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Measuring & Understanding
Product/Market Fit
Hiten Shah
I ask existing users of a product
how they would feel if they could
no longer use the product.
Sean Ellis’ product/market fit survey
Use SurveyMonkey so you can analyze results better
Example: We proved that Google Analytics has product/market fit
“If you’re above 40% of the people saying
they’d be very disappointed, I tend to say
you’ve found product/market fit, and ...
The core product/market fit question
★ Segment the rest of the responses with this question
★ Open-ended responses help yo...
Do you have product/market fit?
★ Nobody really cares about your product!
★ Find insights from very disappointed & somewha...
Do you have product/market fit?
★ Almost there…
★ Figure out the difference in very disappointed & somewhat disappointed r...
What are alternative solutions to the problem you solve?
★ Learn what people consider as alternatives
★ Helps define your ...
What’s the benefit of your solution?
★ Discover the core use case(s) for your product
★ Helps inform your value propositio...
Do people tell others about your solution?
★ Learn what words people use to describe your product to others
★ Helps assess...
Who is your solution most valuable to?
★ Learn more about the type of people that will value your product
★ Helps figure o...
How do you improve your solution?
★ Find out what people want improved
★ Helps with determining future product direction /...
Learn from 731 product/market fit
survey responses about Slack:
There are even more ways to assess
product/market fit qualitatively…
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Why do people sign up?
What do they expect from your solution?
Why did they buy?
Why did they visit certain pages?
Why did they decide to check it out?
What problems are they trying to solve?
What other solutions did they consider?
What frustrates them?
Why are they canceling?
Why are they canceling?
Why are they canceling?
You’ll create the best product if you know more
about customers than your competitors and
you act on that knowledge.
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Sean Ellis’ product/market fit survey Measuring & Understanding Product/Market Fit Qualitatively

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Sean Ellis’ product/market fit survey

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Sean Ellis’ product/market fit survey


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