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Research ideas

  1. 1. Francesca Boote Research ideas London Christmas lights really light up the capitals streets during the cold English winter months. Christmas in London just wouldn’t be Christmas without the decorative lights that bright up the streets throughout the festive season, bringing light and colour to London throughout the winter.Location 1) Oxford Street, we are hoping to film at Night when it’s the rush hour,so people are rushing past the actor. We think this will be most affective whentheres a Christmas feeling to the atmosphere.Location 2) Regent street to film all the Christmas lights and displays in shopwindow for example Hamleys Toy Shop.Location 3) Covent Garden we want to film people walking past the Opera Houseentrance as people go in. Showing the audience differentLocation 4) Restaurant in London from the outside. Switching on the lights for 2010 The switching on of Christmas lights in the West End have become landmark occasions in London each year, drawing crowds in their thousands on separate nights in the approach to Christmas. This year the Regent Street and Oxford Street lights are bound to bring in the crowds once more, while the Bond Street and Marylebone Christmas lights are also being lit in free events, guaranteeing festive fun for visitors to the capital’s premier shopping district.We want to be a part of this, and so we will be travelling to London to film on thestreets and try to capture the atmosphere London has throughout the Christmasseason.
  2. 2. Francesca BooteBeing able to film in a club would be perfect for our music video. We want tocreate a club atmosphere because our song ‘Rihanna-Fire bomb’ it’s fast paced,lively and exciting and this reminded our group of a club. It’s also got somemeaning full lyrics which reminded us of a search which is where we decided touse the scenes in London’s town centre.Finally we want to set some shot of a girl and boy together, we think Rihanna’ssong has a love/romantic feel to it after studying the lyrics. This could be shot inthe club or on the streets of London.One place I would love to capturein London is the romanticatmosphere created by the beautifullights set up around the south bank infront of the London eye.Filming in London is probably themost inspirational place to filmin England. There are so manyplaces we could go to capture theChristmas feeling.