Moving On Up


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Open-ended responses of planning directors on what it takes to move from assistant planner to planner, from planner to senior planner, and from senior planner to group director.

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Moving On Up

  1. 1. These are the raw open-ends among planning directors only. Question 19: Just for you planning directors, I'd like you to tease out the difference in skills between levels. So first, what skills would you Question 20: And the skills need to see to promote that you'd need to see to Question 21: Finally, what skills an assistant planner to a promote a planner to would you need to see to promote planner level. Or what senior planner? Or what a senior planner to a group would you look for in a you'd be looking for in a director? Or what would you look planner level senior planner hire? for in a group director hire? - - - -independent thinking -self-assurance and - the previous ones + communication skills. respect from the client we do not have group directors look for thirst for knowledge, people skills, passion for the business, knowledge of solid abilities, good research techniques, insights, good brief writing strong instincts skills, great manager, proactive, creative . . . * * * >ability to mentor others and contribute to their development >fresh, original thoughts and ideas >contribute to new I would not promote a Sr Planner business wins to group director. THera are two >innovation levels before group directory >assess situations (Associate Planning Director and quickly >fresh, original idea Planning Director) 2-3 years experience. 3-5 years experience. Ability to think for Ability to bully creatives 5-7 years experience. Proven themselves. and to stand up to clients. ability to manage. 3 or more years of Commitment to the experience, creative, accounts, opportunities High-level management, credibility inclusive of disciplines, detector, inspiring, creative in the industry, proactivity and and strategic analyst and strategist ability to teach a grasp of basic craft delivering above and innovative thinking and good skills sufficient to be beyond what's asked for; people skills able to own real initiative that impacts
  2. 2. projects/relationships with minimal supervision the work a deep understanding of our internal approach of good coaching skills and obviously, comms planning and a marketing and communication a marketing and obviously, a marketing and vision strongly oriented to the communication vision communication vision consumer and a deep strongly oriented to the strongly oriented to the understanding of our internal consumer consumer approach of comms planning A planners eye - the Independence. Ability to ability to connect dots. draw conclusions and get To observe and see far down the road with a A leader. Someone who can define interesting things. To strategic direction. Pull issues, create an enironment for have ideas. real insights from research. solutions. a true understanding of the expertise in several symbolic consumption categories, the capacity to and the capacity to produce cross categories articulate creatively true articulations and the social value and engage experience in insightful emotionally with people integrated strategies trust and passion a very deep understanding of the Top creativity rather than web's paradigms. Social analytics skills. Good at Creative, analytic, digital focus, media skills process design skeptic a) Promotion: analysys, synthesis, creativity, responsability, seniorship, ability to deal with stressful More than 5 yrs deadlines and ability to experience, ability to learn guide others and grow into managerial skills, communication & Same as above + interpersonal and b) attitude & experience negotiation skils developed managerial skills Ability to articulate analysis of market, Ability to lead others, critical consumer, competition, Lead meetings and actually thought, impeccable technical brand in and transform promote positive change knowledge and also deep facts in figures into within the company and its understanding of how digital and actionable insights clients. non-digital integrate.
  3. 3. 1. The ability to lead idea Ability to be a development and to direct a brand standalone planner idea across an organisation. instead of an assistant Bringing real value to their accounts 2. A role model for other planners. Original thinking - tell me something I don't Making a difference on the 3. Talent or experience that they know business could bring to the entire agency. Ability to conceptualize the entire problem facing a brand, not just the immediate issue. More of the same. Inspiring Basic technical skills confidence in clients and giving around hiring suppliers More client-facing skills. them comfort to make decisions and conducting research The ability to inspire that may not be their standard themselves. confidence in clients. operating procedure. ability to create, from scratch, a coherent and logical strategy to meet the client objectives (as ability to lead a team as above plus commercial opposed to completing a strategically- manage sensitivity/management, good task area within the differences of opinion, management of people internally, strategic development convince doubters and proven experience in working with process) inspire others other senior management Ability to define and scope small projects Ability to define and scope alone. Ability to present any problem alone. Ability Extensive experience. Ability to alone in front of mid to present alone in front of lead a team and inspire the entire level clients. senior clients. organisation. ability to inspire creativity ability to draw (sell ideas, manage clients, conclusions from etc), approach problems quantitative as well as from a systemic point of ability to manage multiple clients qualitative data, as view, realise the (internally and externally) and opposed to just finding interconnection of a client's delegate accordingly, make the the data/answers entire marketing efforts work better, take responsibility Command the confidence Ability to raise profile of planning Ability to get on and of the client to drive the so that it becomes the driving force deliver projects without account forward of influence within the agency and assistance strategically on peices of business
  4. 4. ability to handle quant and qual efforts. strong ability to tease out insights and make a creative brief poise and presentation stimulating. skills to unleash on clients. n.a. Ability to independently Ability to "consistently" develop and effectively develop and effectively Ability to effectively lead and present a strategy to a present strategies to inspire other planners in the client. clients. internal group. ability to influence outcome of team independence, ability to decisions at the project defend their point in cross client servicing skills, political skills, level disciplinary teams clout inside the organization Someone who is able to sell his or her ideas. They Ability to listen, to should know how to observe, and synthisize. present something Good at spotting ideas, strategic, they should be and knowing how to able to think new ways of begin differentiating connecting the dots. They between good ones and should be confident in the Positive feedback from both clients not so good ones. Be work they do (even when and creative teams. Ability to train able to understand the nobody else is) or at least and coach people in the planning concept of relevance. pretend department. Ability to manage a basic planning project with minimal supervision. Should feel The ability to stand firm in comfortable presenting front of a client, write a in front of clients but not compelling brief, stimulate expected to be "on their creativity, understand the Complete ability to manage all own." Definitely should difference between which planning needs for a be able to have creative ideas will solve the creative/account team. Write recommendations on client issue - some compelling strategic/planning decks research plans, writing supervision but more that tell the right story. Have screeners, coaching, less directive. minimal supervision. Emerging leadership Leadership; positive attitude, qualities; ability to ability to motivate a team, take the command a room. Ability lead on strategy. Development of Ability to move beyond to form strategy, write an the account director gene, to look information argument well, write good more broadly across the business. summarizing to a level briefs, work well with Ability to take the lead in new of analysis. creatives. business pitches. ability to present with ability to manage and ability to improve Planning's 'brand' confidence improve subordinates w/i the agency
