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Mozilla Hive Fireside Chat


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How to bring Hive-ness to a city near you. Based on initial experiences and learnings from Hive Learning Network NYC.

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Mozilla Hive Fireside Chat

  1. 1. Bringing Hive-ness to a City Near You For Discussion 12/14/11
  2. 2. “Average Americans spend less than5 percent of their life in classrooms” John Falk & Lynn Dierking “The 95 Percent Solution Professors/Researchers of Free- Choice Learning”
  3. 3. What we will be talking about• What is the Hive Learning Network?• What about Hive is working?• How can you get it?• Your ideas!
  4. 4. Hive Learning Network NYC• Ecosystem of organizations (libraries, museums, afte rschool programs & universities)• 38 members• 2 full-time employees• 30 funded projects at various stages (currently)• 6 month cycle for RFP’s to incubate and develop learning tools and programs
  5. 5. MacArthur Digital Media & Learning New YorkMozilla Community Trust Hive NYC (A Mozilla Learning Lab)
  6. 6. Hive Core Beliefs• School is not the sole provider in a community’s educational system• Learning should be driven by youth’s interests• Digital is the glue and amplifier for connected learning experiences• Out-of-school time spaces are fertile grounds for learning innovation• Organizations must collaborate to thrive• Youth need to be both sophisticated consumers and and active producers of digital media
  7. 7. The KickFlip Program
  8. 8. Hive-ness: How to Get It• Try our a la carte• Host a Hive Pop-up, Hack Jam or Design Charette• Hive Learning Network (insert city name here)
  9. 9. Can we interest you in Hive a la carte?
  10. 10. Pop-Up
  11. 11. Hive Pop-Up: A collaborative mini-festival of youth serving organizations whoplan and run an event for youth, educators and families with curated, table-topprojects and activities. Models in bite-size fashion the energy, activity andcommunity of a Hive Learning Network.Hive Hack Jam: In spaces such as libraries, learning spaces and youth mediacenters, learners take part in flexible programs based on hands-onprojects, media creation and webmaking. Just like a music jam, a hack jam givesparticipants the chance to make something and have others riff off of their work.Hive Design Charette: Convening a diverse cohort of interestedorganizations, institutions, educators, philanthropists and other creative peopleto come together with skilled facilitators in a short, concentrated amount of timeto build a strategic plan towards the launching of a Hive Learning Network.
  12. 12. Hive (insert your city here)
  13. 13. Conditions for Hive-Ness• Funding (incl. dedicated resources to solicit funds/grants)• Geographic location with community organizations that offer quality youth programs• Shared vision to advocate for youth and their intellectual and creative interests• Commitment from orgs to work in a collaborative manner• Central administration hub to mobilize, oversee and champion the network
  14. 14. Identify Constituents• YOUTH• Educators• Parents• Museums• Libraries• Artists• Programmers• Scientists• Journalists• Activists
  15. 15. Help us build the Hivetivity Kit
  16. 16. Contact meChris LawrenceTwitter: @chrislarry33Email: clawrence@mozillafoundation.orgFacebook:
  17. 17. Resources••• Twitter @hivelearningnyc• Facebook• YouTube•