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Branding Final Project for School.

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  • No info abt marketing budget and expenditure
  • Playboy believes that Internet users might be interested in the corporation per se.They’re interested in what they can get out of the corporation. Corporate Web sites that emphasize the corporateness of the corporation are the least effective, because they in reality address the corporation’s own management and, perhaps, shareholders, but not the broad Internet-using public.
  • No info abt marketing budget and expenditure
  • Playboy

    1. 1. Men’s Entertainment Magazine<br />Men's Entertainment Magazine<br />By<br />Hitesh Malhotra<br />Module C - Branding<br />
    2. 2. Basic Facts<br /><ul><li>Founded in by Hugh Hefner and his associates in 1953.First edition sold 50k copies. Featured Marilyn Monroe.
    3. 3. Second edition gives birth to the ‘Playboy Bunny’ – a symbol for sexuality, frisky and playfulness.
    4. 4. By 1960,circulation crosses 800k mark.
    5. 5. The November 1972 edition of Playboy was its best selling edition. It sold 7,161,561 copies.
    6. 6. Playboy is ranked at#54 at all time top 100 US brands of United States
    7. 7. Primarily targeted at ‘Generation Jones’- rebellious, competitive and ambitious. </li></li></ul><li> Index<br />Industry and company analysis<br />Customer profile and behavior<br />Competitive analysis <br />Brand Positioning <br />A look on playboy marketing<br />Living the playboy brand<br />
    8. 8. Industry analysis<br /><ul><li>Category-Men pornographic magazines or adult magazines.
    9. 9. Magazines may also carry articles on topics including cars, humor, science, computers, culture and politics.
    10. 10. Size: Nearly 6% of overall publishing industry.
    11. 11. Annual Turnover in 2006 was about $ 1 Billion
    12. 12. Industry declining due to internet revolution</li></ul> <br />
    13. 13. Company analysis<br /><ul><li>Playboy is the #1 player in Men’s Adult Magazine
    14. 14. Product Scope – Nude Celebrity Pictures and interview,Playmates,Lifestyle Articles and Playboy online vouchers.
    15. 15. Distinctive Competence -</li></ul>Licensing(Perfumes, Apparels etc)<br />Celebrities(Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards etc)<br /><ul><li>Differential advantages- </li></ul>Superiority: Consumers love the celebrities<br />Adaptability: People live the brand through the merchandise products<br /> <br />
    16. 16. Customer Profile<br /><ul><li>Customer Demographics</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Customer lifestyle and psychographics </li></ul> Upmarket Students, Working Pros,Rebellious,Fun Loving,Liberal,Lavish in entertainment spending.<br />
    17. 17. Valued Customer Behavior-Black box<br />
    18. 18. Competitor’s analysis<br />
    19. 19. competition with other categories<br /><ul><li>Internet
    20. 20. DVD, Home Video etc
    21. 21. Strip Clubs</li></li></ul><li>Customer perception<br /><ul><li>In today’s world of social media, customer reviews drive a brand perception</li></ul>Customer reviews on<br />Customer reviews from <br />
    22. 22. Brand Positioning<br /><ul><li>Playboy’s Positioning Statement</li></ul>Nothing comes closer to the hearts and minds of men.<br /><ul><li>The challenge</li></ul>Most positioning statements try to define one thing Eg Nike – Just do it(pushes athletes to the next level)<br />Playboy’s statement comprises of so many different things, all with different characters and appeal.<br />
    23. 23. Brand Positioning<br />The business and news magazines<br />own events and financial analysis, hardly any entertainment, outdated trends.<br />News<br />GQ,Esquire own literature and high achievement. Almost too literate, and way down the list in popularity for entertainment.<br />Penthouse and the other skin books own gynecology.<br />Adult Entertainment<br />Lifestyle<br />The world of Men’s Magazines<br />
    24. 24. Brand Positioning<br />Playboy incorporates all these elements,<br />for mature men who have already arrived at some sense, have their own personal style, are comfortable with their achievements but are still reaching for more pleasurable experiences and new information.<br />News<br />Adult Entertainment<br />Lifestyle<br />The world of Men’s Magazines<br />
    25. 25. Competitive Strength – Quality and reputation<br /><ul><li>Out of the 240 reviews, </li></ul>Positive Descriptions<br />“High-quality”<br />“Graphically excellent”<br />“I have been reading Playboy<br />for the last 25 yrs, it gets better<br />with time with newer and sexier <br />Celebs cover”<br />“Complete entertainment for men”<br />“A lifestyle magazine. I only read it for the articles.”<br />Negativedescription<br />“Hedonistic and sinful”<br />“Institutionalized and old-fashioned”<br />“Air-brushed. (Unreal)”<br />“The playmates are bimbos,<br />the guys who read it are jerks”<br />“Full of sex. (Sexist)”<br />1.Brand Legacy through first mover advantage: It established the trademark. And will remain, the flagship brand. All other products and services are a reflection of its contents.<br />2.Lifestyle Articles and Celebrity Pictures: Competes with Penthouse but features more prominent celebrities.<br />
    26. 26. Competitive Strength – Pricing<br /><ul><li>Yearly subscription discount vouchers ensure repeat customers and new acquisitions.</li></li></ul><li>Playboy marketing<br /><ul><li>Playboy is no more public after Hugh Hefner had taken Playboy Enterprises private at $6.15 per share, a deal value of $177 million.
    27. 27. Revenue Generators (2009)</li></ul>Ref:<br />
    28. 28. <ul><li>Most of the content is paid content doesn’t follow popular web publishing format i.e. give free prime content and then sell advertising space.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Works on web 1.0 format, no user interactivity or engagement.
    29. 29. Failed to drive their No Nudity,Web 2.0 site- leverage to their existing editorial and photo infrastructure.</li></li></ul><li>Living the playboy brand<br /><ul><li>In 1972, Hugh Hefner removed himself from CEO responsibilities and stepped in as ‘Brand Custodian’ for Playboy.
    30. 30. Changed his shy personality to a more extrovert one.
    31. 31. Since then, he only dresses in pyjamas and night gown to display his brand essence.
    32. 32. Purchased the most expensive property in Los Angeles-Playboy Mansion.
    33. 33. Purchased Big Bunny DC9 personal jet to host private partieswith his newly recruited ‘Bunnies’.
    34. 34. Inspite of massive dip in sales and fierce competition from ‘Penthouse’ in late 70’s,Hefner’s larger than life image continued to rise.</li></li></ul><li>?<br />Questions ..but wait…..<br />