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Hydrogen energy


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Published in: Engineering
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Hydrogen energy

  1. 1. 1.Hydrogen is a colourless $ odourless gas. It is highly combustible $a source of energy. 2.In normal state hydrogen is lightest of all gas.
  2. 2. Hydrogen is very stable in normal condition , it is undergoes various reaction at elevated temperature . When it mixed with Oxygen it gives 29,000 calories per gram ,but in coal gives 7800 calorie per gram energy.
  3. 3.  Breaking down the hydrocarbon (mainly methane)  Electrolysis from water.  By reacting water of metals.
  4. 4. Bio-photolysis – The production of hydrogen from water with the help of sunlight .
  5. 5.  Hydrogen is colourless & odourless and non polluting , yielding pure water vapour as exhaust when combusted in air .  Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element and has the best energy to weight ratio of any fuel.  Hydrogen can be produced anywhere , it can be produced domestically from the decomposition of water .
  6. 6.  Hydrogen is difficult to handle , store , and transport .it requires heavy , cumbersome tanks when stored the gas .  It is impossible to obtain hydrogen gas without expanding energy in the process.  Other than some volcanic emanations , hydrogen does not exist in it pure form in environment .