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Bumo's PPT

  1. 1. A very happy birthday to the painter from
  2. 2. The CP King:  Marketing Management  Business, Government and Society  Leadership and Change Management Consumer Behavior  RMD And the list goes on..
  3. 3. And then there is the personal email to Prof Rejie George discussing C&S!!
  4. 4. The Dancer in HIM.. Inn Aankhon Ki Masti Ke at L Square!!
  5. 5. The Foodie!! The Dancer!! The Singer!! The Necklace- wearer!! The many shades of BUMO!!
  6. 6. ..And the only place jahan finally BumO ki nahi chalti!!!
  7. 7. We await your return.. Kyunki abhi Hooshing baki hai mere dost!!