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Find a "Gold Mine" of Free Internet Based Education Resources


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Find a "Gold Mine" of internet based free fducation resources for teachers, students, and parents at Mr. George Sabato's Best of the Web for Education website. This slide show was presented at the 2017 CTA Good Teaching Conferences in San Jose and Garden Grove, California.

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Find a "Gold Mine" of Free Internet Based Education Resources

  1. 1. Presented by George F. SabatoGeorge F. Sabato Featuring his “Featuring his “Best of the Web for EducationBest of the Web for Education”” CTA Good Teaching Conferences ConferencesCTA Good Teaching Conferences Conferences 20172017
  2. 2. This presentation is available at
  3. 3.  Digital—Paperless “Hand-out” Find a Gold MineFind a Gold Mine of Internet Based Free Educationof Internet Based Free Education ResourcesResources  Find the link to my PowerPoint presentation posted on at my site’s ““What’s New”What’s New” tab   /
  4. 4. How do you find websites to support your class? How do your students find internet sources to support their work in your class? Do you have pre-selected, vetted sites for your students posted on a teacher, department or school website? Do you have a teacher/class website? If you don’t have one, would you like one?
  5. 5. I remember writing the URLs of websites I was recommending to my students--on my blackboard Great Geography website games
  6. 6. It was on our P.U.S.D. District server, created in an afternoon hour in-service. Then what?
  7. 7. Today you will be introduced to Mr. Sabato’s… Best of the Web for Education --a portal to sites for teachers, students and parents. + You will view personally selected websites for a broad spectrum of education topics. And learn how to make Your Own Site!
  8. 8. SSeeaarrcchh mr.sabato or Best of the Web for Education it !!!!!!it !!!!!!
  9. 9. Best of the Web… Is a featured link at The Links page of The California Council for the Social Studies. Listed as Mr. Sabato’s Super Site
  11. 11.
  12. 12. An alternate site created because some school sites block the site.
  13. 13.  Common Core  American and World History  Geography  Government  Math  English  Science  Art and Music  Science and Technology  Homework and Research Assistance  News  Taking Virtual Tours  Educational Games  Translation  Gifted and Talented Education and ESL  Teacher Resources
  16. 16. You arrive at this page. You have links to World History.
  17. 17. The following are just a few of my favorite history sites.
  18. 18. Selected Sample History Sites This site has a great review of world history written at the students reading level.
  19. 19. Wonderful World History Written for kids.
  20. 20. Click on RomeRome Or any Ancient Civilization Mr. Donn’sMr. Donn’s AncientAncient HistoryHistory Great Links and Lessons On the civilization you select!
  21. 21. BJ Pinchbeck has great links for Social Studies, Math, English, Science, Art/Music, …. Easy Fun School has great project ideas. for example, for Egypt they have instructions on how to mummify a chicken!
  22. 22. American History Menu from my Google Site page
  23. 23. American History Find Sites like Ms. Hotz Links
  24. 24. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators Mr. Kash’s Class Page
  25. 25. The Geography links provide you with links that present Maps—ancient and contemporary map quizes, black line masters political and physical by the hundreds! Aerial/Satellite images Facts about countries Weather World Time Games
  26. 26. Sample Geography Sites National Geographic has it all,National Geographic has it all, from political and physical maps,from political and physical maps, all about animals, history/cultureall about animals, history/culture and it has fun and challenging games.and it has fun and challenging games. Free Accounts!
  27. 27. This game is like Simon. Drill and Thrill!
  28. 28. Great Study Maps And Quizes!
  29. 29. My Home! When you type in the street address in to Google Earth it will give you an aerial view of the location.
  30. 30. Government & ElectionsGovernment & Elections
  31. 31. Sample Government Sites
  32. 32. You name the subject-- Math English Science Music Art ESL Find hundreds of links!
  33. 33. Science, Art, Music, Theater
  34. 34. Four Great Sites of Homework help
  35. 35. Search Engines Guides to Searching Encyclopedias Dictionaries Library Links Bibliography Help
  36. 36. Elementary - ESL Early Elementary Wacona Elementary School: Sites for Early Learners. Mrs. Alphabet: Great for preschoolers. Sesamestreet: Browse kindergarten games by subject Fisher Price: Pre-school games Mrs. Perkins: Learn the Dolch words with audio assist. The Smiling Teacher: Learn sight words. Little Lamb: Learn site word from a video featuring Mary's Little Lamb. Site Words: The site words appear in the animated video and then hear the words. Phonics: Youtube teacher phonics--160,000 hits. Mr.Thorne in U.K. great! He has many other useful vidoe clips for phonics. Elementary Rockingham Schools: All Subjects Pre/K-5 Sierra and Schnell School Elementary School: Selected Educational and fun sites. FunSchool: Games and craft for elementary kids. This is used often in my grand-daughter's class. Kim's Corner: Primary and Elementary reading, writing, classroom management... Elementary Math: All pages are interactive Starfall: Lean to Read with phonics. Children's Learning Network: All free sites for all subjects Top Educational Websites: Fun sites Discovery School: Puzzles, Learning Adventures... Fun Brain: Math, Fact Monster: Homework help for all subjects KidSites: Educational and Fun sites for kids...and adults as well. KidSites: Educational and Fun sites for kids...and adults as well. P.J. Pinchbeck Homework Helper: Math with links to other subjects Counting Money Activity from Harcourt Count the coin value and type it in the box and click 'Check'. The One Dollar Store Choose enough of the quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies to make up the exact price of a toy. Piggy Bank When coins fall from the top of the screen, choose those that add up to the given amount, and the piggy bank fills. More at Home School Math: For Teachers Best Websites for Elementary Teachers: Teacher tools, language arts, social studies, holidays... Discovery School Lesson Plans: For Elementary K-5 Find more assistance in the Homework Help section or other topic specific sections on the Main Page. ESL ESL: English Learner Help--Google Dave's ESL Cafe: English Learner Help for Teachers, Parents and Students Ron-Chang Lee ESL A Fantastic Menu to Many ESL Resources Quizes, Tests, Activites for ESL: A4ESL Resources Randall's Cyber Listening Lab: Listent to Everyday Conversations-- Take a Quiz ESL Kid Stuff: Games, Quizes, Flashcards My English Images: Resources for Teachers
  37. 37. Research
  38. 38. One of the best teacher sites-- designed for AP classes. A great resource for all!
  39. 39. Bibliography Help! MLS or APA ISBN to Citation!!
  40. 40. Find linksFind links to just about everyto just about every museum in the world!museum in the world!
  41. 41. Get the scoop from kid oriented sites, or from main stream sites of television networks to newspapers, from local to national!
  42. 42. You can now easilyYou can now easily use translation software,use translation software, just type in the English andjust type in the English and get a translation into theget a translation into the language you choose.language you choose.
  43. 43. Naturally, the kids love games. having these safe, educational games available is a nice service, and a hook to the web site.
  44. 44. Educational Games
  45. 45. Find guides to making a web site, buttons and banners for sites, and places where you can build a free web site blog, wiki…
  46. 46. Links to apps, tutorials, clip art, banners, free website builders, buttons…
  47. 47. Find Teacher SupportFind Teacher Support from Web 2.0, Smart Boards,from Web 2.0, Smart Boards, YouTube…YouTube… Teacher Tech – InTeacher Tech – In Teacher ResourcesTeacher Resources
  48. 48. Find links to the California Assn. of the Gifted (CAG), And other great resources for parents And teachers—the kids too!
  49. 49. GreatGreat sitessites For teachers,For teachers, students andstudents and parents!parents!
  50. 50. Best Sites For Organizations
  51. 51. If you can do basic word-processing, you can create Word files with hot links, Or create web pages, blogs and wikis. Here are some examples of how you can do it.
  52. 52. MAPS OF THE ANCIENT ROMAN WORLD The Seven Hills of Rome – Map of the Seven Hills of Rome. Basic Rome City Topography – Topographic map of Rome. Maps of the Roman Empire - Interactive map of the Roman Empire. Map of the Roman Empire At Its Greatest Extent – A large file map of the Roman Empire in the third century. You can save a doc as a regular file. When students bring up that file on your classroom or lab computer, they can follow your selected links. Use Google Docs too! …in Google Classroom. You can also save these files to your web site in HTML*. The set of links I created for Ancient Rome (in my links) were done in this manner. Example below, If you can use Word, you just create a regular document with the insertion of hyperlinks. (see a Word tutorial*)
  53. 53. I used Schoolnotes…. A free Teacher Website! Post assignments, send email notifications, easy upload of files and images, class calendar, and much, more. (A premium option is available.)
  54. 54. Here’s another free teacher site--SchoolRack.
  55. 55.   Google Sites  WeeblyWeebly  Do you have one toDo you have one to recommend?recommend? Each of these sites provide you with templates and tutorials. You could be up and running in minutes!
  56. 56.  Visit “Mr. Sabato’s Best of the Web forVisit “Mr. Sabato’s Best of the Web for Education”.Education”.  Bookmark the site.Bookmark the site.  Visit the websites on Mr. Sabato’s SiteVisit the websites on Mr. Sabato’s Site     Bookmark your favorite sites.Bookmark your favorite sites.      Share the site with teachers, students andShare the site with teachers, students and parents.parents.      Advise students to use the site for homeworkAdvise students to use the site for homework     Create a Word document with links for studentCreate a Word document with links for student use.use.  Create a Hot Link page at Filamentality.Create a Hot Link page at Filamentality.