8 Steps to Launch a Successful Social Media Strategy


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If you’re thinking seriously about incorporating social media into your hospital’s overall marketing strategy, tackle it one step at a time. Create a timeline by setting a launch date six months, a year or two years out and developing a due-date for each of these eight steps. That way, when you’re ready to launch you’ll have a well-thought-out, sound strategy.

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8 Steps to Launch a Successful Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. 8 steps to launch a successful social media strategy a guide for hospitalsHive StrategieS HelpS HoSpitalS engage patientS tHrougH Social media.
  2. 2. Social media requiresa paradigm shift& a whole new arsenal
  3. 3. break tasks downinto manageable bites.
  4. 4. Set a date tolaunch your strategyand work toward it.
  5. 5. followtheSe 8 StepS:
  6. 6. establish a clear internalsocial media policy
  7. 7. great exampleS at:the mayo Clinic; Sutter health;Vanderbilt University medical Center
  8. 8. listen to the chatterabout your hospital
  9. 9. even negative chatterCan be helpfUl.
  10. 10. bring your hospitalleadership & evangeliststo the table.
  11. 11. You begin building a socialmedia culture when youare inclusiverather than directive.
  12. 12. understand hipaaand social media
  13. 13. follow these9 no-nonSenSe rUleSto stay on solid ground.
  14. 14. HiPaa and social media1. UnderStand hipaa:the same rules applyto social media.
  15. 15. HiPaa and social media2. consult with yourlegal advisorsearly & often.
  16. 16. HiPaa and social media3. limit liabilitybY eStabliShing Clearpolicies & procedures.
  17. 17. HiPaa and social media4. train your staffin YoUr poliCieSand procedures.
  18. 18. HiPaa and social media5. do not practicemedicine online.
  19. 19. HiPaa and social media6. if communicationapproaCheS hipaa Violation,take conversations offline.
  20. 20. HiPaa and social media7. prominently postyour policies andprocedures on allyour social media platforms.
  21. 21. HiPaa and social media8. regUlarlY monitorand SCrUb YoUrsocial media platforms.
  22. 22. HiPaa and social media9. visit and reviseyour policies andprocedures regularly.
  23. 23. assess yourresources
  24. 24. Carefully assess your currentStaff load.
  25. 25. eliminate theleaSt effeCtiVeprojeCtS or aCtiVitieS.
  26. 26. identify which marketing objectivescan best be supported bySoCial media.
  27. 27. establish yoursocial mediagoals.
  28. 28. Clarify which marketingobjectives can and shouldbe SUpported bYSoCial media.
  29. 29. select yoursocial media channels
  30. 30. foUr main ChannelS:faCebook, twitterYoUtUbe & blogS.
  31. 31. define success
  32. 32. track yourStatiStiCS.
  33. 33. Connect yourSoCial media effortSto marketing reSUltS.
  34. 34. are you having fun?
  35. 35. carpe diem!
  36. 36. Visit www.hivestrategies.comto download a detailed e-Book on tHis suBject
  37. 37. we help hospitals engage patients through social media.www.hivestrategies.com hello@hivestrategies.com 503-472-5512 download our free eBook: “9 steps to a hipaa compliant social media strategy.”