Finalfinal blackbaud and hjc session may 31 2012 mwj


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  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
  • Letter is from Robbie Shaw, not “The Office of the President & CEO.”Short opening sentence. Short paragraphs.Seven “yous” in the first three paragraphs.
  • The writer introduces a technical term, defines it, and explains it (unlike the writer of the Ottawa Hospital letter, who introduces “Oncolytic JX-594” in the Johnston Box but does not explain it.Variable copy personalizes the ask and shows that the hospital knows this donor in particular.
  • ***Content from HJC presentation***
  • ChrisBlackbaud offers a mobile experience for both supporters/donors and staff.- Supporters/Donors access a mobile-optimized version of your website- Staff accessed an optimized version of The Raiser’s Edge on their mobile device.
  • ChrisData PortabilityOptimized presentation of constituent information for smartphoneUp-to-date information for constituent profiles—no more printing static copiesAccess recent gift dataNo more lugging around binders or laptopsAdd constituents as Favorites for offline access Leverage native smartphone functions like click-to-call, mapping, email, textEase of UpdateMeets users where they are used to workingAdd/edit notes and call reports on the road—right into the constituent recordComplete your assigned actions and add new actionsConstituent RecordEasy to read contact informationEmail, call or text right from the constituent recordSee Details, Giving, Notes, Actions, Relationships
  • Win a multi-channel consulting session
  • Finalfinal blackbaud and hjc session may 31 2012 mwj

    2. 2. Who Am I?Michael JohnstonPresident and Founder, hjc
    3. 3. Take our survey at the end of the session! At the end of the session, we’ll ask you to go online and fill out our integration survey. We’ll select 2 WINNERS to receive complimentary 1-hour Canadian health-related organization integrated fundraising consulting session
    4. 4. The current reality – what youtold us• Over 30 organizations answered the questionnaire• Here’s what you’ve told us – and your peers
    5. 5. Online – it’s still early days What best describes the ratio of individual donations your organization receives online versus offline? 7% 14% 3%I dont know 14% 7%0% online / 100% offline5% online / 95% offline10% online / 90% offline15% online / 85% offline20% online / 80% offline 55%
    6. 6. You are slightly higher than other verticals What is the average size of indiviudal donation to your organization? 11% Is this a middle 4% 26% donor gift$10-$49 opportunity? 11%$50-$99$100-$149 QUESTION ONE:$200-$249 How many of you$250 or more have a middle donor program? 48%
    7. 7. A hospital’s mid-level donor file four yearsafter beginning . . .Number of active donors increased: 58%Number of annual gifts increased: 66%Average gift increased: 27%Revenue per donor increased: 34%Revenue increased: 111%
    8. 8. Two surprises... Through which of the following sources does your organization receive donations? Select all that apply.100%90% ?80%70% ?60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% Recurring monthly giving Planned giving Special events Peer-to-peer fundraising Annual/regular giving campaigns
    9. 9. Maximizing peer 2 peer• third party event portals• memorial/tribute/honour giving• virtual galas to compliment real galas
    10. 10. Too manual
    11. 11. Leveraging online
    12. 12. Going even farther
    13. 13. Peer to Peer and Memorial Giving
    14. 14. Peer to Peer and Memorial Giving
    15. 15. Stand Alone Online Campaigns
    16. 16. You are lower than other verticals What is closest to the average size of your recurring monthly gifts? 4% 8% 11% 4%I dont knowLess than $10$10 $10 15%$15 31%$20$25$35 or more Question 2: How 27% many of you use the phone to upgrade your monthly donors?
    17. 17. You are lower than some otherverticals Approximately what percent of your annual fundraisinig revenue comes from recurring monthly giving? 4% 19% 31%I dont know0%-5%6%-10%31% or more 46%
    18. 18. Create a visual monthly givingprogram brand and use itconsistently • Make it mission and brand related – not generic monthly giving
    19. 19. 5/31/2012 proprietary and confidential
    20. 20. Create some benefits andexclusivity around being amonthly donor
    21. 21. You are ‘punching under weight’ Approximately what percent of your annual fundraisinig revenue comes from planned gifts? 4% 14% 23%I dont know0%-5%6%-10%11%-20% 18%21%-30%31% or more 23% 18%
    22. 22. Turbo Charging your planned gifts with an integrated approach...The cultivation survey:• Sent to 57,400 donors• 3 key segments: Monthly, Active & Lapsed• 5,530 responses (response rate of 11%)• Raised $17,574 – a bonus!• Reactivated 30 donors• Found 85 expectances and 292 legacy leads• 143 middle and major donor leads!• Key: shared budgeting!