  5. 5. ability to be independent ability to read into the and who others seek out ability to independently work with obvious, imagination for conversation and help clients and a certain charming and creation skills within the agency authoritativeness ability to simply define no specific skills, i guess. and persuasively more a matter of the present a concept with quality of work, speed of intact insight. ability to process, and ability to not appropriate for the size of design, analyse, and work autonomously. one agency i have worked with (under manage an innovate might also look to the 200 employees). and I think there research project. ability planner's workshop design is a danger in having too much to write, deliver, and and management skills - a hierarchy. Group Head / Director evolve a creative brief. good senior planner should seems more like a title for someone able to clearly define a be able to propose (sell) managing an account (account brand's territory and r and handler / suit) rather than Ability to summarize lots of information, being They have good people more concrete, able to skills, they can manage create and tell stories different projects at the with a meaning. Start to time. They are very good see with clients. They have brand/communication good perception from both opportunities in stacks creative and client service Think like business consultants. of info. leaders. Clients trust them deeply. Successful strategic track record of Thought leadership. effective, intelligent work. Complete comfort with Respected within the planning presenting & leading client community. Ability to think laterally sessions. & creatively. Seen as a trusted, essential partner Ability to own a brand, by clients & agency management. Self-motivation, drive, take projects from start to eagerness to help. finish. Ability to anticipate needs of & deal with difficult clients. Enthusiasm, energy, Respected & appreciated passion for the job. by colleagues & clients. Ability to me Put together a well thought through creative brief independently, structure a research presentation, Ability to think through design a research plan, Ability to operate independently, problems, represent the good presentation skills, (with minimal supervision). Write agency independently at contribute to new biz and present a strategic deck. Be meetings, interact with development in a seen as a strong agency clients. substantive way. representative by clients.
  6. 6. Ability to use all the obvious tools at hand (intuition, TGI, etc.) to hav an opinion about The abiltity to convince a The ability to inspire other planners the direction a brand senior client of the opinion to come up with opinions like that shoudl go in. formed in Qu.17 mentioned in Qu17. Demonstrated strong strategic and creative thinking, ability to develop and maintain strong Ability to work with relationships (internally some autonomy, some and with Clients), ability to Deep experience across brands, independent thinking work largely independent categories. Ability to interface well and project of supervision (higher level with people at all levels management. Ability to oversight, but would -particularly high level Clients and be Client facing (with expect day to day internal management. Experience mid-lower level Clients). autonomy). managing and developing people. Able to manage a straightforward planning process for a more Able to lead a planning straightforward client, relationship with an Able to lead a complex planning creating campaign important client, creating relationship with a more complex solutions. brand solutions. client, creating business solutions. able to work things out by himself, fillfill and deliver given tasks in requested time and able to handle big and quality and asks for help complex projects by manaagement talent, good when needed himself delecation skills, leader qualities Ability to own and drive a Proven history of thought strategic initiative on leadership. his/her own. Adaptability, flexibility, creativity. In the digital Experience managing P&L. space, it's not as much Demonstrated ability to about coming up with sell creative. big ideas and more about being able to link Believe it or not, much the same the consumer with the for a junior planner... proven to be brand through History of working well flexible and adaptable. experience, interactivity, with creatives. and engagement. Reputation for delivering change to Self-motivated and self- an organization and/or challenging Ability to conduct, distill, sufficient. conventional think
  7. 7. an ability to propose an ability to grow business and research that meets innovate in the area of planning, a client goals and an an ability to lead an strong leadership within the ability to write briefs account and be seen as the agency, and an ability to manage with little input planner in the client's eyes other planners An Assistant planner level would be a person A senior planner would be who has the knack for in a position to handle thinking strategically, more projects but lack the confidence independently from When a senior planner feels to vouch for his scratch, would be much comfortable in a position to start assumptions / theories / more comfortable in evangelizing on the brand he works hypotheses. A Planner attending and taking briefs for, becomes the favorite would have these from client meetings, consultant to the clients for any qualities and confidence, essentially upto middle- strategic matter, and is able to plus he would have level projects, as well as handle multiple projects with ease, propensity to supervise asst. planners in he has then arrived! Key cha Experience with many Analysis Capabilities. brands and many ATL and BTL knowledge. categories. Analytic Self Expression perspective of 360 degrees Analysis Capabilities. ATL and BTL capabilities. Quick communication. knowledge. Self Expression response at taking Leadership. Self initiative capabilities. Quick response at decisions. Leadership to propose new and taking decisions. Leadership and and attitude for lead the disruptive ideas or attitude for lead the planning work planning work between concepts to Creative Team between creative team, account creative team, account and Account Team. team and client.Self initiative to team and client. Inspiring Force. propose new and disruptive Good prognostics, being able to do a creative leap from diagnostics of how things are to an Persuasion and diplomacy to sell Analysis capability. imagination of how things the possibilities of the strategy and Good diagnostics. could be. maneouver the politics. Analytical skills. Ability to work with The above plus ability to others. moderate internal strategy and brainstorming Passion for brands. sessions. Being able to articulate why ideas will work profitably for the brand. Interest in the popular Well developed writing and culture. presentation skills. High credibility with creative teams. Analytical skills. Information gathering Initiative and clarity of ability. Trend mapping. thought. Insight Mining leadership and inspiration collaboration, making a difference.. analytics self sufficiency impCTING BOTTOM LINE.
