Lab1 - Peer Reviews and Social Networking in the Travel Industry


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Lab1 - Peer Reviews and Social Networking in the Travel Industry

  1. 1. Changes and Opportunities in Online Travel
  2. 2. What are Travel Peer Reviews ?  Reviews, ratings and rankings for airlines, hotels, tours, restaurants and other travel services that are written by non-professionals  Common features include:  Reviews segmented by categories (e.g. trip type and budget)  Reviews ranked by popularity and price  Reviewer’s profile, date of stay, type of trip, the number of reviews he/she has written  Trip planning and online booking
  3. 3. Where To Find Travel Peer Reviews Peer Review Web • TripAdvisor Sites • Skytrax General • Epinions merchandise sites Online travel • Travelocity agencies • Expedia Travel guidebook • Frommers sites • Lonely Planet
  4. 4. Social Media Trends Reasons that U.S. Executives Use Social Media (July 2009) Brand-building Networking Customer Service Project Documentation Competitive Monitoring Sales Prospecting Research Other 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Source:
  5. 5. Comparison of Peer Reviews and Professional Reviews Peer Reviews Professional Reviews Written by unpaid amateurs Written by paid professional writers Time-specific and condition-specific General focus focus Online only Online and print Based on individual users’ criteria Based on a standard set of criteria May cover a wider range of hotels May cover only well-known hotels and service providers and service providers Loose controls Strict controls
  6. 6. Quality Control Methods for Peer Reviews  Keep only the most recent reviews online  Employ human editors to read and approve user-submitted reviews  Depend on the user community to flag inappropriate comments  Allow hoteliers and other service providers to respond to reviews
  7. 7. Impact of Peer Reviews On Travelers On Service Providers  Influences purchasing  Provides a direct channel decisions to consumers  Affects consumer  Need to monitor what perception and trust consumers are saying  Empowers consumers about them online  Offers collaboration tools  Need to respond quickly such as trip itineraries specially when negative comments are posted
  8. 8. Conclusions • Better online experience for travel planners • Broader range of sales and marketing opportunities for travel suppliers • More empowered consumers, better informed businesses
  9. 9. References  The pros and cons of peer reviews  Let Your Fellow Travelers Be Your Guide  Travel 2.0: Social networking takes a useful turn  9 Social Networking Sites You Can’t Afford to Miss