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Lesson 1-Foot Controls |Manual Driving Lessons


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Lesson 1-Foot Controls for Manual vehicles

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Lesson 1-Foot Controls |Manual Driving Lessons

  1. 1. Smart Learner The Smarter Way to Learn
  2. 2. Learn to Drive Manual Driving Lessons Email us at
  3. 3. The Clutch Pedals The Brakes The Gas or Accelerator Pedal Lesson 1 – Foot Controls Contact us @ 0800 1182001
  4. 4. Accelator or Gas Pedal Accelator or Gas Pedal is located at the far right. It injects fuel to the engine to speed the vehicles speed. Foot Controls
  5. 5. The Brake The Brake pedal is used to slow your speed or to stop. It is located in between the clutch and accelarator pedal. Foot Positioning Email us at
  6. 6. The Clutch Pedal The clutch pedal is used to change gears in a manual vehicle. The clutch disengages the spinning engine from the spinning wheels and allows you to switch gears without grinding the teeth of each separate gear. Foot Positioning
  7. 7. The Left Foot Left foot controls the clutch pedal . It should be positioned to easily pivot between the clutch pedal and the foot rest. Foot Positioning Email us at
  8. 8. Right Foot Right foot controls both the accelerator or gas pedal and the brakes. It should be positioned to easily pivot between the two pedals Foot Positioning
  9. 9. Learn to Drive
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  11. 11. FACEBOOK Twitter : @smartlearner TELEPHONE NUMBER : 0800 1182001 MOBILE : 0785 9800382 EMAIL : WEBSITE : CONTACT US