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Question 3 and 4


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Question 3 and 4

  1. 1. 3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?Our target audience are fourteen to twenty year olds, the main reason we had decided to aimat these age groups is because Rihanna currently appeals to the age groups mentioned, andthis shows that this age group are more likely to enjoy our music video compared to other agegroups. We aimed our music video at both males and females due to the fact that they bothcan connect with the narrative that takes place in the video, this is very important because thisalso means that we have widened our audience. We aimed the music video to all ethnicitiesdue to the fact that all types of people like Rihanna and her music which therefore indicatesthat we did not have to aim our production at any specific ethnicity. Our research andquestionnaires clearly illustrates that the majority of people that filled in our questionnairepreferred chart music compared to pop dub-step and also Drum and bass. This shows us thatwe should cater for the majority which we did and produced a chart song. The graph showsthe results below. We also took into consideration that there was a mild sex scene whichwasn’t explicit but thought under fourteen year olds are not suitable for it.While undertaking detailed research, I found that there were some similar videos to ours thatalso used narrative and performances in their video, for example Leona Lewis – BleedingLove also used this method which therefore shows the similarity. The same type of audienceas ours. The main elements that we created to appeal to our target audience was the dresssense of the actors, props are very important and if people dress similar to the actors, this willattract them to the song and the video which therefore results in them relating to the video.We also used various types of editing to make the video smooth and also help it sway, wemainly mixed clips together from the performance side and also the narrative to create abetter understand for the audience. We also represented working class thugs that, this wasundertaken through the use of a thug dressed in a hood and informal styled jeans, manypeople can relate to this due to the fact that a large amount of teenagers live this way. We alsoused feedback from people (verbal) to ensure our video is effective and know where we needto improve, during our music video editing, we would often have a couple of people tointerview and ask them what they think about it so far, if they told us they didn’t understandsomething then we rapidly knew we were not portraying the scenario effectively. My textualanalysis also helped me see what is needed in a music video and what may need to change,this also helped me come to a decision of what I need to include in the video. In our in-depthinterview, we also asked a number of people what they think about the video and what theyexpect in a music video, by doing this it gave me a better understanding of what is expected
  2. 2. from audiences and how I will include this. For example a number of people said theyenjoyed some sex scenes and it is common that sex sells, we then included a sex scene but itwas not that intense. If it was very intense, we would have to change our target audience. Wethen undertook some shooting in Central London where the Christmas lights were on, thiswas a beautiful view and we did include bits of this to represent loneliness during Christmas.At the end of our music video, there is a sound effect, it is a burning fire, this also connectswith our theme.Our music video had great responses when it was uploaded on FaceBook, many peoplethought it was extremely professional and also interesting, we also posted our digi-pack andadvert on FaceBook to show people and they thought it was amazing, this shows that ourartwork was positively portrayed. Below is a quote list from FaceBook that shows everyone’sopinions on all three products:Audience feedback on final video, digi-pack and magazine advert(Quotes from Facebook)Audience feedback on final video:‘Wow, really good video, loved the editing and also the locations picked’‘Enjoyed the video because I love song, Emily looks really nice and the different props included arerelevant to the song.’‘Loved the performance bit I wanted to see what happens next’ will there be a part 2?‘I enjoyed it but thought that some bits didn’t go with the song, such as the Christmas tree.’Audience feedback on digi-pack:‘The picture is amazing and the tattoos around Emily look fabulous.’‘How did you manage to make such a professional picture?’‘Love the fact that the picture goes from the front to the back it’s so unique’‘Love the colours used in the picture and her makeup is really different and suits the song title’‘I really like the fire in her hand as it relates to the song title’Audience feedback on Magazine advert:‘How did you manage to get the writing of the lyrics on her body?’ it is really creative‘I love the fact that it has a fire background because it links to the song’‘love the chain because it’s exactly what Rihanna would have’
