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You tube presentation_may8_v2

  1. 1. We’ve You’ve got something to say
  2. 2. We are KEO filmsBorn 1996 in London, UKIntegrated broadcast, commercial and digital production companyProduced two of the most talked-about documentaries in 2011Voted best UK television production company by peers in 201255 million TV viewers last year
  3. 3. We are KEO filmsDebbie Manners - Managing Director, KEO films; Chair PACTNick Underhill - Managing Director, KEO digitalRob Love - CEO KEO digital, MD River CottageMurry Toms - Executive Producer, KEO digitalWill Anderson - Executive Producer, Hugh’s Fish FightSimon Deverell - Creative Director, KEO digital
  4. 4. More than ratings Reason to exist beyond ratings Our productions provoke and engage Exploit digital tools to optimise participation Ratings powerhouse and multi-award winners Independent of Channel 4 Want to bring something new to YouTube
  5. 5. KEO films showreel Password: kfpsf
  6. 6. This is River Cottage Created Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV cookery series in 1998 Developed Park Farm base, home to River Cottage River Cottage HQ now conduit to multiple channels Home to our high-profile campaigns For the first time we’re offering exclusive access to it all YouTube focus for all KEO films output with shared values
  7. 7. This is River Cottage 18 TV series with Hugh and team Developed international audience Digital platforms and communities Cookery School and eLearning Restaurants (Canteens) Best-selling books Park Farm ‘studio’ - 65 acres - the home of everything we do!
  8. 8. Channels we’ve builtWe’ll exploit our reach to integrate YouTube20 million web visitors to our channels in 20111.5 million registered web usersReach five million people through social channel each month400,000 across social networks
  9. 9. Other channels we’ll use Books - Hugh’s sold two million Handbook series - ‘non-Hugh’ series of 10 sold 500,000 Globally - eight foreign language publications River Cottage HQ - 300 events annually, 35,000 visitors Two Canteens - 150,000 annual visitors. More in 2013 Field Canteens - when we hit the road High-profile campaigns . . .
  10. 10. Hugh’s Chicken RunLaunched by Hugh in 2008 on Channel 4£90,000 raised in 24 hours to attend Tesco AGM174,000 pledged to buy free-range chickenBest use of Interactive at the Broadcast Awards.Battery chicken sales down 10,000,000.
  11. 11. LandshareLaunched by Hugh in partnership with Channel 470,000 membersSocial Media – Community Programme at the BIMAsKickstarted global movement
  12. 12. Hugh’s Fish Fight Launched by Hugh last year on Channel 4 790,000 supporters Two million web visitors in three days Twitter reach of 16 million during campaign New proposals under review at EU Parliament in Brussels by Minister Maria Damanaki The fight goes on . . .
  13. 13. energyshare Launched 2010 65,000 members Local communities awarded over £300,000 in first phase Generated enough energy to power over 1,000 homes Our aim is to move 10% of UK population to consume and generate renewable energy
  14. 14. Hugh’s Three Hungry BoysSecond season broadcast in January on Channel 4Talent expansion, new demographicRiver Cottage broadening talent baseNew generation into local, sustainability issuesNarrative driven by social media. Trended in UK
  15. 15. Why we’re excited about YouTube Timing is right for River Cottage Working towards connected TV experience for over 10 years We have the content, audience, skills and the talent Established cookery brand with large, loyal audiences Global reach
  16. 16. River Cottage - reach v engagement
  17. 17. River Cottage - reach v engagement
  18. 18. Channel concept
  19. 19. Our new food and cookery channel Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage gang will scour both land and sea in search of an alternative culinary lifestyle for YouTube using a delicious recipe of brand new, classic and live programming.
