US WWI Propaganda


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This powerpoint discussed US World War One propaganda.

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US WWI Propaganda

  1. 1. World War One Propaganda
  2. 2. •Recruitment of soldiers, either through draft or voluntary enlistment •Financing the war effort through the sale of war bonds- loans from citizens to the government or new taxes •Eliminating dissent and unifying the country behind the war effort •Conservation of resources such as food, oil and steel - necessary to wage war •Participation in home-front organizations to support the war effort
  3. 3. Tool: Demonization enemy portrayed as evil, menacing, murderous, aggressive attempts to remove confusion, ambiguity about whom public should hate enemy portrayed as hairy beast or the devil himself blames enemy for crimes against women, children, other noncombatants
  4. 4. Tool: Emotional Appeal plays on emotions to promote the war effort primary targeted emotion: fear — the more frightened a person is, the more likely he’ll react enemy portrayed as hairy beast or the devil himself desired result (action) explained by propagandists
  5. 5. Tool: Name Calling uses loaded labels to encourage hatred of the enemy Labels like “Commies,” “Japs,” “Huns,” reinforce negative stereotypes and continue demonization of the enemy
  6. 6. Tool: Patriotic Appeal utilizes patriotic language or symbols to appeal to peoples’ national pride
  7. 7. involves deception or twisting the truth small element of truth may be included to make argument more persuasive example: blame the enemy for war; portray our country as the victim of aggression Tool: Half-Truths or Lies
  8. 8. memorable phrases used to foster support for the war “Remember the Maine!” “Remember the Alamo” – slogans that encouraged using arms against Spain and Mexico. U.S. poster shows a soldier returning from service in WWI. Soldier's uniform and his loving family reinforces caption. Tool: Catchy Slogans
  9. 9. Tool: Evocative Visual Symbols uses symbols that appeal to emotions: flags statues mothers children enemy uniforms
  10. 10. Tool: Humor of Caricatures captures viewer’s attention using humor to promote war effort Enemy is almost always the butt of the propagandists’ jokes.
  11. 11. Evaluate the following posters to determine the propagandists’ tools.
  12. 12. Unknown Artist. Our cities, villages and churches wait for the liberation.