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Sonnet xxv


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Published in: Education
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Sonnet xxv

  1. 1. William ShakespeareLet those who are in favour with their sOf public honor and proud titles boast,
  2. 2. Whilst I, whom fortune of such triumph barsUnlookd for joy in that I honour most.
  3. 3. Great princes favourites their fair leavesspreadBut as the marigold at the suns eye, And in themselves their pride lies burie For at a frown they in their glory die.
  4. 4. The painful Is from thewarrior book offamoused for honourfight, razed quite,After a And all thethousand restvictories once forgot forfoiled, which he toiled:
  5. 5. Then happy I, that love and am beloved, Where I may not remove nor beremoved.
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