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  1. 1. The Last 35 Years Outcomes: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, & George Bush Sr.
  2. 2. Ronald Reagan
  3. 3. Ronald Reagan 6. Ronald Reagan Pros a. Iran hostages were set free while he gave his inaugural address b. Contemplated SDI or Star Wars; missile defense system – scared S.U.; escalated the Cold War once more c. Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union; worked with Reagan and helped bring democratic and social reforms to S.U. d. Was re-elected to second term in 1984 with defeat of Walter Mondale e. Budgeted $1.7B for the war on drugs f. Cold War was nearly won by the time he left office
  4. 4. Reaganomics
  5. 5. Ronald Reagan 7. Ronald Reagan Cons a. Reaganomics was controversial (Pro?) i. Use the trickle down theory of economics ii. Large tax cuts iii. Inflation slowed while unemployment was reduced iv. Largely increased defense spending v. Federal budget deficits and the national debt increased b. Iran-Contra scandal uncovered; secret U.S. arms sales to Iran were used to fund Contras rebels in Nicaragua c. Challenger Space Shuttle exploded in mid air January 28, 1986
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