  8. 8. can always see big picture, think big, command respect among asking the right creatives and clients, consistently questions, challenging can carry their own with finds fantastic solutions, inspires the right issues senior creatives and clients others around them. Assn planner is smart, can do detailed assignments well. Planner can be put in Original thinking. front of a client Speaking ability at regularly, can manage conferences or seminars. projects. Senior planner Most of all, ability to run a Don't have the senior / group manages all pitches and large clients strategy on distinction, so take all comments initial strategy, often her/his own, responsible to about senior to be = to group on-going strategy. exec comm of company director atitude, curiosity, wide leadership and good view relationship leadership and experience client market attention, focus and understanting and research creativity skills people management Attitude is key, someone who wants to learn, but They need to be able to who can make an handle anything that is impact by being thrown at them without inventive, industrious constant guidance, they and is keen to get stuck should be developing their into things. They also own style and approach A total rock star, someone who has need to be interesting, away from the more real gravitas, brain power and have a point of view on prescibed one that is often would be capable of dealing with things and generally useful for more junior very big and complex global make me want to spend Planners, they should be accounts, including the politics and time with t developing skil general madness of everything. be able to handle small/ be able to handle medium/ medium clients small clients individually, individually, together together with a junior be able to handle big clients with a senior account account individually inspiring others to do it like it's being able to do it inspiring others to do it never been done before Better client management skills Category experience Deep category experience Obsessive curiosity Breadth of life experiences Management skills business acumen Ambition inspiring presentation skills Communication and Total accountability. Excellent Brief development skills. presentation skills. relation with clients, and proven Strategic thinking Credibility with clients left-side brain skills.
  9. 9. working independently, excellent presentation bringing in own ideas skills ability to lead and motivate teams broader experience across businesses, problems, partner agencies leading competence practicing leadership international word leading major clients developing the whole group acceptance within whole a developed own hand- group writing innovation can handle project shows that his group's interest is at autonomously, is least equal to his/her own, care mature and professional about growing people and kows with clients and is how to, is mature in dealing with respected by client has maturity in his job our everyday realities. Capacity to manage the hole process of Personal skills such as deal planning. with client and creative. Leadership and accountability charisma and being able to manage teams, presence... the potential ability to step in a run a groom younger planners, recruit, to become a leader on a piece of business with and run a new biz pitch on their piece of business minimal help own Clarity in expression Client skills: confidence, (writing and verbal), quickness, ability to tell a Demonstrated ability to "run" critical thought. story, etc. several relationships effectively. Comfort in front of clients (their comfort, Creativity, influence, firm and mine in putting grasp on the mechanics Kindness, leadership ability, ability them there) (quant, qual, brief writing) to set examples for others Common sense and desire Common sense and of working after 4 years Good results and good desire of working working communication with mates organized, open minded commun sense and commercial skills able to manage people Conceptual, interested in human stories, real people person, can see multiple sides of a story, but also has an opinion same with management and point of view. skills - people skills same with p&l responsibility. consumer understanding, holistic strategic ability, client authority, ability, team knowledge confidence relationships, management
  10. 10. the same as a junior consummer planner + personal skills as understanding and for example delong with brand position stress situatins or the same as a senior planner+ high understanding presentation skills, etc.. influence in the organization cool hunting attitude, concept maker, good at energy, good at putting analysis, good presentation team building, inspiring, things in the right order skills transmitting knowledge, respected creative and strategic chops combined, working in sync. ability strong brief writing, account planning leadership-- to empathise with presenting, defending. maing: be well versed in client creative team, build on some track record in business, consumer insights and ideas, hold her own in converting briefs to solid trends, thorough research skills, the room. ability to creative work. well-liked by strategic thinker that translates represent a consumer creative team and account across categories, ability to lead POV to client team service, both. strategy independently creativity and analitics trust leading skills creativity and creativity competency, competency leadership above, plus experience Creativity, Presentation skills leadership skills, client service skills creativity, autonomy, lateral thinking, collaboration, research skills, research all of the above + people methodology management skills, understanding, great political skills when dealing repertoire of music, with top executives clients someone who is great enough to literature, travel, and agency top simply not care for all of the above. fashion and design, management, presentation just joking. i would have to say all curious mind, super skills, project of the above + excellent training investigative person management skills and inspiration skills and leadership creativity, critical creativity, critical thinking, creativity, critical thinking, thinking analytical ability analytical ability, poise criative strategic and criative strategic, criative and bussiness curiosity about everything, creativity research skills, creativity, and understanding of consumer understanding, briefings and translating branding understanding, leading, motivating and having it to consumer needs. good presentation skills. inititative to inspirate others.
