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Hive Marketing Hospitality Services


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A description of my services for hospitality companies.

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Hive Marketing Hospitality Services

  1. 1. Hospitality ServicesCreative marketing strategy for hotels, restaurants, and wineries
  2. 2. menuInteractive p. 3-6 Speaking p. 13-14Sales Team Help p. 7-10 Consulting p. 15-16Copywriting p. 11-12 Examples p. 17-20
  3. 3. interactivesocial media | online reputation management | blogs
  4. 4. social media packageI’ll manage Facebook and Twitter on a continuing basis. We’ll work together to developtimely content that keeps your fans and followers engaged without turning them off.The Content Bank – A 10-15 page bank of material to be used to supplement promotionalpostings.Messaging Calendar – A regular calendar of topics and promotions to use as content, sothat your posts are targeting specific revenue goals rather than just random updates.The Weekly Update – A weekly worksheet and/or phone meeting to fill me in on what’shappening. $1,000 set-up fee and $500/month
  5. 5. protect your repI’ll respond to online reviews on your behalf within 48 hours of posting and provide continuedmonitoring to identify trends.Online Reputation Deep Dive – Detailed analysis of business and up to four competitors asthey appear on all online review sites and social media channels, with ideas for next steps.Response Templates – A set of templates written in the appropriate brand voice designedto address most common complaints.Internal Promotion – Branded materials for an in-house campaign to focus associates on theneed to drive online review site scores with excellent service delivery. $1,000 set-up fee | <500 rooms $500/month | 500+ rooms $850/month
  6. 6. bloggingI’ll help you launch a blog, from title to post, and work with vendors to make it happen.Identity Development – A title and/or tagline; an identity statement that can be used as theblog’s About page; and a style guide that will codify what is on- and off-brand for the blog.Editorial Calendar – A monthly calendar of topics to use as content and a list of suggestedregular columns and features.Editorial Coordination – Copy-editing and coordination of posts, including identifyingappropriate images. $1,000 set-up fee | $350/month (Note that design, coding, and copywriting are excluded from this price.)
  7. 7. sales team helpbench strength shop calls| interim dosm | competitive analysis
  8. 8. bench strength shopsHave you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall of a potential hire’s office so you couldobserve what really happens when a client calls? Whether you are filling a position or tryingto get ahead of team attrition, I will contact competitor sellers to identify strong candidatesfor your openings. Based on the parameters you specify, I will execute detailed shop callsand follow up with a written report and recommendations. $100 per call
  9. 9. interim dosmI will act as your interim Director of Sales and Marketing, overseeing the day-to-dayoperations of the sales team, including: • Maintaining existing business relationships. • Driving sales solicitation and production. • Mentoring staff members. • Working collaboratively with GM and other departments. • Leading or attending meetings as outlined by GM/ownership. • Monitoring sales productivity and pace. • Creating and implementing action plans to impact need areas. $3,500 per week (up to 50 hours) | travel reimbursement, lodging, and meals
  10. 10. crush the competitionI’ll monitor the way you and your competitors appear online, identifying trends and newdevelopments from both the consumer and corporate perspectives. Sites to be monitoredinclude: Blogs Travelocity Twitter Expedia Facebook Corporate Website Priceline TripAdvisor Yelp Orbitz FlyerTalk $250/weekly report | $500/monthly report
  11. 11. copywritingwebsite| email marketing | collateral
  12. 12. optionsWebsite Copy Package $1,000/siteIncludes unlimited creative work, editorial reviews, and number of pages. I’ll start fromscratch or use what you have to create a website that truly represents your brand and imageto visitors.Blog Package $850/monthIncludes four blog posts per month with unlimited creative work, editorial reviews, word count,and image selection.Small Bite PackageIf you need less than what I’ve listed above, copywriting is $100/hour.
  13. 13. speaking engagementsworkshop| panel discussion| keynote
  14. 14. topics• LinkedIn for Hotel Sellers •Hit the Road: Travel Trends in Social Media•Ideation: 50 Blog Topics in TwoHours or Less • Maximizing Online Reviews•Interactive Launch: How to Use Tech •Under the Radar: How Ignoringfor Opening Online is Undermining Your Business {additional & custom topics available upon request.}
  15. 15. customized marketing consultinglaunch| transition| acquisition
  16. 16. offeringsAs a full-service marketing consultancy and hospitality resource, I am open to all kinds ofprojects. Some past consulting assignments:• Creating a pre- and post-opening marketing plan for a new café.• Analyzing group buying sites for profitability and ROI.• Completing annual budget for a hotel after an ownership change.• Writing staff manuals for servers and culinary staff.• Establishing SOPs for a hotel sales team after a management transition.Please contact me directly for rates on these types of projects.
  17. 17. case studies & examplesnapa hotel | florida restaurant | boston hotel
  18. 18. napa hotelWith changes in both ownership and management, this small property needed a new identityon the web. We created custom trip planners with insider tips for different traveler personas. dog lover frugalista napa native sipper thrill seeker
  19. 19. florida restaurant {2009} Special Events via FacebookApril 14 0 fans Sept. Wine Tasting: Strongest revenueApril 16 296 fans performance everMay 25 463 fans Nov. Cooking Demo: Sold out event; sold highestJuly 15 655 fans amount of retail product everOct. 6 923 fansDec. 3 1009 fans {a grassroots campaign fit with the {2010} restaurant’s brand. using facebook droveDec. 31 1,979 fans results.}
  20. 20. boston hotelCampaign started in August Results as of November {increased ranking ten places in four months}
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