME Innovation Summit Event Organizer : LinuxPilot Ltd. Website : TV report in business hours Experts 、 China Government Officials support 16
  17. 17. Seminar Recruitmentfor Business Association 17
  18. 18. 24rea Free D ownloa Cha der d nnel 18
  19. 19. B QJournal Mag available in A ndroid / iPad for Free• Android (available in issuu app, search“BQJournal”.)• iPhone / iPad (available in 24reader App) 19