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Presentation made by HKBU Library to freshman students at their orientation to the University

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  • HKBU Library U-Life presentation

    1. 1. Library Orientation University Life Orientation Workshop 2012-2013 HKBU Library
    2. 2. Learning Outcomes1 Find key links on the Library website2 Differentiate between Google & OneSearch3 Use limits in OneSearch
    3. 3. Library Website
    4. 4. Welcome to HKBU Library
    5. 5. Ask a Librarian for Help1 Send us your question 2 CALL 3411-7363 3 Information Desk via an online form and During opening hours Consult library staff on get a reply within 24 Mon-Fri: 8:30am-11:00pm duty at the Informaiton hours (by email) Sat: 9:00am-9:00pm Desk. Sun: 1:00pm-7:00pm
    6. 6. Differentiate between Google & OneSearch
    7. 7. Everybody Loves GoogleHowever, using Google or Internet only is not sufficient for conducting academic research
    8. 8. The Scholarly World ProfessionalUse books, journal articles, & other academic sources
    9. 9. Why Books and Journal Articles? Cloning  Newspaper  Journal An Event Same Day Day after Week Month-Year Year(s) Occurs  Internet  Magazine  Book  Radio  Blog  TV  Listserv Books and journal articles are more detailed, in-depth and scholarly than other types of information
    10. 10. Compare Search Results Microbiology Google OneSearch • Wikipedia • Book • Websites • eJournal (organization, • Journal Article university, • Reference academic society) • Dissertation • News • ThesisEnter “Microbiology” in Google and OneSearch. What types of information did you find in each tool?
    11. 11. What Is OneSearch?It is the Library’s new search engine, similar to Google
    12. 12. What Is OneSearch? What is OneSearch?OneSearch searches almost everything that the HKBULibrary owns or has access to. Through one simple searchbox, you will find all our books, majority of articles,movies, and more. Why OneSearch?1. Results are credible, scholarly, and good quality2. Narrow your results by types of information needed.3. Quick and easy just like Google.
    13. 13. Use Limits in OneSearch
    14. 14. Use OneSearch
    15. 15. Does the Library Have This Book? Isaacson, Walter. Steve Jobs. London: Little, Brown, 2011.Question 1: What is the book title?Question 2: Does the Library have a copy of this book?(a) Yes(b) NoQuestion 3: Is it available for you to borrow?(a) Yes(b) No
    16. 16. Finding a Book Title Using OneSearch1 Type the book title into the box and click the Search button 4 Check the location and2 status, write down the OneSearch gives you call number of the book access to many types of information sources3 We are looking for a book. Select Book/eBook under Content Type
    17. 17. Search on a topic by keywords TOPIC: popular music in Hong Kong Keywords: popular music Hong Kong (>40,000) Too Many! Use “ ” for a phrase: “popular music” “Hong Kong”(>5,000) Limit to: Book/eBook and Journal Article: (> 4,000) Limit Publication Date to 2011- Present: (>100)
    18. 18. Limit Search Results1 Use “ ” for a phrase to find the words together in that order.2 Limit results to Journal Article and Book/eBook3 Use the slide to limit the Publication Date
    19. 19. Summary of Search Tips
    20. 20. Hands-on Exercise First, what are the keywords or phrases from this topic? TOPICDiscuss the Hong Kong government’s policy onclimate change. Use journal articles publishedsince 2010 to support your viewpoint
    21. 21. Hands-on Exercise Now type your keywords or phrases into OneSearch TOPICDiscuss the Hong Kong government’s policy onclimate change. Use journal articles publishedsince 2010 to support your viewpoint“climate change” “Hong Kong” policy
    22. 22. Hands-on ExerciseYou need to find journal articles published after 2010. How many results did you get?(A) Around 8,000(B) Around 2,600(C) Around 2,400(D) Around 1,000
    23. 23. Library Services & Information
    24. 24. Our Top Services Ask A Librarian By Phone: Call 3411-7363 In-person: Visit Information Desk Online: Via “Ask A Librarian”Information Desk (Level 3) Information Desk (Level 3)
    25. 25. Our Top Services Study Areas Group Study Rooms: Level 2 Group Viewing Rooms: Level 4 Quite Study Area: Level 5 to 7Learning Commons (Level 2) Group Viewing Room Quiet Study Area
    26. 26. Our Top ServicesHKALL Request books online from all other HK university libraries, deliver within 2-3 days Course Reserves Textbooks, class notes that are kept in the Library – Circulation Counter on Level 3 My Library Account Check due dates Renew books online Make online requests Off-campus access to databases
    27. 27. Our Main CollectionBooks English and Chinese, print and electronicNewspapers, Magazines and Journals Some print, a lot online
    28. 28. Our Main CollectionReference materials e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica -- like Wikipedia
    29. 29. Our Main CollectionMultimedia and Social Media Music, movie, documentary – like YouTube
    30. 30. My Library Account
    31. 31. My Library Account User ID: Same as HKBU email Password: Same as HKBU emailUse it to manage your borrowed items, renew books online, view reading history, make request, etc.
    32. 32. Ask a Librarian for Help Online: Ask A Librarian Telephone: 3411-7363 Visit: Information Desk
    33. 33. Find us on Facebook!Useful research tipsposted throughout thesemesterKeep up to date withlatest Library serviceimprovements in yourNews FeedJust click the Like buttonon the website!
    34. 34. HKBU Library -