  11. 11. Curiosity and an ability The ability to mentor and motivate to join the dots and not An ability to convey the others...must have an intuitive simply "report" findings. essence of an insight to a sense of where other people are in They need to look for client, creative team or their development and provide meaning, even if they anyone else with ease and stable, inspiring guidance. Also the need assistance clarity. And a persuasive ability to interact with clients at the articulating it. personality. senior-most levels. Solid problem solving, Curiosity and solid presenter, able to leadership/mentoring, presentation enthusiasm think on feet and client relationship skills BEsides the previous, deep understanding of consumer, brand and Besides the previous, global communications knowledge and perspective of behaviours. A passion for brand strategies. Disciplined and solving the complicated. inspiring. Innovative as to how to Curiosity and An ability to encourage approach projects.Able to embrace/ observational skills creativity. understand change constantly. Same as previous + ability Curiosity initiative good to deal with senior level presentation skills clients, understand their Same as previous + management persuasiveness needs and deliver what abilities and emotional intelligence research-literacy they want to lead and motivate teams Curiosity, a willingness Ability to handle the to get to the bottom of planning and strategic how business and requirements of a client(s) Ability to supervise and motivate a marketing works, on one's own team of planners curiosity, analysis, judgment, experience, judgment creativity people skills curiosity, different background (studies or experience), passion + curiosity, different understanding of the background (studies or business+presentation experience), passion skills same + experience curiosity, passion, The ability to run your own initiative and clients and projects and A lot of experience and proven persistence take full responsebility succes on all levels Curiosity, stimulated mind, the ability to identify and articulate a problem, the fertility to All the above, plus a All the above (17 & 18) plus people ideate. healthy business sense. skills. curiosity, well same with experience and constructed synthetic some shoulders: capacity capacity to hold an account by mind, adophile, to defend a pov, himself.
  12. 12. Be indepent in the thinking, be insightful, search references in the discipline, creative, Not happen yet. But be mature it's Curious, organized, organize the methodoly to important, have a vision about the creative. star the job. discipline. Inspire others. Conversant with planner & research approaches. Ability to steer a team within the Ability to talk with agency. Be the strategic lead which credibility about brands, senior clients respect and take note Curiousity & open- consumers and strategies of. Work closely with the ear & mindedness in the world with clients. Ability to respect (perhaps not always total around the. Ability to develop strategies and agreement!) to debate ideas with have a POV on a topic of briefs which creatives will senior creatives. Ability to 'front' interest. listen to and discuss. the agency curisosity. discipline of thinking. originality. curisosity. discipline of personal professional thinking. growth ... (Plus the previous ones), Leadership, experience in several sparkling creativity, daring categories and targets, skilled to deep curiosity, deep personality, high sense of get the most out of the group, analysis, very disciplined business passionate, great presenter Leadership, rational behavior when stuff goes South, a history of bringing a new insight to the table, understanding the biz model with deep understanding of Strong presenter -- which we work and the need to social networks. obsessive problem solver make money. comfortable in driving a Develop a creative brief/ project, but also brand strategy that comfortable taking includes a real consumer direction and supporting insight and business others. Ideally, they opportunity. should have a grounded approach to planning and Conducting primary solid experience writing Focused on connecting the dots to consumer research creative briefs, strategy the future and helping to deliver (interviews, surveys, presentations and research (identify, lead and create) projects focusgroups) proposals (and doin that enable business growth. Develop and present a work to the client, from the beginning to the end Develop and present a of the process, with the work to the client, from the Coordinate the process, integrate help of a sennior beginning to the end of the different departments, direct planner. process, by himself. dialogue with creative directors.
  13. 13. developed advertising and marketing culture, ability to push their autonomy, solid limits and understand advertising and business team management skills, their limitations, understanding, ability to leadership vs clients and teams, integrate well with inspire lead creatives, autonomy, deep advertising and teams and clients authority business understanding, charisma Difference between ability to act as an Ability to lead a large autonomous planner on account. With suitable a smaller account versus gravitas to handle senior being an assistant to a clients and other agency Top level experience. To be a senior on a larger planners. As well as having business and team lead as well as a account business acumen. traditional planning lead. able to level with creatives digital native and to inspire clients vision Manage client relationships Presentation skills Manage client relationships Direct client contact Business responsibility Presentation skills Presentation skills Business responsibility Discipline, imagination, Mentor, experience in major team work spirit and Strategic input and disciplines and requirements in love for knowledge initiative. Idea generation. planning. Empathy. Planner will Experience. A planner will have a more thorough come up with solutions feeling and after study, a senior understanding of planner might find Sympathy. Should be a nice fellow. different target solutions from gutfeel, out someone you'd love to follow, audiences. of experience. someone who inspires. enough knowledge to ability to work with clients clients love and respect you; can work autonomously; autonomously; deeper completely run your client base understanding of understanding of research; with no intervention from me; can qualitative versus ability to write a solid execute any type of research; write quantitative versus report; ability to draw a kick-ass report; talk strategically secondary research conclusions from data in meetings enthusiasm- this translates into the ability to draw the ability to expand a core inspiration from any thought into any given aspect of life and relate channel based on how the client skills, global sensitivities... it to something totally idea relates to the it's more about business skills than different. audience planner-specific skills Enthusiasm. True confidence. expertise. independence.