  20. 20. Using our unique set-up
  21. 21. New & Seasonal (a) Veg Question Time (a) Wild Now with John Catch & Cook Course Basic Husbandry (a) #ASKHUGH (a) 52x3-5min recipes 12x5min 12x5min Monthly episodic 12x5mins 4x5-8mins 12x5mins Classic River Cottage Seasonal Guide Wild Now with 3HB (a) Pig Course #ASKTHETEAM (a) 52x3-5min recipes 12x8mins 12x8min Thom’s Splendour Monthly episodic 8x5-8mins 4x8mins 12x5mins Kitchen Tips (a) Plot to Plate Wild Jam with Pam Park Farm Live (a) 24x1-2min 12x5mins raw recipes 12x5min Fish Skills Butchery Skills 12x5-8mins 24x1-2mins 24x1-2mins Build and Bake LambCam (a) Monthly episodic What’s Catching (a) 12x3-mins/livecam 12x5mins 12x2-3mins Challenge 3HBs (a) On the Road (a) 12x5-8mins Monthly episodic 12x5mins Campaign updates Exclusive firsts CanteenCam 12x3mins recipes(a) = audience questions / requests / interaction Content overview
  22. 22. Introducing a weekly schedule
  23. 23. Annotations - weekly schedule card Content ID - create brand ambassadorsVideo response tool - engagement Syndication - YouTube on all KEO digital and partner platformsCommenting - community building Bespoke functionality ie. BAFTA votingThumbs up - introduce competitionsCollaborations - identify key contributors Content optimisation
  24. 24. Annotations - cross-promotion Thumbs up - introduce competitions• Next episode/course • Most thumbs-up wins• More Gill Mellor • Included in Friday’s ‘live’ show• Subscribe to ‘Kitchen’ PlaylistsVideo response tool - engagement • In the kitchen• ‘Show us yours’ via annotations • Seasonal• Fan-versions of the recipes • Gill Mellor• Gill to announce winner on Friday ‘show’ SyndicationCommenting - community building • Shared across KEO network to drive• Use annotations to invite comments subscriptions• Make suggestions for variations• Recipe share Gill’s scallop and chorizo recipe
  25. 25. Annotations Thumbs up• Past challenges • Challenge with most thumbs-up wins• More Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys • Included in Friday’s ‘live’ show• Subscribe to ‘Challenge 3HB’• Drive engagement Playlists • WildsideVideo response tool • Seasonal• Invite challenges • Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys• Involve and feature audience• Audience to shape narrative Syndication• Show us what you’ve been up to • Shared across KEO network to drive subscriptionsCommenting• Use annotations to invite comments• Make suggestions for tasks• Ask Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys Challenge Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys
  26. 26. Annotations Commenting• Cross-promote this week’s content • Use annotations to invite comments• Other relevant content • Questions for host to answer• Subscription CTA • Feedback and suggestions • Seed discussionVideo response tool• Viewer-centric magazine programme Syndication• Audience to shape narrative • Shared across KEO network to drive• Recipe attempts subscriptions• Campaign responses• Invite reaction to output• Feedback and suggestions• Show us what you’ve been up to @Live
  27. 27. River Cottage original programming (OP) for YouTubeAnchored by weekly ‘live’ broadcast from Park Farm studioExclusive content from TV series and campaign updatesOver 100 hours of classic River Cottage availableTwelve high profile stars of long-running TV series Summary of content
  28. 28. Optimise first 15 seconds (taster) Editing techniquesCarry calls to action to build Duration - from 2-12 minutescommunity MusicSchedule of tent-pole programming‘Live’ formatCamera style YouTube treatment
  29. 29. A taste of River Cottage > Password: RCPitch
  30. 30. Our audience
  31. 31. Platform strategy
  32. 32. Production optimisation
  33. 33. Our current YouTube demographic
  34. 34. Our global reach24 TV territories8 language publications
  35. 35. Production capability
  36. 36. Credentials and infrastructure 55 full-time staff 300 hours of programming Seven major websites across one platform Ten years of community management TV Studio, production house and design centre Two Canteen bases in south west. More to follow. Current YouTube channels have over 1.5m views (1,883 subs) One million views on other platforms
  37. 37. Where you’ll find us
  38. 38. How we’ll build our channel End-to-end television production capability Dedicated digital and promotion team Long record of delivering multiplatform success
  39. 39. PEOPLE Channel investmentAccount ManagerNick UnderhillCreative DirectorSimon DeverellDirectorWill Anderson Content output 25% Marketing and promotionChannel managerMurry TomsEditor and motion 75%graphicsEd Ovenden Up to half hour newYouTube marketingJake Lea-Wilson Up to half hour classicProduction managerTrevor de Vergara Up to half hour ‘live’
  40. 40. Building an audience showreel
  41. 41. So, to summarise . . . Brand Skills Experience Strategy Opportunity
  42. 42. Thank youAny questions?@KEOfilms@rivercottage@hughsfishfight