colony framework & omni platform


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Luís Martinho presentation on colony framework and omni platform @ Cloud Views 2010

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colony framework & omni platform

  1. 1. Hive Solutions An  SaaS  R&D  Company Luís  Martinho 2010
  2. 2. From Denmark to Portugal
  3. 3. SaaS the  challenges . Vendor Lock-­in . Legacy systems integration . Lack of support for customizations . Limited support for Hybrid Clouds . Availability  (on  updates)
  4. 4. The research phase
  5. 5. The research numbers ch  months  of  pure  resear 6 and  prototyping 1 years  of  research   1/2 and  development 300k Lines  of  code  and   70  person  years (someone  should  have 400 d retired  by  now) Colony  plugins  develope
  6. 6. Colony Framework the  r ebolution this  is the  logo
  7. 7. Colony Framework Goals . Modularity and re-­usage . Easy to use and easy to develop just  like  rails . Fun to develop this is  true .  Open  standards . Truly open platform in every sense .  Opem  sourcecode .  Com munity  driven   . Sustained development, research oriented not  guided  by   customer  demands
  8. 8. Colony Framework Structure . It’s a specification and not an implementation . 2 reference implementations . Python, Javascript . 2 different flavours . Standard and Web . Runtime Plugin model (OSGi and MEF inspired) . Distributed model (OSGi inspired) . Easy Viral deployment
  9. 9. Colony Framework How  it  works? the  core ent .  Dependen cy  managem ent .  Life  cy cle  managem ol .  Inversion  of  contr CRM  Plugin .  Dashboards .  Sales  force  automation .  Commission  accrual HR  Plugin .  Salar y  processing .  Career  Man agement
  10. 10. Colony Framework the  big  picture Services  Set .  HTTP Distribution  Set .  Serialization .  SMTP .  Discovery .  XMPP .  Balancing .Etc Business  Logic Data  Set .  Data  pool  managing .  ORM .  Load  balancing .  Storage .  Compression
  11. 11. Colony Framework Distribution Optimized  resource  usage
  12. 12. Colony Framework Distribution  possibilities just  plug  the  cable . Easy scaleout . Simple development model . Crowd sourcing ready . No technology commitment explore  the  power   of  millions Colony  is  defined  by just  like   standard  specifications a  normal  plugin not  technologies
  13. 13. Colony Framework Where  to  use? .  the  holy  grail  of   . Business software modular  SaaS  ERP . Scientific computing . E-­Government .  Harvest  the  world’s   . Web consumer products computing  resources . Health Care .  Maintainable  public   . Energy Management sector  applications .  Scalable  and  modular   facebook .  Open  distributed  smart   .  Open  and  Standard   grid  management health  care  solution
  14. 14. The Product Platform
  15. 15. Omni Platform What  it  is . A Platform as a Service solution . A one stop shop for all your enterprise application needs . A scalable and maintainable infra-­structure . A structure that allows an easy deployment of software applications to the cloud . A service that supports building unique solutions using components from the store . Colony Framework based
  16. 16. Omni Platform Where  does  it  fit? No  fresh  start,  it   No  constraints  to   leverages  existing   the  defined  product resources Platform .  M .  S S  Azure alesforce .  A .  Z mazon  EC2 Cloud Computing SaaS oho .  G .  G oogle  App  Engine oogle  Apps The  best  commitment  for  a  developer  in  the  cloud!
  17. 17. Omni Platform Lifecycle 2  .  C  I  O  Creates  the Store 1  .  developer  creates solution  by  using  CRM c  i  o the  CRM  module,   and  HR  Modules  and developer leavereging  the   installs  it  into  its   existing  resources   Omni  platform  instance amd  deploys  it  to   Platform the  store 3  .The  user  consumes  the Omni  Platform  according user to  his  needs
  18. 18. Omni Platform Business  Model .  Fremium  based  -­  Free  basic  services  and  paid  premium  services .  Free  for  the  technology  enthusiast  that  wants  to  test  the  platform. .  Premium  users  will  get  more  plugin  storage,  performance,  security,   support  and  API  access .  Official  Hive  Solutions’  plugins  sales .  A  percentage  of  every  plugin  sale
  19. 19. Timeline R&D with real Implementation partner and with partners We’re Pure R&D real scenario here 3+  years 0 1  year 2  years Colony tested Public distribution in production Colony environment of Omni Platform implemented as a prototype May 2009 First version in iphone of Colony web Ui Sep 2008 First Implementation introduced in of the Colony webserver production. Dec 2008 Oct 2009
  20. 20. Call to Action Join  us . Partners that can help us market omni platform . Partners to develop new plugins for colony . Parners wanting consulting with colony . Modular architecture advisory . Deployment of colony in scientific environments . Hobbyist usage of colony
  21. 21. Q&A “there  is  no  such  thing   as  a  dumb  question” Luís  Martinho