  3. 3. As you can see all the comments are positive which shows we have done a good job increating the video and artwork. We had also produced a questionnaire to give to audiencesafter they had seen our product, it was also positive which also gives us the impression thatwe attracted the right audience, in the questionnaire we covered all areas such as thenarrative, conventions, camerawork, sound effects, editing, special effects, mise-en-scene,from all these points we got positive feedback.Our digi-pack is very unique, a large amount of people really loved our image that was in thedigi-pack as it was different and they haven’t seen any other artist use this type of art,however the text was criticised due to the fact that it wasn’t that original, it was one of thetexts from Photoshop. And lastly the colour was exceptional as the writing was clear to seewith the black background. The magazine advert also had very good comments, for examplea number of people loved the chain that was added in the picture as well as the writing on herbody because it was unique.Overall I believe we as a group have followed our brief and we also believe our music videois very professional and it can be compared to today’s commercial music videos due to thefact that the editing and scenes are very clear and professional. This music video has somebits of the genres essential ingredient, for example it has a romantic storyline which is in all R& B music videos. From the research and audience feedback, I can confidently say that ourmusic video can be released by a major record label, I say this because all the audiencescompared our music video to modern chart music which clearly shows that it is professional.Our music videos unique selling point is the cross over between narrative and performancebecause it is rapidly crossed and therefore creates a better understand rather than having verylong shots and making the audience lose interest. When talking to the audience, I realised thatthey really liked the design of the digi-pack and they wanted a customised t-shirt, if thisoption is available, I would create the t-shirt with the same picture on it.4) How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction andevaluation stages?The use of internet search engines/ websites are extremely important for our coursework, it isvital we use search engines for research and to gather different ideas for our artwork, it is alsovital we use specific websites such as blog-spot as this is to blog our coursework, without thissite we will be able to publish our coursework. For example during the textual analysis I hadto use to watch the video, without this I may have not been able to analyse thatspecific video. Social network websites are also extremely important because we gatheredour feedback from FaceBook and Twitter, without these we would have had to do more faceto face interviews. I also used to research and watch other music videos andalso do a history search for music videos, without this vital information I wouldn’t be able tocomplete the coursework. I also needed to use emailing due to the fact that we emailed theartist (Rihanna) to get her permission, without this we would be breaking the law if we didn’tcontact her.Our camera we used was a Cannon XM2 digital camera, we used this camera for all of ourfilming because it was a very good camera we had excellent shots and scenes that we then
  4. 4. edited. As well as using the camera mic, we also used a separate mic because it is moresensitive, this was used when filming in Central London. It was vital we used the equipmentprovided as our video had to be of a professional standard. At some point we were aware thatwe needed artificial lights to enhance the brightness of the scene, this was very effective andensured unique scenes. For some of the performance we also used the green screen room toget a plain background, we used this for our digi-pack pictures too. There are a number ofproblems we had faced during filming, one was that our tripod was damaged and it wasextremely difficult to make it straight and on level, another problem we had was that theartificial lights would get very hot after a while and we needed to make it dimmer but wefaced the problem of it nearly burning the metal around the bulb.Editing facilities were of high standard, we used a programme for editing called final cut prowhich allows you to edit your scenes and include different fades through each scene. Due tothe fact that I was not the editor, I was unable to understand all the different techniques, however when the editor was away, I took control and finished off the editing. We used a number of special effects such as fade outs and also different colours of the performance background. In the beginning of our filming, we were faced with a shock, some bits of our scenes were deleted from the hotel, this was the only major problem we faced but we then changed our scenes.The digi-pack and magazine advert production was very interesting, we were able to usePhotoshop CS4 at college which was very beneficial, due to the fact that I have been usingPhotoshop for the last seven years, I was in charge of the editing and I knew exactly how to edit and include different effects. At home I have CS5; this was a great advantage to me as I was able to include new features. With one of my pictures I edited, it was later recognised that it was too small for the template for the digi-pack, this therefore meant that we had to start it again as it would cut out some of our design if we made it bigger.