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Project 2


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Synthesis Project about Multimedia / Interactive Learning

Published in: Education, Technology
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Project 2

  1. 1. Hiwet MehariSynthesis Project about Social / Collaborative Learning 1. Hiwet Tesfamariam Mehari 2. Usually I am a fast learner, especially if is visual. Anyways, at the very begging of the class which was about the syllabus/survey I did well, but I was worry because I have no I idea what’s so ever about iPod, but after the test I was like this class is not going to be hard as I though even though the title is “How to learn your iPod” and I don’t have iPod. At the end of the class, my thinking has changed because the class got harder and some assignments were not clear, but the main thing that changes my thinking was that the class was not only about iPod but also the other technology and social media. Overall, my learning preferences changes, due the assignments thru out the semester and I think it’s because I had been learning so much. Well my learning preferences make a difference in my personal learning success because I have been using only way of studying, therefore, when I try a different learning has helped me but dependence what I am studying. 3. Leaning pathway that I choose at the beginning of the class was my old style because that works for me and I have been success by own learning style. As far as I know I am satisfied with my learning path way and I happy person. At some point I have try to change my learning path way but it didn’t work, and I was happy with the result, but I always try different learning path way, because it’s not only one way for to learn in this world. However, this class I have gave a different opportunity to use social technologies and I was able to be out of the small box of my own, and as of now I become more a social person. Because of this class I have create a account with facebook, twitter, and I have download some games on my phone so I can check them out on my free time. Well, even though my learning pathways didn’t change completely I have change at some because I want to learn different and I have enjoyed it so far. 4. The activities that I completed contributed and helped me to get a broader understanding of how social technology works, for example, I have download some music that helped to understand the society that we live in. before I took this class I was not interesting in on music or I was not planning to head to music, but because of this class I have learn that helps me to the long ran, meaning as of now I know to add or removed music from iPod/ iTunes. The specific activities that helped me to get a deeper understanding of how to use the social technology was Microblogs even though I didn’t understand but from time to time I have learn so much and now I love it. Microblogs address my learning preferences would be connect with people thru facebook,, twitter, and chat with people more often, so that I can become familiar with the webs and spread my knowledge. Also I have tried to use that website, LSCON on Twitter (Learning Solutions Conference): Participate in and follow a conference!/lscon which I found out very interesting and fun at the same time.
  2. 2. Hiwet Mehari5. IPods/mp3 player and my recording activity were once a week and I try not to give up, because it was hard for me. Since I work full time, part time my intern, and of course full time school. However, I learned a lot because I even went to online to find an easy way it went great. My learning strategy was very interesting. First time, I did was a got an iPod, download iTunes, get some songs from YouTube and transfer to my iPod. This was really fun and I love it, now I have my iPod on my car playing every day. As of today I have about 70 songs. Using the technology help me to improve my learning a lot because if I didn’t take this class I probably won’t learn how to use the ipod. Because of this class now I felt I can learn the rest of the technology as long as I stick with. Bookmarking My learning strategies for the bookmarking would be try on and see if it works, because for me it always easy if I step in and try. When I try those the bookmarking and I returned the next day it really work. From time to time what I have notice and it really work for me is in order to learn something new I have to practice till understand and work on my own. Because every time I try to work with a group, it doesn’t help instead by the time I finished with the group I get confuse and I lose what I have already on my mind. Therefore, the best and the only way for me to learn it effectively is work on till I understand full. Another thing that I found out helpful from this class when a student asked a question including myself and the other people who respond was helpful. Games and MMOGS Game address my learning preferences would be easy and simple since I am a beginner I would have to start from the beginning. Because the technology is moving so fast now days, especially in this society you never know where game can take you. Because I have no idea what is games and MMOGS besides what I learn on this class, it would required me extra times and time to learn more. I always feel that what I learned in class especially one day is never enough, so I have to work extra hard and go above and beyond in order for me to reach where I wanted to be. However, at the end of the semester I have learned so much and I have enjoyed it so far. Because of those three social technologies I can say I am a different person, because I have learned so much that is helping me every day.6. The most social technologies that interested in my most as learning tools was MMOGS games, because as I moved to the United State I though game was only wasting time, but when I took this class it is not for wasting time but I can learn something different than what I learn in class. Therefore, I have learned so many things and I found it good in my life. For example, at particle time I was stress out and I just get my phone and I beginning to play games which release out my stress. Consequently, I am using the game I have a better understanding of the society because at least when people say I play game I can understand why.
  3. 3. Hiwet MehariTo be honest the best I find out and easy to use was face book, not only simple to use but alsoit reconnect me with my old friends from Eritrea. I though facebook is the bestnetworks/social technology because I was able to connect to people from the worldwide. Ithough this is great because of the technology people can easily can reach each other eitherbecause of work or school, which I find useful in life time. As a result, I would like to thankfor those people who are developing the technology and make our life easy and be able toreach the person who lives across the sea. Well, I would continue to use facebook, also, Iwould use the presentation slides online for work or other purpose. Also, I find facebookuseful because I am a visual learn which makes easy for my learning pathway.7. I will definitely use bookmarking as I moves forward to further my education, but then even if I don’t further my education I would continue to used bookmarking either for work, school, and personal use, now that I become so socially person. Find out the bookmarking very useful and I wish I have take this class before, because I been writing so many research paper, and the entire time I copy the url and safe it on documents. Another social learning strategy I will continue to use after this class is the ipod and mp3, which I find out great and functional. I will continue to use those both along with the rest because I find out useful and at some point I feel I reconnect with my life. I will use IPod and MP3 technology even after class, I am hoping to use this my entire life, as I mention I wish I took this class previous, because I felt I have miss a lot, but since it’s never been too late to apply what I learn from this class I will use it for my job or personal use. Well, IPod/MP3 and the social networks will be use for non school use purpose but I will still use it for my personal skill. I think I will avoid Podcasts, not because it not important but its jut because I find out confusing and I am not sure if I understand the purpose of the podcasts.