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Social Media Project for FIT 1012

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Twitter: Social Media Today

  1. 1. Social Media Today By Hannah Kitchen
  2. 2. History  Founded on March 21st, 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone in San Francisco, California.  First used by employees at the podcasting company (Odeo) the founders worked at as an internal service then officially launched to the public on July 15th,2006.  Twitter broke away from Odeo and became independent in April 2007.  Twitters popularity spiked in 2007 at the South by South West Interactive conference. (daily tweets increased from 20,000 to 60,000 during the event)  In December 2012 Twitter hit over 200 million active monthly users.  January 2013 the company released the app “Vine” which allows you to share videos from the app to your twitter account. 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  3. 3. Overview What is Twitter? • A social networking/microblogging website that helps you stay connected with friends, family, celebrities, businesses and news through text posts, photos and videos. Mission Statement • “The fastest, simplest way to stay close to everything you care about.” –Twitter About Page 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  4. 4. Services  Information Network: Follow people that matter to you for their latest stories, thoughts, opinions, links, photos and videos. Even engage in conversations.  Catch The News: Twitter is a great way to see what’s going on around the world with trending topics. This makes it easy to stay up to date on current events.  Promote Your Business: Twitter is a great way to connect and promote your business to costumers. This helps share information, gain feedback, get new customers and make sales. 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  5. 5. Problem Solving Helps get information out to the public Quick way to post thought, links, photos and videos Helps users stay connected Target Audience Twitter has an extremely wide audience of users. People of all ages and interests from around the world join to interact with on another. 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  6. 6. Why Sould I Use Twitter? 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  7. 7. 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter Green-News Purple-Spam Orange-Self Promotion Red-Random Blue-Conversational
  8. 8. Competitors  Tumblr  FriendFeed  Posterous   Plurk  Brightkite  Foursquare   Yammer  9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  9. 9. Features  Tweet: a text, photo or video post that the user composes (text posts have a maximum of 140 characters)  Retweet: reposting a tweet that another user composed  Favorite: “liking” something that another user has posted  Mention: when users tag one another in tweets to engage in conversation  Follower: a user that has subscribed to another users tweets  Trends: popular topics users are posting about  Hashtag: a way to tag a word or phrase to add to a topic page  Direct Message: sending a private message to another user 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  10. 10. Features Home Page • Live feed of tweets and retweets from people you are following • Profile summary • Compose a tweet • Suggested followers • Trends on Twitter • Search bar 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  11. 11. Features “Connect” Page This page serves as the notification center for your account. • “Interactions” tab shows your mentions, retweets, f avorites and new followers • “Mentions” tab shows tweets you have been tagged in by other users 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  12. 12. Features “Discover” Page The discover page simply shows tweets that people you are following have favorited and popular retweets on Twitter. 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  13. 13. Features Profile Page • Profile biography/summa ry • Displays all your tweets and retweets • Photo & Video gallery • Direct Message link 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  14. 14. Benefits  Simple to use  Accessible to everyone  Stay connected with friends, family, celebrities, etc.  Stay up to date on the latest current events  Gather information  Getting your thoughts and opinions out to the public  Networking  Self promotion 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  15. 15. Applications Web Mobile • Applications for: iOS(Apple), Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Nokia • Also available with: Mobile Web, SMS and HeyWire Available online for all operating systems 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  16. 16. Where to Purchase  Download Free Twitter Applications From:  App Store: iOS Devices  Android Market: Android Phones  Marketplace: Windows Phones  BlackBerry App World: BlackBerry Phones  Ovi Store: Nokia Phones 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter
  17. 17. Works Cited     competitors-you-should-be-using/  er.htm 9/23/13Hannah Kitchen-Twitter