    23. 23. Get information for many departments…
    24. 24. The goals of the survey1. Collect personal preferences of donors for targeted marketing appeals2. Collect demographic data for marketing purposes – and connect it automatically to the database!3. Build a deeper relationship with donors – give them a platform to be heard4. Uncover leads for other forms of giving – including legacies, middle gifts, and major donor gifts
    25. 25. Events are important – but how canyou do them more effectively? What percentage of your annual fundraising is done through events? 7% 10% 17% I dont know 0-19% 20-39% 31% 40-59% 60% or more 35%
    26. 26. 29Proprietary and Confidential
    27. 27. 1. Average raised per committee member: $17,129.832. Top 3 committee fundraisers raised $189,252 30 Proprietary and Confidential
    28. 28. You are a very traditional channelvertical Which channel is most important to your annual/regular giving program? 4% 4% 3% 7%Direct MailFace-to-facePhone 11%RadiothonOnlineEvents 71%
    29. 29. HOLIDAY 2011 CAMPAIGNThe campaign featured a landing page, which displayed“messages of hope”, left by constituents when theywere making donations.They wanted to better combine traditional direct mailwith online to improve results.
    30. 30. HOLIDAY 2011 CAMPAIGN – MORE ONLINE IN SUPPORT OF DIRECT MAILThe campaign was active for about threeweeks, ending on December 31, 2011.It included:1. Google AdWords Search Network (Paid Account)2. Google AdWords Display Network3. Google AdWords Search Network (Google Grant Account)4. Email – 4 waves
    31. 31. eCardDM engagement device
    32. 32. RESULTS AND LEARNINGSOverall Revenue: 1,272 gifts, $275,003, $216.20average gift1. Big Breakthrough #1: Google Search, Adwords - $2,500 spent with a return of $58,000.2. Big Breakthrough #2: Integration across channels worked3. Big Breakthrough #3: More emails, with personalization and e-cards, led to more money online4. 60% increase in revenue from the year before by combining direct mail and online – with the data used from RE
    33. 33. You see a changing future... Which channel do you think will be most important to your annual/regular giving program in 10 years? 4% 7%Online 14%EventsFace-to-faceDirect MailPhone 61% 14%
    34. 34. And the data backs up yourprojections about online• Charitable web site traffic growth in 2011: 38.9% in Canada vs. 11.1% in US• Charitable email open rates in the US were 18.4% vs. 29.2% in Canada• 33% of online donations in Canada are monthly (and monthly is growing online at 7.4% last year)• But in many ways, we are play ‘catch up’ with our US counterparts Data above from Blackbaud:Convio 2012 Online Benchmark Study -
    35. 35. Ambivalent on hand helds? How interested are you in using mobile giving to raise money? 21% 25%Very interestedSomewhat interestedNot Interested 54%
    36. 36. Very, very early days Do you currently use mobile giving? 3% 14%NoYesI dont know 83%
    38. 38. The raiser’s Edge Mobile app
    39. 39. Newer, not older web sites? How many years ago did you last redesign your website? 3% 4% 7%Less than 2 years3-4 years 17%5-6 years7 or more yearsI dont know 69%
    40. 40. Newer, not older web sites?
    41. 41. Opportunity for more intimatecontact? On average, how far do your donors live from your main healthcare facility? 3% 28% 21% Question 3: How manyLess than 5 kilometers of you have KPIs for5-9 kilometers visits for larger gift10-14 kilometers giving?15-19 kilometers20+ kilometersI dont know 17% 21% 10%
    42. 42. Opportunity for more intimatecontact?
    43. 43. Opportunity for more intimatecontact?
    44. 44. New ways to get communitysupport... St Joseph’s Health Care Centre Foundation in Toronto is using professional direct dialogue services to help secure: event pledge participants and local business commitments to make their upcoming Fall event success e.g. Direct Dialoguers going to shops and knocking on doors, etc
    45. 45. Take our survey! At the end of the session, we’ll ask you to go online and fill out our integration survey. We’ll select 2 WINNERS to receive complimentary 1-hour Canadian health-related organization integrated fundraising consulting session
    46. 46. Thank you!• Mike Johnston