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Cover research for digi

  1. 1. Hitesh Hirji Cover research for Digi-packsM.I.A is compared to Rihanna, they have similar music and take the same risks includingtheir music videos and their lyrics. This album cover is very detailed, it includes a number ofdifferent designed rammed into one picture, and it can be described as plain as it doesn’tinclude a lot of writing. There is a picture of the artist behind the artwork, then there is a barwhich seems to be from a YouTube video, it has been dragged to create an effect and thenlastly it has the artists name in gold bars that create her name, then there is the album namewhich is smaller than the artist name which seems to be like a message from an IPhone. Thisalbum cover would be ideal to create as Rihanna’s artwork is very wacky and this is thesame, we can take a picture of the artist and add a repeated designed to the front where youcan only see her eyes, then we can have the name of the artist ‘Rihanna’ in big bold letterswhich therefore means the name of the album will be smaller and more simple. This can alsobe difficult to make because it can be hard to find a design that is like the one used in thisartwork, unless we design this, it will be hard to find the design. This design has beendesigned to relate to the lyrics of each song which is on her album, this is a good way tomarket and attract people due to the fact that people know what to expect in the album.
  2. 2. Hitesh HirjiAmy Winehouse is similar to Rihanna, however she is British. Her album is very elegant as ithas a black background and white writing, it also has the singer in what seems to look like abath tub with her trademark hair and simple makeup on, this shows the simplicity of thecover, we may decide to use this compared to others due to the fact that it has a simple blackbackground, we will then add a picture of Rihanna and then her name on the top and thename of the album.Gwen Stafani is an American singer that Rihanna has been compared to for her unique styleas well as the style and design of her music videos. This album design is a similar idea ofwhat we want, for example we want Rihanna to be on the front cover, with a lot of makeupon to have a sexual response to the public, the drawback of this album cover is that it is hardto see what the album is called from a long distance as it has been written in white, it also hasin italic writing who is featured on the album which is extremely hard to read, this makes itdifficult to sell due to the fact that people may not be attracted to it at a first glance.
  3. 3. Hitesh HirjiAdele is also a British singer that has an extremely strong voice, she is compared to Rihannain terms of her success of mainstream and being number one for over two months, thisartwork is the most simplest out of all I have researched, it has the singer looking down tocreate a sudden sympathetic approach to the audience, this only states the singers name andthe album name which is just a two digit number, it is in white which is also very simple. Thefact that it is a black and white picture almost makes it seem like a 70’s album cover, this isbecause then there were very simple cd covers.Back of digi-pack: This is the back of Adele’s album called 19,as you can see it is extremely simple, it only includes a small amount of her face, and also thetrack list which looks like it has been handwritten, it has used no modern technology to showa strong detailed design, we may decide to have a plain back due to the fact that we havedecided to have a very detailed front cover for the cd case.
  4. 4. Hitesh HirjiThis is Jessie J’s album, the back of it has all of the tracks that are included, this is alsoextremely simple with no effects or designs, all it has it black writing and a whitebackground.