  14. 14. Experience Experience. Experience Experience gaining through diverse projects and time evolution. Besides, meeting goals. The same the same experience in non standard experience in all jobs in several markets. stantard jobs. social social intelligence. first social, managerial and political intelligence. management skills. intelligence. Experience in the advertising industry Creative strategic thinking (with some client skill. Ability to handle a servicing experience), brand independently. evidence of having Ability to lead a pitch for a Demonstrable thought leadership, made a personal medium sized client, clear other than leadership on contribution towards contribution towards creating/significantly impacting the building a brand, building more than one development of brands, wide initiative, wide range of brand, knowledge and skill ranging experience across brands interests outside of work with various channels of and categories, ability to use and at least one interest communication apart from research, data and client input in a that borders on obsessi r skilled manner and thus ensure Ability to lead/direct the Ability to negotiate within the course of the brand agency and brand Experience plus ability positioning and manage processes/continue to update to manage projects tough clients planning group process/philosophy Experience, initiative Experience, initiative Experience, initiative Experience, research abilities, creative view The same at a higher level the same Independent strategic thinking of a (small) new business pitch from end- Facility with basic craft to-end; the ability to form skills - qual and quant a new strategy for an research from design to account as opposed to final report and briefings maintaining an existing Significant leadership of a group of - as well as an one; sustained, planners on a larger project or understanding of the unsupervised client account; winning the confidence of role of planning in an partnership; proven ability a senior client; trusted partner for agency to catalyse good creati creative directors For AP to planner, an ability and confidence to Trust of creatives and lead projects clients An ability for fresh, radical thinking
  15. 15. Go getter and extremely A visionary that leads colleagues inquisitive -- Leader. Innovative. and clients to new territories. communicates well and Results and business Calculates manageable risk and getting full grasp on oriented. Digitally savvy continues to expand their quant as it continues to and a desire to understand knowledge base through the new drive interest in the c and work toward creating ways in which people interact with suite brand advocacy. people and brands. Good business understanding, good Credibility, ability to judgement, creative manage clients, good and ability to unearth genuine verbal and insights presentation skills Ability to inspire others. Can work well with creative, ensures there is a strong insight to Can write inspiring creative begin with and can guide/tweak briefs on his/her own. Can creative work to bring it on Good communication translate research material strategy. Can effectively skills - can inspire both into effective lead/participate brainstorming verbally and in writing, presentations. Has sound sessions with Creative to help get technically sound with experience/knowledge of them big ideas. Ensures there is a research, presentations certain categories st Good grasp of qual. techniques. Some solid moderating experience. Some basic workshop All of the above with more experience. Evidence of Able to stand on their own experience. New business some strong briefs. without much oversight or experience and win under belt. Good working guidance. Excellent qual. Ability to work seamlessly across relationships with all skills. Good quant. grasp. different clients. Proven business other departments. Able to lead workshops. development with existing clients. Done something Able to lead creative Ability to attract and retain good interesting! briefings. planners. Ability to mentor and c logical/analitical thinking, good grasp of research, excellent grasp of proactivity, logical research, ability to thinking, must love properly judge creative advertising work not applicable at this time good intuition, able to ability to represent the make the "right" choices department in front of Need to have a philosophy/POV, with little guidance, clients, good knowledge leadership skills - ability to teach basic fundamentals of base/experience on all others, relationships with sr. level research skills, can lead types of projects - ability clients and internally, ability to occassionally (vs. to think on feet and do/say what's right even if follow) respond appropriately. unpopular. good with creatives, can present well can make leaps clients look to them for leadership
  16. 16. New business leadership, team Have the basic toolbox Client interaction, project leadership, teaching and (briefs, research, leadership, prsentation mentoring, senior client interaction, thinking) skills solve tough problems - Ability to manage and present directly to clients He/she needs to start - Direct contact to brief analysing markets and senior account or creative bring thinking and people actionable conclusions - Leadersheep and recomendations to - No need of supervision his/her work but still for minor works - Ability to handle teams needing full sueprvision by a Planning Director - No need of supervision - Seniority within the company Hunger Hunger Leadership Future vision Searing intelligence Future vision Digital fluency Digital fluency Digital fluency I am the only planner in I am the only planner in the agency, and the the agency, and the I am the only planner in the structure is not goin to structure is not goin to agency, and the structure is not grow up. grow up. goin to grow up. i don't believe in assistant planners - our philosophy is that you in a hiring situation - I look need to be senior for fit with the company's enough to b taken vibe, an interesting mind, seriously. and a track record we're too small for levels like that I'd look for someone I'd look for intuition and to who lives in this world be forward-looking... To be ready to take and advantage. I'd need to see a level of proactivity - do they Do they command respect know what is needed on (or deserve respect) from their accounts/within clients and creative the department or do directors? Can they run they need to be told projects with little what to do? supervision? Can they write clear, Do they understand what They can do everything mentioned actionable documents the client wants and needs before + run new business pitches, and POVs with little and can they guide teams manage multiple teams on multiple help? to do respectable work to brands. And they get how the achieve that? agency runs and seek proactive Can they represent growth opportunities from clients planning in a te Are the and prospects. ideas responsability leadership client management
  17. 17. innovation - now it's not just about being able to make sound judgements, it's also about introducing Complete independence, command independence - needs to new ideas, coming up with presence with any level of client be able to draw sound new ways to think about a (up to CEO) or agency person, conclusions, make good brand, new ways to do outstanding mentoring skills with recommendations, write research, new ways to junior staff, ability to forge & present a POV without present ideas. Also need relationships. I don't want to see step-by-step to be deft at handling much of this person - just a weekly supervision. sticky s check-in to let me know Senior client liaison, ability Independence, track to manage more junior Very senior client liaison, original record planners thinking, research track record high EQ, good productive independent thinker. relationships with team initiative. gets things and clients. can hold their done. opinionated but own with the above humble. grasp of basic groups. ability to argue skills and a passion for concisely and effectively understanding that can and the smarts to know be translated into when to concede. action/ autonomy same as above. this change is more about being able to hold your own in the organization - substantial contributions to the independent thinking managerially and politically client's and agency's business strength of creative thinking, leadership skills, ability to give feedback initiative and insight. within the creative going from the ability to process, and absolutely the take instructions and ability to uncover new reporting to seeing what ways of looking at business isn't there. problems. not sure yet. just got there myself. Capacity to present and defend ideas (within the agency but also with Team management, project Initiative to kick start clients). Capability to leadership. Charisma, networking new projects and ideas, develop new and skills. But mainly professional interpersonal skills independent ways of experience (9-10 years of (specially within working / managing clients experience within marketing or thecreative team). projects. account planning) Initiative, Broad skills, Management, initiative, Ability to manage a team, proactive outside interests outside interests problem solving, outside interests insighting and responsibility and ability to lead strategizing leadership efforts Intellectual curiosity, in Ability to produce solid Ability to inspire and motivate love with ideas. thinking and present well. others.
