Creating your college search portfolio


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Creating your college search portfolio

  1. 1. Creating Your College Search Portfolio Career Research and Exploration Graduation Project Online Seminar Peters Twp High School
  2. 2. Log in to ptsdwebapps
  3. 3. Click on CALENDAR
  4. 4. Click the down arrow next toMY CALENDARS and choose CREATE NEW CALENDAR
  5. 5. Name your calendar. It should involve your name and the words COLLEGE SEARCH. You may change it later. Click CREATE CALENDAR.
  6. 6. Click on SITES
  7. 7. Click on CREATE
  8. 8. Click onBrowse the gallery for more
  9. 9. Scroll down and SelectBlank College Portfolio 100
  10. 10. Click SELECT
  11. 11. Name your site. It should involve your name and the words COLLEGE SEARCH PORTFOLIO. You may change it later.
  12. 12. Click CREATE
  13. 13. It should look similar to this…
  14. 14. Click NEW PAGE (c)
  15. 15. Name this page COLLEGE RESEARCH SITES. Find: Select a locationChoose “Put page under HOME” Click CREATE
  16. 16. Repeat the previous step to create the following pages• Applications• College Essay After each page is created you must• College Fairs click SAVE ……then you must click on• College Interviews your site’s title. This sets up your• College Visitations next page’s navigation placement.• Contacts Now create the next page. Don’t• Financial Aid forget, choose “Put page under• Letters of Recommendation• Possible Majors HOME” then click CREATE• Resume• Scholarship Information• Standardized Tests• Summer Plans• Thank You Notes• Top Colleges Choices• Volunteer Work/Community Service
  17. 17. Click on MORE
  18. 18. Click on EDIT SITE LAYOUT NEW!
  19. 19. Hover over NAVIGATION and choose EDIT SIDEBAR GADGET
  20. 20. Click on ADD PAGE
  21. 21. This menu will appear.
  22. 22. Click the (+) next to HOME.Double click on one of your pages. Scroll down and click OK.
  23. 23. Repeat for all of your pages. You mayuse the arrows to reorder your pages now or any time in the future.(I prefer to have my TOP COLLEGE CHOICES to appear first in my menu.) If you get stuck or lost click on the CLOSED button then go back 5-6 slides and restart the process.
  24. 24. Click CLOSED. Your left side menu should bepopulated with all of your pages.
  25. 25. Click TOP COLLEGE CHOICES.
  26. 26. We are going to add 3 to 10 sub-pages under TOP COLLEGE CHOICESfollowing the same process as addingour regular pages, with one exception.Click ADD NEW PAGENAME YOUR PAGE – College 1 (or use a college you are interested in)Click Put page under Top College ChoicesClick CREATEClick SAVEClick TOP COLLEGE CHOICESRepeat – starting with ADD NEW PAGEWhen finished click SAVE then click on your site’s title.
  27. 27. This ends this module.