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Leah b powerpoint


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Leah b powerpoint

  1. 1. Research into the same genreFor our opening we discussed as a group and alldecided on the genre of our opening to be a drama.We researched other dance films such as streetdance, footloose, step up and Billy Elliot, and wewere influenced and inspired by these movies. Inour opening we wanting our shots to tell a story andfollow each stage of preparing and attending theaudition. Classifications for our opening in a PG asits suitable for young children.
  2. 2. Planning our opening.• Characters: young teenage girl that’s attending a dance audition ata dance college as she wants to become a dancer.• Locations: girls house, dance college and dance studio.• Props: we decided not to use any props as we felt that it was notneeded.• Costumes: girl at the beginning of the open is in casual clothes(hoodie , jeans ,coat and yellow trainers.) this was done to representthe character as a cool laid back, confident individual . Othercostume is when the girl is doing her dance audition she is wearingdance clothes. We chose to change the costumes during theopening as it makes it more obvious to the viewer than it’s a danceaudition.
  3. 3. Drama conventions.As our opening consist of the genre drama it showsthat our film deals a lot with emotions ofpeople, for example our opening shows theemotions of the teenage girl preparing forsomething that could be life changing to her. Toshow this we did a close up of her face just beforeshe began to dance, this close-up also lasted for acouple of seconds and this was done to show theintensity. Drama’s are usually serious , tense andportray realistic characters. The theme that ouropening is based upon is a realistic , real lifesituation.
  4. 4. Representing different social groupsand target audience.Dance movies and our opening represent lots of different social groupsnot just one in particular. For example, hip-hop movies typicallyrepresent the underground culture , drugs and gangs.Whereas, ballet/ contemporary movies represent groups that enjoywatching dance and the beauty of it. The main target audience forour film opening is teenagers and young children. The targetaudience would be more females than males as the main characteris a female herself. Teenagers that are female would defiantly relateto this opening as they can relate to the character as shes aroundthe same age and they can relate to her feelings. people that ourdancers themselves would also relate to our opening more andmay find it more enjoying to other people that are perhaps notdancers or performers.
  5. 5. Media institutions- Social networking sites as young people areconstantly using social networking sitescompared to magazines and newspapersthese days.- YouTube as this is where young people arealways searching for videos and watching newtrailers of movies, as its free and easy to use.
  6. 6. How did you attract /address youraudience• Made the opening modern and to the viewersinterests and dance movies are popular at thiscurrent time.• Interesting as it shows a good story line• Chose to use funky backing music andthemes.
  7. 7. What I have learnt about technologiesfrom the process.• During the process of constructing our opening , Ihave found that I have become more similar withthe flip camera and find it much easier to usenow• Movie plus x6 – learnt how to edit by using thesoftware movie plus. Every time that we editedour opening I learnt something new every time, Inow feel confident and enthusiastic with thissoftware but would next time like to experimentby editing on the Mac and I think that would bean exciting challenge for me.
  8. 8. Process for preliminary task• Looking back at the preliminary task I feel like Ihave learnt so much and have seriouslyimproved.• Learnt new camera angles and how to make themeffective and striking to the viewer.• Editing- changing colour of the shots, fading inand out, adding music, adding captions andcutting shots to make them shorter.• Since the preliminary task feel like it has beeneasier working as a group as we know now whateach one of us is good at.
  9. 9. Camera angles we have used.• Close-ups on the characters face to see facialexpressions and makes it tense for the viewer.Also close ups of the girl dancing .• Long shots, for example girl walking and dancingso the viewer can clearly see everything that ishappening in the shot.• mid shots• Tracking, of the character walking and dancing• Close up of the other character in the openingwho is playing the role of the judge this was doneto make the audition realistic as possible.
  10. 10. Overall , I have really enjoyed the process ofmaking our film opening.