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Using social media to impact your brand.seff


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Presentation for the South East Franchise Forum on how to use social media to impact a brand.

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Using social media to impact your brand.seff

  1. 1. Using Social Media toImpact Your Brand
  2. 2. agendaIntro: About Hive & Susan TransformationSocial Media is Confusing Avoiding Rip-OffWhat Works (& Doesn’t) Tips and Tactics
  3. 3. introduction: about hive marketingcorporate history| current clients| digital atlanta
  4. 4. about I spent 10+ years coming up with creative marketing strategies for opening hotels like The Westin Arlington Gateway & W Atlanta Downtown. In May 2009, I started Hive Marketing to help hotels and restaurants with social media. Hive has grown to include all kinds of businesses.
  5. 5.  Current clients include Richfield Hospitality, FranNet of Georgia, Highgate Hotels, Dolce Hotels & Resorts, and Crawford & Co. I’m also the co-organizer of Digital Atlanta, a week-long series of events celebrating Atlanta’s digital community.
  6. 6. social media is confusingfacebook| twitter| youtube | linkedin
  7. 7. There are a lot of tools.
  8. 8. “Social media is not about Facebook or MySpaceor Flickr or Twitter or blogs or YouTube. It’s abouthaving a strategy for making your company ororganization more like a person and less like amachine. It’s about humanization.” Jay Baer
  9. 9. social media is: social media isn’t: a conversation  a sales pitch a good way to raise your  a guaranteed book deal internet profile or appearance on Conan a way for potential clients  a get-rich-quick scheme; a to find and get to know panacea; or an excuse to your business stop selling a marathon  a sprint a targeted community of  a giant audience of any the right people people who’ll listen
  10. 10. why you should care 1 in every 11 people on Earth is on Facebook. More than 2.5 million websites have Facebook integration. 13% of internet users are on Twitter; many more people “lurk” than talk. News of Bin Laden’s death broke on Twitter at 10:25pm; Obama announced it at 11:35pm.
  11. 11. what works and doesn’t workbe real. really.
  12. 12. 12 be real Authenticity and transparency are the name of the game. The “royal we” is off- putting, but so is a conservative company that tries to be too hip. Be who you are in social media, and tell the truth.
  13. 13. There is adisconnect whenyour Twitterhandle includesthe word “cares”and you haveprotected youraccount.
  14. 14. A tweeter for theAmerican Red Crossaccidentally sent apersonal tweet from thewrong account. Theyquickly admitted themistake and moved on,which resulted in DogfishHead starting a Twitterfundraising drive forthem.
  15. 15. 15 cocktail party Treat your social media accounts like a cocktail party – heavy on listening and making conversation; light on the sales pitches.
  16. 16. Corning onlyallows its ownposts onFacebook.There’s no pointin being there ifyou don’t want tohear fromcustomers.
  17. 17. Coca-Cola’s Facebook page isall about the fans.
  18. 18. 18 complaintsFace complaints head on. Respond toeverything quickly, and don’t bedefensive! Your response is a commercialfor the next customer.
  19. 19. After a negative tweetabout Price Chopper,the grocer called thetweeter’s boss tocomplain!
  20. 20. Nestle to Facebook fan: “Thanks forthe lesson in manners.”
  21. 21. When his customertweeted about herpizza being deliveredan hour late, Domino’sfranchisee RamonDeLeon made a videoto apologize and sentfree pizzas to thelocal Social MediaClub to generate somepositive buzz onTwitter.
  22. 22. 22 behind the curtainShow off your team. Use photos andvideos (even informal ones) to humanizeyour company. Give your fans the insidescoop.
  23. 23. 24 slow burn Because social media takes place online, people think it can be measured like PPC ads. You should look at it more like playing golf or going out to dinner – an investment in relationships.
  24. 24. how to measure roiOne size does not fit all. Your successshould be determined by your objectives.Social media is infinitely measurable, aslong as you are strategic and know whatyou want to achieve.
  25. 25. If your objective is: Measure success by: Deepening your relationship with  Counting the number of referrals existing customers…. you get from fans and followers. Spreading the word to as many  Tracking your fan and follower people as possible…. counts. Improving your search results….  Benchmarking and tracking how you rank over time. Establishing authority in a particular field….  Counting how often you appear in queries. Driving revenue to a particular time  Counting how much incremental period or product line…. revenue you make.
  26. 26. [Facebook Insights]
  27. 27. [Twitter Metrics]
  28. 28. [YouTube Insight]
  29. 29. [LinkedIn]
  30. 30. don’t get ripped off
  31. 31. 32 one size Again, one size does not fit all. If your consultant doesn’t ask you what your goals are, or doesn’t insist on a method of measurement, you should be worried.
  32. 32. 33 quality/quantity Quality is more important than quantity. You are much better off with a smaller number of people who actually care about what you have to say than a large number of fans who don’t care.
  33. 33. 34 phase out A social media consultant should be willing to turn everything over to an in- house person. You should have access to pages, passwords, and other information without a fight.
  34. 34. 35 paying Social media is free to use. You are paying for creativity and expertise, so make sure that you are selecting a provider who brings that to the table.
  35. 35. social media transformationShelfGenie | Barry Falcon
  36. 36. Facebook These 5 pictures can be used more effectively to visuallyUsing the full describe youravailable size brand.(200px X600px) of yourprofile picture issmart.
  37. 37. FacebookGreat andvariedpictures! Before and after video would be a great addition.
  38. 38. FacebookVery thoroughand completeinfo page. Text-heavy. May want to shorten and refer readers to website.
  39. 39. FacebookCorporateshould like allZees’ pagesand viceversa. Most recent post is from March.
  40. 40. Twitter Following 1 person, followed by 63.Background ishard to read.Most peopleuse a Twitterclient.
  41. 41. TwitterListen andshare more Follow peoplethan you talk. in related space: Real Simple, Unclutter, etc.
  42. 42. Website Free Tips Newsletter includes perfect social media content.Before & After shots make great Facebook content.
  43. 43. Website Add social media icons to your home page and contact page.
  44. 44. tips and tactics
  45. 45. A Note on Google+ Google+ is about tying social to search to improve search results based on your social graph. Businesses will get special features. These roll out in two weeks. So far, I love the Hangout feature and Circles, but I think it’s hard to figure out how to add people. If you need an invite, email me!
  46. 46. Tips for Facebook Don’t use a personal profile or a group for your business; use a page. Link Facebook to Twitter (and maybe LinkedIn) to save time on posts. “Like” complimentary businesses and professionals. Use Facebook ads for granular targeting. Don’t always post the same things on personal and business pages.
  47. 47. Tips for Twitter Leave room to be retweeted: 120 instead of 140. Use TweetDeck or Seismic to manage multiple accounts. Use HootSuite, SocialOomph, or Vitrue Publisher to automate some posts. Don’t use an automated message for new followers. Use a link shortener like
  48. 48. Tips for LinkedIn Don’t link Twitter to LinkedIn. Use #in. Set up an RSS feed of your LinkedIn contacts to stay up to date. Join groups to access more people. Search is biased by connection, so the more you have, the more people you can see in search. Check your profile often. This is the 1st place your customers and vendors go to check up on you.
  49. 49. Tips for Everything Else Use Google Reader to collect RSS feeds of all the blogs you like. Set up a Google News Alert for your name, your company, and your customers. Make a social media calendar. Disable most email notifications. Find secondary sources of content (like IFA Smartbrief).
  50. 50. thank you.404.964.5765© 2011 hive marketing | all rights reserved