  18. 18. better observation skills. good documenting skills. intellectual curiousity. looks at things differently. organization capabilities. able to juggle small tasks. willingness to try new ability to see the project through. things. gets the process of thought leadership. planning. stands for and believes in the work. client confidence. has a fair handle on logistics required to Great distillation skills. ability to inspire good work. make the project a success. understands creativity. leads by example. intelligence / experience intelligence / experience intelligence / experience Intense knowledge of consumer trends beyond just simple internet research abilities. The ability to utilize the resources available to think outside of the The ability to formulate information presented groundbreaking...truly knockout... and to draw creative ideas CONSISTENTLY and to lead and entertaining At least one thing that I the development of this skillset in observations. cannot find in myself. others. Original thoughts and Keen intelligence, contributions to business cultural awareness, strategy and the body of All of the above, plus the ability to advanced literacy and planning thinking. Pushing inspire and motivate, and hold a presentation skills. the world brands forward. client's respect and ear. keeness to rool up their sleeves and begin at the very bottom....go out into store visits, get online & explore, do 'man on the street' type the ability to integrate the video various messages going interviews....looking for out in multiple mediums someone who doesn't cohesively under a single skills at people management, want a desk job equity platform delegation, leadership, charisma LEADERSHIP, KNOWLEDGE EXPERIENCE, OF PROPIETARY TOOLS, LEADERSHIP,KNOWLEDGE AND KNOWLEDGE OF SYNTHESIS/ANALYSIS REFINEMENT OF PROPIETARY PROPIETARY TOOLS , CAPABILITIES AND TOOLS, SYNTHESIS/ANALYSIS DRIVE AND CREATIVITY CREATIVITY CAPABILITIES AND CREATIVITY
  19. 19. Lateral thinking, wide experience, ability to work independently, ability to interface with senior clients, ability to All of the above plus an ability to be clear, concise and Pretty much the same as manage, motivate, mentor and logical above but more. nurture people. Logical thinking, fundamentals of brand Creative thinking, being Evolved social skills, engaging building and being able able to hold conversations presentations skills, excellent to clearly articulate on diverse topics and a writing skills and being comfortable thoughts. curious nature. with senior clients. Able to lead brand thinking Love of brands, able to solo on a decent sized Able to be a thought leader in the talk lucidly about them piece of business company, lead and train others Master of strategic Master of strategic transformation Master of insight. direction. on a grand scale. maturity is a mitigating factor,, no question. some skill cannot be taught, but need to be mad-smart writing skill, a nurtured over time. cleaar grasp of both right now the state of deductive and inductive our industry mandates reasoning, the ability to be that candidates be passionately right but honestly, i want someone smarter client-ready, meaning understand when to than me. the bar really isn't that we have less capacity displace the passion for high, but i need someone who can (and resources) to train. wisdom (know your do my job so i can elevate in the so sad. battles). future. Maturity, gravitas, Same, in even greater depth, with informed enthusiasm, Same as above but in the ability to motivate and lead proactivity, great social greater depth, with through clarity of vision, skills, intellect, curiosity, extensive evidence of inspirational thinking and autonomy delivery behaviour, guts and charisma. Moving up from mere looking up of information to really go and live with the Same as before, but you consumer and do need to be able to present something with what it well and make the client All of the above, plus the ability to you find there. get it. teach other people how to do it. n.a n.a n.a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a na na na
  20. 20. Managerial skills, meaning, people Opinion. A point of view. connections. Which means, there's If the person has a Point no specific linakge between of View, [maturely or Logical thinking above its planning technical skills and not] it'll be promoted. point of view. human relations skills. organization, open envolvement & persuation mind, couriosity skills leadership, Overdelivering Persuasion Leadership Passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for media and/or advertising A desire to drive insights Ideally, will have a track record of into action is essential. leading original thinking in the Excellent numeracy with Someone that doesn't just research and insight world, strong interpretation make recommendations, together with hands-on business ability but thrives on results and building skills almost certainly can work with brand teams gained within a leading edge Inquisitive mind from the concept stage to research boutique or brand actually implementing consultancy. Enjoys challenging An outgoing personality projects. exis Ability to be a client's best friend. If the client can trust you with their strategy then you are a group director. All the planning skill stuff would be a given anyway by now. Planner level they should be able to run One or two demonstrably Something about being able to the planning on at least good solid pieces of work / nurture the group too wouldn't go one client on their own. campaigns etc. amiss as i planner: capable of building and developing concepts / putting it senior planner: handle one director: strong relationships with together on a structured or more accounts / hire clients / creative thinking, beyond presentation. and lead other planners planning. planners must - manage moderate and author findings from - Manage midsize - personel management research campaigns - own accounts on the agency or - design product level - be able to manage client client side campaign strategy relationships - strengthen the practice internally - be truly useful to - innovate within the writers & art directors discipline - Leader within the agency
  21. 21. Is necessary to be a leader Is necessary to have a magement Pro-activity and cultural and knows to manage knowleadge and be a great level. people. advertiser man. proactivity, culture, self oriented to the searchlover projects. group leader, charismatic Quant and qual Ability to create value for experience clients' businesses Critical even skeptical, Ability to stand up for a frame of mind strategy and see that it gets carried out in the Ability to see beyond advertising Focused on the function work of advertising rather Adility to defend and grow than fads and trends Ability to form deep discipline within agency relationships with clients Digitally savvy and senior management Political nouse Questioning nature Self-motivation trying different routes to solve Client facing skills Team a problem/answer a administration/mentorship/business question operations (less planning basically!) person needs to quit waiting around for the vision. person needs to be one step assignment and start ahead of the brand director or reliability developing opportunities marketing director Someone who has been around for An aggressive approach to a while, understands the business, finding answers. A true not just planning, but the Research experience passion for planning and underlying drivers of advertising and a good gut for what making great advertising, and marketing at a client level. works. Too many idiots not great research, plus Autonomous and trusted, and currently in this good client management someone who leads a client, not business. skills. follows. Senior level thinking and Resourceful. Digitally concluding. Organized saavy. People person. thought and smart briefing Interested in culture. skills. They "get it." out of my range. Responsibility to work Responsibility to work on Management skills for the Planning on their own. 1-2 years own plus ability to train an Department plus role of Planning in experience. assistant/junior. the company. self confidence, creativity, digital fluency same, but more same but more. plus people skills.
