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hjc & HMA: Integrated Monthly Giving


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hjc & HMA: Integrated Monthly Giving

  1. 1. Who Are We? Harvey McKinnon Mike Johnston Founder, Founder, Harvey McKinnon Associates (HMA) Hewitt and Johnston Consultants (hjc)Monthly Giving, Integrated Fundraising, Direct Mail Online Fundraising, Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Dancer Extraordinaire, Aerobics Instructor, Thinks ‘Medium’ is a word you Believes that you can be 50 years old use to describe a seer not a channel and still play computer games without being a nerd
  2. 2. What we’ll cover in an hour Proof that you Channel and What’s stopping New Innovations can improve Demographic integrated in Monthly your monthly context monthly giving Giving givingNext Generation Survey The barriers How 2 hospital Multi-Step Monthly foundations beat their Conversion industry average The current reality Community based Making online more monthly giving What happens when effective you stick in one Mobile and Monthly channel Benefits and Privileges Giving that sell monthly giving Monthly donor surveys to find bigger gifts
  3. 3. “I’m all for progress. It’schange I can’t stand.” Mark Twain
  4. 4. Take our survey at the end of the session! At the end of the session, we’ll ask you to go online and fill out our integration survey. We’ll select 2 WINNERS to receive complimentary 1-hour integrated monthly giving consulting session
  5. 5. It’s not all about technology• Strategy• Leadership• Culture• Budget• Commitment• Analysis
  7. 7. Case Study – Small Animal CharityCanada’s Vancouvermost Islandendangered Marmotmammal There are only 35 left in the wild
  8. 8. Marmot Recovery FoundationSingle gift donors 7,382Monthly donors 1,164Average monthly gift $12.95Annual monthly total $155.40
  9. 9. Marmot Recovery FoundationAnnual average gift $25.38single gift donorsAverage annual $155.40gift monthliesRatio 6.12
  10. 10. Fundraising is profoundly multi-channelSource: Next Generation of Canadian and American Giving
  11. 11. More channels available for monthly conversion with younger donors… % Who Agree, Appropriate Solicitation Channel GEN Y GEN X BOOMER CIVIC MAIL 77% 79% 74% 77% EMAIL 76% 69% 60% 51%SOCIAL MEDIA 69% 60% 38% 17% PHONE 51% 42% 39% 34% TEXT 38% 25% 16% 13% Source: Next Generation of Canadian and American Giving
  13. 13. Harvey: What’s Stopping Integrated Monthly Giving• Fear of risk• Lack of vision• Personal Ego• Lack of shared goals
  14. 14. Mike: What’s Stopping Integrated Monthly Giving• Lack of budget• Lack of skill sets• Internal competition• Lack of exploration of opportunities (testing)
  15. 15. Current Reality1) Offline donors are aging2) Donor files and acquisition sources are shrinking3) Donor Fatigue4) Revenues are flat and/or falling5) Direct mail costs are increasing/ fundraising margins are shrinking6) Online – when kept in a silo - underperforms Nonprofits need younger more valuable donors More personal relationships with loyal donors Investment in a multi-channel approach
  16. 16. Online donor retention of single gift donors can be terrible... 12% average retention rateSolution: Integrated Monthly Giving
  18. 18. Some non-profit verticals havelower percentages than others –but you can change that! What is closest to the average size of your recurring monthly gifts? 4% 8% 11% 4%I dont knowLess than $10$10 $10 15%$15 31%$20$25$35 or more 27%
  19. 19. One hospital -Monthly gift range• $0-$9.99 7%• $10-$14.99 39%• $15-$24.99 29%• $25-$49.99 15%• $50-$99.99 7%• $100-$499.99 3%• Average $21/month. Attrition 7% per year
  20. 20. You can change your monthlygiving circumstance Approximately what percent of your annual fundraisinig revenue comes from recurring monthly giving? 4% 19% 31%I dont know0%-5%6%-10%31% or more 46%
  21. 21. What percentage of your file is givingmonthly?• One hospital has 12.7% giving monthly• One of our clients has more than 50% giving monthly
  22. 22. Don’t do this!10/29/2012 proprietary and confidential
  23. 23. Create a visual monthly givingprogram brand and use itconsistently • Make it mission and brand related – not generic monthly giving
  24. 24. • Create a monthly brand that is relevant to the experience of the individual e.g. Relay for Life participant• Create a relevant, passionate premium• Use multi-channels:a) Face to face at the eventb) Email, telephone follow upHow can your organization createmorerelevant, passionate, evocativemonthly giving programs?
