Medical transcriptionists india


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Medical transcriptionists india

  1. 1. Medical Transcriptionists IndiaWebsite: http://www.hitechtranscriptionservices.comWhy One Should Hire Medical Transcription Services andTranscriptionist in India?Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services to India is Cost-Effectiveaffair. Medical transcription service providing companies in India are nowequipped with sophisticated medical spell check technology, productivity,multiple procedure to check and rectify errors, tools to improvekeystroke, efficient document management software etc.Medical spell checkers, speech reorganization software are increasinglyhelping to enhance the quality and turnaround time on every outsourcedmedical transcription project to Indian transcription companies.Now a day’s medical transcriptionist are undergoing intense training tomatch the skills and knowledge of international standards. They arebacked up with complete knowledge on medical terminologies, excellentEnglish grammar, efficient technology awareness, keyboard skills, self-motivated to research on unfamiliar terms and phrases and take conciseefforts towards delivering error free, timely medical transcripts.
  2. 2. Why One Should Hire Medical Transcription Services andTranscriptionist in India?They strive to deliver: • 98.99% plus accuracy rate • Flexible and competitive transcription rates • Flexible to transcriber from any medium and format (digital, audio, video, records, dictation, call-in system etc) • Offer excellent online support and services • Offers accountable quality transcription services • Fast and timely completion of assigned projectsDictation Methods Practiced: • Digital Files (Olympus, Sony, Phillips, etc.) • Toll-free call in system • EMR systems and computer applicationsFeatures of Medical Transcription Services provided to doctors,physicians, and healthcare facilities: • Complete understanding of medical terminology • Secure and HIPAA compliance transcription • Have operative, consultative procedure knowledge • Transcription procedures are according to Laws of Confidentiality and Ethics • Personalize services by dedicated medical transcriptionist team • Flexible to offer personalize quality, turnaround expected • FREE QUOTE with in 24 hr at no extra cost!Medical Transcription Services Cover every possible form oftranscribing needs available (records, documents, reports,prescriptions etc) in medical industry, to name few are as follow: • Cardiology • Family Medicine • General Surgery • Gastroenterology • Hematology • Multi-specialty • Neurology
  3. 3. • Ophthalmology • Otolaryngology • Oncology • Orthopedics • Osteopathy • Nephrology • RadiologyApart from cost saving factors like quality, accuracy and turnaroundtime better than in-house transcription services should be looked beforeoutsourcing medical transcription projects in India.Lesley Dehn, Author and professional at Hi-Tech TranscriptionServices, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise andexperience of over 17 years. Get exceptional results on medicaltranscription service needs by experts, Feel free to contact with queriesand questions on info@hitechtranscriptionservices.comSource: