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Development application & e governance


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Created By Henry John Nueva, MME

Published in: Technology, Business
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Development application & e governance

  1. 1. AND Presenter:HENRY JOHN NAGUN NUEVA - ECE M.S. Management Engineering
  2. 2. I. Reinventing Government in the Information Age.I. People’s Participation, Consensus Building and Transparency through ICTs : Issues & Challenges for Governance in the Philippines .III. Shaping Organization Form: Communication, Connection & Community.IV. ICTs and Employment: the problem of Job Quality.
  3. 3. At the end of the presentation, we should be able to: 1. Understand the principle of e-Governance. 2. Understand reinvention as applied in the Government. 3. Determine valuable factors that would help in promoting ICT in Government Systems. 4. Assemble materials requisite prior to ICT applications. 5. Describe & Provide recommendation on Industry’s Job Quality
  4. 4. “One of the most widespread and easiest applications in e-government is ONLINE DISSEMINATION of BASIC GOVERNMENT INFORMATION”
  5. 5. Government Government refers to the legislators, administrators, and arbitrators in the administrative bureaucracy who control a state at a given time, and to the system of government by which they are organized. Government is the means by which state policy is enforced, as well as the mechanism for determining the policy of the state. A form of government, or form of state governance, refers to the set of political institutions by which a government of a state is organized.
  7. 7. RESPONSIBILITY• Responsible in planning and gathering resources for government programs.• Responsible leaders and citizens.• Quick and quality performance prior to local & national governance.• Government transparency and accountability.
  8. 8. DISCIPLINE• Strong & strict individual and group compliance that offers great opportunity to national intelligence.• Collective idea bounded by the state policy and its jurisdiction which cannot be separated by the law.• National integrity and courage to uplift the quality of government system both local and national charter.
  9. 9. THOROUGH DECISION & PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION• Centralize quality of information disseminated under the state of law.• Product of qualitative study and dominant classic of favour and demand.• Majority and general decision applicable providing benefits but not war.
  10. 10. •It will create and focus the work of management on a higher purpose .•It will also embed the ethos of community and citizenship.•Make direction setting bottom-up and outside-in.•De-politicize decision making.•It will also develop holistic performance measures.
  11. 11. ReinventionA method or process from which an applicable system needs to bring into use again by means of conducting, organizing, planning and implementing productive projects or initiativesexecuted by law, leaders of the law and people governed under these law.
  12. 12. "ICT-enabled applications have much to offer information age reform processes of decentralization, increased accountability, and democratization in government, the capacity to improve democraticprocesses by providing information to citizens and by allowing the voices of citizens to be heard by each other and by politicians and public servants.” Next>>
  13. 13. Efficiency Improvement• Processesand procedures Modification to increase quality Output.• Application of Statistical Quality Control• Implementation of Citizen’s Satisfaction surveys.
  14. 14. Decentralization• Excellent Decision Assembly• Knowledge in Corporate and/or Government Directives• Uniformity of Policies and Regulations
  15. 15. Increase Performance & Resource Management• Clear Policy Emphasis Development and Resource Availability Alterations.• Updated Employee and Management Training• Updated government materials, equipments and facilities.
  16. 16. Ability in Marketization• Excellent Market Strategy• Knowledge in e-Commerce• Excellent Planning and Organizational Strategy
  17. 17. Accountability• Honest and True Government Service• Service-oriented and prompt provision• Courtesy and Ownership towards citizens concern.
  18. 18. People’s Participation Consensus BuildingGovernment Transparency through ICTs
  19. 19. Shaping National & Local Community Organizations via 3C’s Communication, Connection & Community
  20. 20. SENDER CHANNEL RECEIVER Communication as applied in ICT is a major model of disseminating symbols, characters, data & informationfrom which evaluated, implemented and monitored through validated process. Communication Technology is the most important aspect when it comes to networks and security. Without this element, system is useless.
  21. 21. This aspect is simply defined as a condition of beingconnected. Control and limitations are inclusive componentsthat may vary in accordance to the management application of such organization. IMPORTANCE: To be familiar, informed, updated and knowledgeable in a workflow environment and alike.
  22. 22. The main reason why we need to create an organized, well- oriented and transparent government is because of our COMMUNITY, as categorized either a Geographic, communities of Culture, or community Organizations.