  25. 25. A form thatmakesmonthlyupfrontandimportant 26
  26. 26. 27
  27. 27. “We are up 10% in overall # ofonline monthlies since the newforms launched. We didn’t have atonne of online monthlies to beginwith, so it’s a nice bounce." 28
  28. 28. Creating not just an improvedgiving form, but a moreevocative monthly brand… 29
  29. 29. 10/29/2012 proprietary and confidential
  30. 30. You get what you ask for – even inintegrated monthly giving So, don’t be shy about soliciting monthly gifts first – online too!
  31. 31. A look back at 1999... Greenpeace International makesMONTHLY THE WAY TO GIVE!
  32. 32. Greenpeace online fundraising growth over 10 years 11,848 12000Num 10000ber 8000of 6000d 4000onor 2000 2,324s 111 883 0 Monthly Single
  33. 33. Create unique benefits and exclusivity aroundbeing a monthly donor and give channeloptions…
  34. 34. WSPA and some iron bars…
  36. 36. How can you find more value from monthly donors… just ask!The cultivation survey:• Sent to 57,400 donors• 3 key segments: Monthly, Active & Lapsed• 5,530 responses (response rate of 11%)• Raised $17,574 – a bonus!• Reactivated 30 donors• Found 85 expectances and 292 legacy leads• 143 middle and major donor leads!• Key: shared budgeting!FOUND INFORMATION TO IMPROVEON MONTHLY CONVERSION
  37. 37. Survey Learning: Target RecentlyLapsed early
  38. 38. Survey Learning: Using interests in improvelapsed reactivation scripts…
  40. 40. Integrated Monthly Givingincludes ‘chugging’… Cost to acquire a monthly donor ($17/month) is currently standing at 14-16 month breakeven It has a chance to increase their annual campaign database by 3000%.
  41. 41. Channels make a difference
  42. 42. Be open to multi-step, multi- channel Monthly Donor AcquisitionLead Acquisition & Conversion Games Email Advocacy Direct mail LEADS Telemarketing Enews DONORS Social Media
  43. 43. Amnesty Canada: multi-channel and multi-stage monthly giving conversion More info: legitimacy Comments: priority for Counter: social calls proofPhone number: Ask! Subscribe: for cultivation
  44. 44. The different constituencies called…20.00% 18.50%18.00% Recent Lapsed16.00% Monthly Donor14.00% Online Petition Only 11%12.00% 9%10.00% 8% E-newsletter 8.00% Subscriber 6.00% Lapsed Single Gift 4.00% Donor 2.00% 0.00% CPMD $75
  45. 45. A 9-step checklist for conversion ofonline warm leads to monthlydonors 1. Set criteria for campaign 2. Ask for phone numbers, mailing address, email address 3. Get traffic 4. Manage data 5. Send email prior to call 6. Write script 7. Training 8. Pledge packs 9. Assess results
  46. 46. And if you don’t use thephone, you can still use emailalone…
  49. 49. Mobile texts and monthly conversion… • Gaza conflict early 2009: Save the Children UK run National press campaign - text support for a ceasefire. • Call to action – ‘text CEASEFIRE’ - pass details onto friends and family . • Campaign goes viral - 182,000 people text - petition taken to Downing Street. • All supporters were called on their mobile phones and prior to the call we had no information (name, address, etc) about these prospects. 5% conversion to monthly giving of those reached – approximately 4,700 new monthly donors
  50. 50. Take our survey!At the end of the session, we’ll ask you to go online and fill outour integration survey. We’ll select 2 WINNERS to receivecomplimentary 1-hour integrated monthly giving consultingsession
  51. 51. Thank you!• Mike Johnston• Harvey McKinnon