  22. 22. Self motivated - a clear understanding of how to develop plans Client development skills Leadership and client focused self sufficient in tackling knowing how to stand his/ a problem, writing a her ground in a challenging should have leadership skills. strategy. having gusto environment, facing knowing how to motivate and a vision on demanding clients and colleagues and clients. knowing marketing and branding. creatives. being able to how to organize complexe projects. should be a thought handle midlevel clients on should be charismatic and starter his/her own. convincing Communications - inspiring, clear and simple Self-sufficiency in problem solving Entrepreneurial - figure out Someone better than me, or on the new and exciting ways of brink of it Strong instincts for working, thinking, making powerful questions, ideas bigger, doing some Strong, challenging point of view insights, ideas good about how to do dramatically better work, transform our business & our Passion - a contagious In demand - others want clients fire in their belly for to work with them, ask for doing extraordinary their help Leadership charisma - people want work; not a career plan to be led by their example; clients based on entitlement Intolerant of politics want their thinking abou several... curiosity... sevaral... asertivity several... credibility show good potencial in strategic and branding good strategic and thinking branding thinking leadership skills skills are for suckers. obviously they need to know how to do the research, ask the right questions and push the envelope in terms of the curiosity and the how creatively smart minimum basic skills about ideas are presented. mixed with a capacity for most importantly they leadership to surprise me vision. momentum. have the desire have to be curious and and the clients in the best to make something new and the be ahead of it all, even possible way. make capacity to take us all along for the when they something happen. ride. Smart is cost of entry. I Excellent writer. Precise Be motivating, engaging and make would want someone thinker. You must possess sure the teams and clients trust who is deeply culturally the ability to motivate your you. You must have excellent engaged/curious about teams to get the right work business knowledge and be able to the world around them out of them. You will need handle lots of different situations. AND has the ability to to be tough. I'll never hire concisely articulate what a complainer or diva. they're trying to say. If you can't write, I won't
  23. 23. promote you. Social media Full integrated campaign engagement monitoring performance monitoring skills experience, including SM Same as above Capable of generating a Someone able to full plan for client needs condense information based on actionable and transform it into insights and market A group director would add actionable insights that knowledge. Ability to management skills to a senior direct work for client. handle multiple projects. planner abilities. About 5 years experience A group director in my eyes is Someone capable of and able to lead a team of someone just more senior/ running their own planners, steer a load of experienced than a senior. I projects and leading different projects and work actually find it hard to differentiate someone more junior to very independent. in skills - rather in experience, the job. At least 2-3 Someone that is doing a coolness on the job and ability to years experience in lot of client facing work mangage people well as well as planning. him or herself. have a thorough understanding sOMEONE WHO CAN GET ON WITH JOB ONLY COMES TO ME WHEN ABILITY TO STEP BACK FROM THE WITHOUT NEEDING TO THEN NEED TO BOUNCE DAY TO DAY AND NOT BEAVER BE BABY SITTED EVERY THINKING OFF AN AWAY BLINDLY. SEE BIGGER STEP OF THE WAY. OBJCETIVE SOURCE. CAN PICTURE AND NOT RESPOND ABILITY TO THINK FOR RUN THEIR OWN EMOTIONALLY TO DIFFERENT THEMSELVES, AND BUSINESS, ONLY NEED ME TYPES OF PEOPLE. MUST BE THEN DISCUSS THEIR TO STEP IN WITH THE RESPECTED EVEN LIKED! BY THE THINKING WITH ME VERY SENIOR CLIENTS EVERYONE Someone who has started developing their Starting to lead - not just own thoughts and in planning, but having a theories and acted upon real and integral role in all Someone who is leading thoughts, it to 'prove' the validity aspects of client ideas, actions and inter-agency of their ideas. relationship/disciplines. relationships. steped from research results to became a problem solution interpretations, from provider, can leave analysis to synthesis, him/her alone with clients, from observations to suits & creatives without insights to ideas any worries great motivator, agency advocat
  24. 24. Strategic skills and Strategic skills, initiative and new Strategic skills. initiative. business development. years of experience, experience strategic thinking, with different clients and different creativity, clear mind, presentation skills, political markets, political skills, knowledge analizing skills skills on how to manage a groups work strategic view of how to maximize the agency streghts to help the Preview what way the client to achieve his client should lead before leadership and vast business goal. he realizes. knowledge responsibility responsibility strategic vision good experience good experience fresh thinking creative strategic thinking creative strategic thinking motivation opinion strong marketing knwoledge interest team management skills team management skills proactive mind leadership leadership Strategy consulting skills: selling skills, project planning and Strategy consulting skills: Strategy consulting skills: selling managing teams. selling skills, project skills, project planning and Creativity and trend planning and managing managing teams. Client research teams. Team management accountability Takes strategic initiative. Comes to the table with their own At this stage the planner ideas, really thinks will have to be looking at things through in the bigger picture - the This person can run multiple advance (this is crucial) client's businesses. They businesses independently. They Always walks into a are thinking beyond are leaders, they take the strategic meeting thinking about consumers and creative - lead on any given project - map out what happens next in they can see the 'why' and the objectives and challenges and the process. APs are the context for all the develop the plan to solve them. As 'passengers' whereas initiatives. If you want to the CSO, I'm just there as back up planners are drivers reach this level, start r and occasional a That the person can take full responsibility for the brand, rather Same as above, but with Same as above, but with the ability than do campaign better people skills and the to work the politics to get the client planning. ability to win pitches. to love amazing politics.