  23. 23. Issue:Inadequate ICT infrastructure to support interconnectivity and widerpublic access to government information and services.
  24. 24. • Radio Programs and Advertisements• Television Programs, Advertisements and Public & Foreign Affairs• Telecommunications• Networking and Web Interactions
  25. 25. • The use of ICTs are associated with new patterns of job creation and job loss.-Indications to put forward jobs could be lost through:1. Automation2. Obsolescence3. Disintermediation
  26. 26. ICT replaces old tasks and occupations throughautomation, such as the telephone switchboardoperator.But the technologies also create new tasks andoccupations, such as Webpage designers or call-centre workers or a variety of newintermediaries .
  27. 27. •The creation of entirely new industries such asthe1. Application software,2. Computer Systems,3. Micro-electronic products,4. the GSM industries etc has brought about new employment opportunities, which employ a substantial number of people.
  28. 28. • BPO ( Business Processing Outsource ) - Call Center - Virtual Assistance - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Remote Assistance• CORPORATE AND BUSINESS ANALYST• PROGRAMMERS, WEB DESIGNERS, GRAPHIC ARTISTS• APPLICATION SOFTWARE CREATORS
  30. 30. •According to Cymbeline Refalda-Villamin,A total of 4,670,824 telephone lines have been installed by variouscarriers including PLDT, Globe, Smart, Islacom, Piltel, Digitel, andothers. As of 2011, approximately 2,100,000 units of GSM phones includingWAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled were sold. WAP phonescan be used for emails and Internet access, making Philippines the textmessaging capital of the world.In the ranking of worldwide Internet economy with regards tocompetitiveness in Asian countries as of the current year, thePhilippines ranks 39th, followed by India (43rd) and Indonesia (45th).Singapore ranks 2nd, followed by Australia (13th), Hongkong (14th), andJapan (17th).
  31. 31. ICT or cyber parks continue to be established in the country–1. Eastwood Cyber Park in Libis,2. Quezon City and Northgate Cyber Zone in Filinvest, Alabang.3. Fort Bonifacio Global City, BCDA ICT Zone, and Laguna Industrial Park ICT Zone in Metro Manila4. Cebu ICT Zone in Northern Visayas5. Subic Cyber port in Zambales6. Baguio city Economic Zone
  32. 32. Municipality / District Website .gov URL:City DomainAgno 1 Y N City 1 Y Y 1 Y N 1 Y Y 1 Y Y 1 N NDasol 1 N NInfanta 1 N NMabini 1 Y Y 1 N NAguilar 2 N N
  33. 33. Municipality / District Website .gov URL:City DomainBasista 2 N NBinmaley 2 Y N 2 N NLabrador 2 N NLingayen 2 Y Y 2 N NUrbiztondo 2 N NBayambang 3 Y Y 3 Y N 3 Y Y 3 N N
  34. 34. Municipality / District Website .gov URL:City DomainSan Carlos City 3 N NSanta Barbara 3 Y Y City 4 Y Y 4 Y Y 4 Y Y Fabian 4 N NSan Jacinto 4 N NAlcala 5 N NBautista 5 N NBinalonan 5 Y Y 5 N N
  35. 35. Municipality / District Website .gov URL:City DomainPozorubbio 5 N NSanto Tomas 5 N NSison 5 Y Y City 5 Y Y 5 Y Y 6 N NBalungao 6 Y N 6 N NRosales 6 Y N Manuel 6 N NSan Nicolas 6 Y N
  36. 36. Municipality / District Website .gov URL:City DomainSan Quintin 6 N NSanta Maria 6 N NTayug 6 N NUmingan 6 Y Y
  37. 37. • To enabled e-society where citizens have access to technologies thatwill provide quality education, efficient government service, greatersource of Livelihood and a better way of life.•To develop Country as a World Class ICT Service Providers•Provide Government Services to Stakeholders Online•Create an enabling legal and regulatory environment• Provide affordable internet access to all segments of the population•Develop an IT enabled Workforce
  38. 38. According to the survey by Global Index / Meta GroupResearch of 47 countries, the Filipinos are the top knowledgeworkers of the world, followed by the Australians, Americans,Canadians, and French. The Filipino IT professional is theman of the hour. Undergoing only perhaps a week-longsoftware / hardware training course, IT companies in any partof the world are willing to immediately hire and relocate himand give him US$ 10,000 or Ph P 400,000 basic monthlysalary.
  39. 39. Aim to become Asias knowledge centre in the 21st centurywhen at the moment, Singapore is perhaps already Asiasknowledge centre, with Malaysia fast becoming another one.We can see that detrimental factors including weakinfrastructure, terrorists problem and others do not preventthe Philippines from transforming into a digital economyand treading the threshold of globalization where in factHuman resources is the Philippine vast capital.
  40. 40. Presenters Recommendation:In order to implement ICT and enabling citizens to be betterinformed, more involved and participative in localgovernance;1. Government should provide ICT educational and trainingawareness accessibility to all citizens.2. Create a local & national task force to monitor andevaluate ICT progress in the Philippines3. Government should implement, internet-enabledgovernment service applications such as Social Security,Benefits, Community activities and other related >>>
  41. 41. communication medium guided by R.A. 8792 also known asE-Commerce Act.4. Government should disseminate central cyber communityin local & national areas for free to all citizens towards ICTaccessibility.5. Government should create national directive and rulespertaining to the execution of ICT Applications.
  42. 42. A. Alampaye-LGU Development : January 2012