  25. 25. The ability to apply an innately curious and creative mind to the real Assuming the prerequisites world of business. To of a curious / creative think on one's feet in a mind, the ability to craft client forum and have stories from insights, aural the presence to win over and written presentation Demonstration of the ability to the attention and skills are already there - nurture and bring out the best in confidence of a what really tips a planner more junior people. To direct seasoned client or a into "senior" status is to people is management - to grow cynical creative. An translate insights into people is leadership. A group early indica compelling busine director needs to be a leader. The 'weight' to run and really direct the strategy The ability to fly solo - and thinking on a piece of with supervision but to business. Therefore needs be given space to to have a full set of craft The experience to manage others develop thinking and skills and the interpersonal and to work across several pieces strategy themselves skills to deploy them with of business and guide the planning rather than given tasks clients and the creative on them without doing it to complete. director. themselves. The ability to generate The ability to tell a story to The ability to lead a creative insight from a fact set. a client. direction. The ability to move from The ability to manage all The ability to run workshiops, gathering observations aspects of a large Fortune ideation sessions and brainstorms to developing insights. 500 client. with C-Suite. The ability to recognise Ability to bring unique Ability to persuade clients on the insights and perspectives to factual impact of their ideas on the client's opportunities. data. business. the ability to understand the ability to create a the story behind the relevant story about one brand brand the ability to make this story real the basics of actual planning, which might sound simple (and i Global vision, the person should), but here in should be able to combine Brazil many people still practical skills i.e. data and think planning is either research analysis with the the set of skills that could usually market research or creative approach, keeping be found on an account person, tactical campaign in mind the brand key regarding the understanding of a operations vision clients' business all the previous more strategical the commitment and leadership, multi- jobs & vision and business-oriented analysis ability innovative ideas abilities
  26. 26. Full capacity to "tell the story" and generate The hability to generate insights and ideas. Good insights based in the presentation skills (to immersion phase. More construct and present). strategic analisys about Uderstand about brands All the above and also: capability to competition and and its impacts in the handle a team; good client rapport; consumer. Starting to business. Capability to pro-active; hability to see the "big develop the hablity to develop good relationships picture" with clients; more "tell a story", put a internally the agency to involvement in client's business and presentation toguether. inspire tea results. The link from a Jr. Planner to Planner should be made after at least 2 years of planning and after she/he shows Independence. Charisma. important skills Perseverance. Project improvement. management. - the natural ability of a solutions and direction problem solver oriented communication originality audicity people mangement thoroughness independent visonary To promote an assistant planner to a planner would require honed critical thinking skills Ability to write and present that enable this person briefs. Analyze and present to analyze data and data, bring together assist in writing a multiple sources of Lead strategic thinking, ability to creative brief. This information and provide manage team and budgets. Have person should also be cohesive insights. The strong client and internal ready to start senior planner must be relationships. Must be able to presenting in front of able to manage client and motivate and lead teams through teams. team relationships. strategic development. Ways to make more money to the company improving Ways to organize, ideas, saving money, and Ways to lead an full group of control and demand reducing time spent in people without needing my help or tasks... tasks supervising When he is ready and When he has a vision beyond the When he is ready for the exceeding expectations for administrative and managerial his office the office job description Willingness to learn NA NA
  27. 27. Ability to lead clients. Ability to lead account with minimal supervision. Ability to lead accounts with no Work independently. Ability to conceptualize and supervision. Contribute original Understand how there innovate process and ideas to planning department and work will be utilized as approach. Ability to lead agency. Set example for other develop strategy as others to ideas. planners and agency. Mentor such. Present to Understanding of effect of junior planners. Shepherd work clients. Create ideas their work on all agency through entire development that can lead work. and client users. process. Ability to adapt to chan Work out project with sole responsibility - of course being supported at every time when there are questions or topics to discuss. Being Handle clients with sole confident with all responsibility, being the planning tools and first contact person for the having basic market client. Be able to coach Financial resposnibility, being able research skills. Junior levels. to do aquisitions, leading a team Ability to write a brief on their own, enough face time with client, experience leading a big- scale project, e.g. creative research, regional campaigns, etc. Complex Writing skills, qual and quant analysis. Proved thought leadership on presentation skills, Ability to provide successful new business pitches. basic qualitative and innovative input re trends Cross-discipline experience: quantitative analysis. and new technologi creative, media, digital, consulting.